What I explored in Ladakh in winter

I still remember the icy cold month of December last year when I planned my unplanned visit to Ladakh. Are you caught in the belief that winters are meant to stuff yourselves under the thick and comfy quilt? Do you feel Ladakh is an absolute NO for winters? I am gonna shatter your thoughts with memories of my Ladakh trip in winter

I went for a Ladakh trip in December, last year. No, it wasn’t a planned one but still yielded loads of joys and fun to me. I found my eyes glued to the breathtaking beauty of Himalayan peaks. Ladakh is flooded with surplus natural beauty. But, Winter shows many hidden hues of geography. 

No need to fight the winter blues     

When in Ladakh, I intensely experienced that there is no need to fight the winter blues. It is because it doesn’t exist at all. I was amused by the sincere charm of the natural vistas which consisted of thick sheets of snow spread to welcome the travelers. I found most of the mountain passes blocked with heavy snowfall and I was told by the locales to visit the place after winter if I wished to discover these mountain passes. The stunning allure of frozen Pangong Tso and the rare blooms found somewhere in the valley kept me more than engaged.       

I found my cozy stay at one of the homestays of Ladakh. Winter brings shut down businesses for Ladakh. Homestays are one way of earning money for them as well. I still go mouthwatering remembering the fragrant aroma of hot Momos paired with thick soup(Thukpa). The children of that house were too talkative and I remember doing chitchat with them in the leisurely hours.    

My hot cup of butter tea with the Himalayan Fauna

Ladakh and the Himalayan region is home to a very rich diversity of wildlife. I drove to Ladakh because I had heard from someone that it is the winter season when the “hero of Ladakh” comes out from the den. Yes! I knew they were talking about the Snow Leopard.

I was lucky enough to get the royal glimpse of that furry brave creature, the Snow Leopard. Apart from it I also witnessed a chance to see Wild Yak, Marmots, Brown bear, Red fox, and Himalayan Blue Sheep. I must say that my cup of butter tea tasted better at one of the roadside Dhabas in the company of these wild buddies.


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