Discover offbeat Himachal in Spiti Valley

Ankita | Updated on May 23, 2022

The soundscape which echoes from purdah of Spiti Valley cannot be described in words. I mean even if I try to do so words cannot outline and define the tranquillity of the valley. Sublime locations of Himachal Tourism needs no introduction and this is the reason why places such as Shimla and Manali are the most celebrated places for vacations. 

But my trip to the Spiti valley was an awe-inspiring, soul-satiating event for me. Ours is a perky gang of friends and touring distant places (even unplanned ones) always tops our bucket list. This time we debated a lot and then stood jointly for Spiti Valley. Siddharth had a view, “ Spiti is less travelled and touched by mankind and hence the valley remained timeless following its rhythm. 

Here comes our Wagon…

Four of us had sleepless nights the day before the beginning of our journey to Spiti. Yes! We got to know this when we were together the next morning. It was a misty morning. I saw the birds flying up in the sky. I was sort of the person who would often lose myself into nature and its happenings. I was amazed to see how liberated the birds felt when in air. I even felt jealous at times.

The silence was only broken when Shiva patted on my shoulders saying, “Hey! Where are you lost? We are going Spiti. Can you believe this.” And I nodded and said, “yes! We are gonna feel the eternal liberty.” We packed and boarded the SUV of Mahesh with our bags(not so small, not so big, just the right size). 

Next 20 minutes saw us driving enthusiastically to the timeless valley, Spiti. We did all the fun on our way to the valley. We gorged, we drank, we giggled, we did the obvious chit chat, and we sipped through plenty of tea on our way to the pristine place.    

Only crisp wind to break the silence

That moment was breathtaking when we reached the valley and I remembered the quotation of Rudyard Kipling, “Spiti is a world within a world.” Frosty barren hills and canyons carved by the river Spiti create a masterpiece that was less explored and hence remained a virgin.

I had heard a lot about the silence and solace which grows on the secluded land of Spiti. I was lost in a different world gazing at the clear sky and robust mountains and only came to senses when the crisp chilly wind broke the sheer silence of mountains. It was a heart-touching, soul-satisfying and eye-widening experience for me. My friends were planning to go for a hearty meal and had found a very good Dhaba which was nearby.  

Spot for self-discovery

Wherever I find silence and solitude, my soul craves quite strongly for inner peace(self-discovery). Mahesh was giggling at me, “ You will certainly find your Nirvana out here. The place has some of the ancient Monasteries of Buddhism.” I nodded positively and asked Stanley, “ where is the Tabo Monastery? I have heard and read a lot about it. I cannot stop myself from visiting it.”

He explained the route to me and we were gazing at the historic walls of the Monastery in some time. It is known to be Ajanta of Himalayas and has quite alluring Thangkas and decoratives embedded across the Monastery. I sat there with my folded legs, closed my eyes and tried to find my real self. I felt lots of inner peace and stability sprouting inside me.

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