When I raided Himalaya with my 2-wheeled beast

Ankita | Updated on May 23, 2022

When the sky was still star-studded and partially lighted with the arrival of early dawn, we left for our heavenly Ladakh trip on the bike. When 4 distinct minded people are together, a crazy bike trip to Ladakh is bound to happen. That is exactly what happened to us. Although it was our first bike trip to the hills, we were more than excited and fully prepared for the challenging journey.

Swollen but wisely packed luggage, sturdy faces with coherent smiles, and lots of courage accompanied us as our travel initiated. Four of us were having different models of bikes and we were driving quite passionately towards the majestic Himalayas.

Snow and the snow leopard

This really cannot happen that you visit the outskirts of Ladakh(Himalayas) and you don’t get a burning desire for meeting the white furry beast. Yes, I am talking about the Snow Leopard, the hero of the Himalayas. We felt the chilling wind kiss our cheeks and thankfully it could not freeze our spines for we were clad with proper winter essentials.

It was quite a dreamy and celestial feeling which rushed through our minds when we saw the snow scattered everywhere. “Ah! pearly white snow sheet with untamed greenery under the cobalt blue sky, it is like a dream come true.” Said Mahesh as we went for a tea break at one of the tea stalls.

Even when we were done with our tea break, four of us sat in silence and gazed through the pristine charm of clear sky and land abundantly smeared with soft snow. It was quite difficult to decide which one was more alluring. 

Lip-smacking Aloo-paratha of the Dhaba

“When a foodie like me is traveling around, expect more than usual tea and snacks break,” Somesh uttered with wide-open eyes and we knew that he was hungry and wanted to have some eatables. 

Thus, we stopped at a small Dhaba. “Sun and Moon Restaurant”, this is what a small board read. We were not sure if they were going to serve the sun and the moon in our meals(well, as the name said, logic comes naturally). 

A neatly dressed boy came to us with the menu card in hand. I grabbed the card and started gazing at the menu. Paneer paratha, gobhi paratha, Maggi, Pyaz paratha, and Aloo paratha, Yes, my eyes stopped right there. I almost screamed with joy and said, “May I get a steaming Aloo paratha, I am dying out of hunger.” The waiter smiled and nodded for yes. “No, but I will slurp my hot Maggi noodles with paneer,” Mahesh said. 

Eventually, everyone enjoyed their food and filled their tummies with steaming hot meals. But, I feel and still remember individually that my Aloo paratha was super delicious and soft. Soft butter and spicy tinted pickle accentuated the taste of my Aloo paratha. I want to re-raid the Himalayas just for those yummy Aloo parathas. 

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