Can we travel solo to Leh and Ladakh on bike

There is a different level of excitement for travelling with on the bike on your own. Let me explain to you in detail how you can make your Leh Ladakh trip more worthwhile.

When you rent a bike in Ladakh and decide to travel the challenging roads on your own, it’s a surreal feeling. Driving through the beautiful landscapes and brown mountains and finally, when you reach your destination, you feel a sense of victory. There is a different feel altogether to venture in this journey on your own, knowing the challenges you may encounter in the journey. 


The explorer in you will feel so accomplished and beyond joyful in knowing that you managed all things like planning and managing this trip. You will be a different person altogether at the end of the journey with learning of a lifetime.


However, if you want your trip to be hassle-free and if you need to save enough time staying and exploring the places rather than struggling to research, bookings, finding restaurants on your own than it’s better to take a bike tour package with a group.


The tour packages are well taken care of by the travel company so that your trip is more comfortable and enjoyable. Everything from the routes to travel to the booking at Hotels is being taken care of. One of the Hotels that I could suggest  is the Goman Boutique Hotel. It is one of a kind luxury boutique hotel in Ladakh offering comfortable stay and personal services for their guests. 


Your choice of places to visit, accommodation and meals etc. are sorted and booked in advance. The itinerary of the trip is well chalked out by the travel agents, and you just need to relax and enjoy.


Also if you are venturing on your own, you need to be careful about a couple of things. For e.g., you should be comfortable with the bike you are selecting on rent. It should be in good condition. There should be good customer service. You should know which seasons are the best to travel so that you can visit all the places, including those which needs permits.


The travel agencies do research about these things from their side in advance and provide suitable tour packages in a group which makes you journey easier. Besides, you meet a lot of new people who can become your friends for a lifetime. 


There is no risk or uncertainty when you are travelling in a group. Also, a good company is always better than travelling solo in this abode of heaven. You can just enjoy the scenic beauty and make the most of your trip when you know there are people who can take care of things for you.


So it’s your choice and preferences, your budget and adventure that you are seeking which makes you decide. Personally venturing out on your own brings you a completely different satisfaction but if you have a limited number of days in hand and want to enjoy to the fullest without much hassle then go for group tour packages.

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