Traverse Nubra valley with the lens of 22 years old

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

The one who is a real traveler, or more perfectly a wanderer, will certainly admire and appreciate the beauty of Nubra Valley. It is that slice of Ladakh which is home to bizarre beauty of nature and has immense unexplored regions that have not gained footfall of many visitors. Nubra Valley can prove to be the best sojourn of your Ladakh trip. Plan your Ladakh tour including your stay at Nubra valley.

Don’t put yourself into the clouds of wonder when a 22-year-old lady wishes to willingly get lost amid the serenity of Nubra Valley. Yes! It happened so strongly that I could not stop myself from planning an immediate trip to the less explored Nubra Valley. I planned to dip my soul in the wilderness and solitude of Nubra Valley.  

Tranquil Reflections of Nature in Nubra Valley  

When I came near the valley, an intense feeling captured my heart which saying, “Let’s breathe the serenity and solace of this rugged yet captivating valley.” Siachen Glacier, which stands still at the Northern border of India, gives way down to the Nubra Valley. Nubra Valley has a bunch of sublime surprises for every traveller. Don’t trust your eyes blindly as you may see green meadows in some parts but other parts may stand as dry and dehydrated cold deserts which shows you a barren brown hue of the valley. Rocky in some portions and some regions give ample stances of blooming of vivid flowers.

Ever agile Sand dunes, double-humped Bactrian Camels, challenging trails, irregular blossoms across the valley and mountains with the patchy charm of green and ungreen tints, creamy-white snow sheet encapsulating the region in some places, enough is not enough to picture the beauty of Nubra Valley.  

The enigmatic terrains of Nubra Valley also witness the tributary of Indus and Shyok river and thus gives birth to a very alluring culture that nurtures and thrives in the Valley.      

Spiritual serenity of the Valley

The Valley has few spiritual centres in the form of Buddhist Monasteries. Diskit Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, and Samstanling Gompa are some of the spots in Nubra Valley which radiate the pious beliefs and cultures of Buddhism. 

Diskit Monastery is the largest monastery of Nubra Valley and is quite a mesmerising piece of ancient history dipped in splendours of nature. Maitreya Buddha is the real attraction of this Monastery and can keep you hypnotised with its aura and finest of architectural work. The 32 feet high architectural wonder faces the Shyok river and stands as a symbol of sturdy protection for the country. The Jhampa statue which is perched next to the Maitreya Buddha has recently been added to the beauty of the Monastery.    

Discovered 140 years back, Samstanling Gompa sits majestically in Sumlur village. It is home to more than 50 Buddhist Monks and celebrates the finest of the architecture of the Buddhist era. Prayer flags and Mural paintings complete the decor of the Monastery to give you captivating views.

Thiksey Monastery is perched at the daring altitude of 11,800 feet and is an eye feast for the travellers. It is a 12 storey tall building telling tales of the ancient history of Buddhism. More than 500 monks live and practice ancient teachings of Buddhism in the Monastery


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