Women only Bike Trip for Leh Ladakh

Ankita | Updated on May 27, 2022

Ladakh has been a destination meant for thrill, excitement, unexpected wonders and a lot more. You must have seen men moving on for the solo trip to Ladakh. But, nowadays, women are willing to share the thrill and exhilaration quite equally. This is the reason you see lots of travel agencies offering travel packages for women only.

Earlier bike trips were associated only with the men folks. But, today the scene has changed completely. Women are recollecting the courage and dare to go beyond the limits for exploring the charm of unexplored lands. Leh Ladakh is one such land.

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Essentials Checklist 

Ladies! So when you gear up for travelling solo to the snowy wonderland, Ladakh, scroll your eyeballs from below mentioned essentials checklist:

  • Full face helmet with clear visors– It protects your face and head in case of a fall and protects them from chilly winds as well.
  • UV Sunglasses- They are needed to provide safe protection to your eyes while you ride to the mountains.
  • Rider Pants – They are necessary as they offer ultimate protection from cold wind and rainwater. 
  • Rider Jacket – Rider jacket is quite essential in order to protect the body from unexpected rains and the harsh and cold flow of wind.
  • Rider Shoes – Protection of your feet is a prime concern. Choose good quality rider shoes that are both airtight and waterproof.
  • Gloves – Good quality riding gloves that are well insulated is a must. Otherwise, your hands can go numb with the extreme cold weather. 
  • Other Clothing Essentials – Other clothing essentials include warm inners, socks, sweaters, and towels. Keeping an extra pair for them will be good for the trip. 
  • Sunscreen and Lip balm – They are required to protect your skin and lips from UV damage and harsh wind.
  • Ready to eat food – Pack some nuts, cookies, juices, and chocolates for relieving you from hunger.
  • Water bottles – Take water along with you to keep you hydrated throughout the journey.
  • Medicines and First aid box –  Keep some basic medicines needed for nausea, stomach ache, fever, loose motions, and headache. Keeping antiseptic, painkillers and band-aids is also recommended.

Safety tips for solo women riders

  • Don’t attract attention.
  • Select your clothing wisely that should be decent and proper.
  • Choose only to stop at family restaurants serving the crowds containing kids and ladies.
  • Completely avoid the intake of alcohol.
  • Stay away from strangers and even if needed let them know that you are travelling in a team.
  • Carry a handy map along with you.
  • Keep some self-defence gadgets like a swiss knife, pepper powder and some sharp objects like screwdrivers and forks.
  • If you need to take some urgent break, park your bike on the same side of the road on which vehicles are moving. Then, cross over to the next side and take some rest. This will ensure the first obvious attention goes to your bike and not you. Hence, anti-social elements are often misled and you are protected.
  • When going for a night stay at a hotel, choose them wisely. Never go for a shared balcony or common door or window. Moreover, you are advised to do a keen check-up of the room and bathroom. 
  • Keep yourself connected with your friends and family and especially let them know your whereabouts. 
  • Keeping an extra phone and extra phone battery will give you an added benefit for safety.
  • Do carry all the necessary documents like ID proof, insurance papers of the bike, registration papers, Driving license and medical insurance card. This ensures that you will be away from trouble during your journey.

If you prepare well for your solo bike trip for Leh Ladakh, there is no reason to worry at all. Instead, you can enjoy the ride and spend quality time with yourself, gain better self-confidence and a sense of achievement. 

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