Which bike is best for a Leh Ladakh road trip?

Glad, you ask this before going to Ladakh. But let me ask you one question, which motorbike hits your mind when you think of visiting Leh Ladakh? Chances are; a many of you will scream out loud that Royal Enfield or bullet is the bike which is best fits for the Leh-Ladakh road trip. However, this saying is true that Ladakh and Royal Enfield go hands in hands as the destination is located at the high altitude of 3505 m above the sea level and is advanced to cover on large motorcycle engines like 350 ccs and 500 cc, which is Royal Enfiled famous for. 

But, do you think is it true? Aren’t there any other bikes for a Leh Ladakh road trip? If you ask us, options are many to select from. But with plenty of things to keep in mind when choosing alternative bike options for Leh Ladakh road trip, Go2Ladakh pro tips will make your doubts clear regarding which bike is best for a Leh-Ladakh road trip. Thanks, later!

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Things To Keep in Mind While Selecting Royal Enfield or Bullet:

The truth is that; if you think you can start your Bullet or Royal Enfield daunting engine and set your way towards Ladakh road trip without actually considering the condition of your motorbike, then my friend, you are inviting mountain trouble and this you will realize when you’ll land your Royal Enfield in the hilly terrains of Ladakh. As there is 2 roads connectivity to reach Leh-Ladakh on a motorbike. One is from Srinagar-Leh highway, and the other is from Manali-Leh highway. Both the roads are perched on the hilly slopes and thus, requires a well-maintained motorbike to cover the rugged terrain of Ladakh. 

However, the major the drawback with the Royal Enfield Standard, Classic, Electra is that these bikes have small petrol tanks. But the big brother of these bikes - Thunderbird gives you an edge of riding on the hilly terrain of Ladakh as the tank of this bike is large and stores more petrol as compared to standard, Electra, and classic models. 

Your bike should be well maintained right from the tires to brakes to the petrol tank. Most important, your bike should not be old like your grandfather or grandmother. Jokes apart, it means; if your bike has covered more than 1 lakh km in the speedometer, then we recommend you to skip the idea of touring the twisted roads of Ladakh and opt to adopt Go2Ladakh Ladakh Motorbike Tours and see the best of Ladakh on your favorite Royal Enfield bike. How Amazing is that? Not to mention, the bikes provided to you have surpassed all the security checks by our expert technicians. 

Other Alternatives Motorbikes of Royal Enfield For A Leh-Ladakh road trip:

1. Pulsar

If you ask us which bike is best fitted for Leh-Ladakh road trip, I would personally recommend Bajaj Pulsar — wondering why I’m mentioning Pulsar over the Royal Enfield? Well, it is because I’ve been to Ladakh previous July on my Pulsar 220F and not encountered a single problem during my ride. Though the Pulsar 220F doesn't have kick option to start the bike and the ignition of the engine depends on the self-start system, even with the only one opportunity to start a motorcycle, my Pulsar 220F had never disappointed me on my whole Ladakh trip. 

However, not to mention, I take care of my bike more than my girlfriend, and this is the only reason I had full confidence that my bike won’t disappoint me. I went to Ladakh with my three friends, and they also have their bike. Below I’m mentioning the name of those bikes. Lend us your ears!

2. Yamaha Fezar

The Yamaha Fezar is another durable option for the Leh Ladakh road trip as the bike boosts 12-liter fuel tank capacity and with wide tires and perfect balancing, Yamaha Fezar is the bike to select on Ladakh motorbike expedition.  However, one needs to take care of the similar factors of maintenance on this also. The only disadvantage of these bikes over the Royal Enfield is that these bikes don’t support the large luggage options on the bike back and if you carry heavy luggage with you, the rider behind you won’t feel comfortable and your balls will not also. Boys will understand what I Mean. Take care of this point. Although, riding alone on Yamaha Fazer is not that much concern. 

3. Hero Impulse

The hero is known for its powerful motorcycles and full proof of comfort. And this could be felt if you make your ride to the twisted roads of Ladakh on Hero Impulse. The bike is known for it’s on the way and offroad adventure trails which you might have also seen in its promotional or official video. This bike boost 12-liter fuel tank, and it is not advised to take this bike on Ladakh tour if its km exceeded from 50,000 km on the speedometer. As the bike is of 150 cc engine and you would undoubtedly face the engine issues and ignition problem if your bike is not well maintained. 

So, those were some of the best bikes which could make your Leh-Ladakh road trip a hassle-free experience. Our pro tip is to keep a checklist of your bike maintained and fix it before starting your daunting engines on Leh Ladakh bike trip.

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