When horizon changed from tangerine to turquoise in Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Ankita | Updated on May 16, 2022

I still see faint glimpses in my memory, nature fading in and out of the terrain called Ladakh. No, it wasn’t a planned trip or a travel plan which has been researched a lot. It all just happened by chance. But, I love that chance or coincidence a lot. Why??? Because it showed all possible and impossible hues of nature to me during the travel. 

A bright sunny morning saw 3 of us gorging on cheese sandwiches and sipping through the mugs of creamy coffee. Somesh and Mahesh were more interested in digging the menu of the coffee shop so that they could find other delicacies to binge upon. But, I was quite restless. I wanted to get away from the honking of horns and harsh lights of motorbikes and cars. Oh! These tall apartments standing in the concrete jungle, the chaos, the crowd, sometimes I feel choked and suffocating amid them.

Suddenly my phone rang which broke the monotony. ‘Hey! Would you like to join us for a Leh Ladakh Trip?’ A big ‘yes’ slipped from my mouth. My friends were looking at me. I said to them, ‘Let’s go Ladakh.’ After a round of arguments and discussions, We finalized to go for Ladakh by next Saturday. 

When we explored a splash of color in Nubra Valley   

Wandering around in the Nubra valley will never disappoint you. It has a very rich palette of nature’s beauty which smears the valley with captivating tints. However, the barren land and the mountains pose with huge monotony of browns only. But, these ungreen portions of nature blend extremely well with uncertain patches of floral blooms and certain patches of green meadows. 

I still cannot forget my prolonged gape at the starry night sky in Nubra Valley. The dusk was even more mesmerizing. Initially, the sky was painted with strokes of tangerine tints, and then with every ascending step of the dusk, tangerine was lost somewhere in the hues of turquoise. ‘It can only happen in Ladakh.’ my heart whispered to my soul.    

Extremely amicable homestay

‘Curly hair, very fair, Eyes are blue, lovely too. No, I am not reciting any poem.’ I am just remembering my Ladakh-bestie whom I met in the homestay of Nubra Valley. A 5-year old girl whose smile was loaded with shyness. Every time we were served our snacks, or lunch or dinner. She would come to us with glasses of water. Her mother, Rubina was a lovely lady and I have heart-felt gratitude for her. Yes! Because she fed us with mouth-watering dishes of Ladakh. Momos. Thukpas, butter tea, Khambir and lots more. We were really lucky to get such a host. The entire family was highly hospitable and we still cherish moments spent with them. They even gifted a handmade shawl to me when I was leaving their home. We exchanged phone numbers and all. Ladakh is a paradise in all contexts and those dreamy memories force me again and again to plan a trip for Ladakh.


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