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Hotels in LEH

Best Hotels in Leh

With a collection of more than 300 hotels, Go2Ladakh is the best website to find accommodation at the best price possible. There are no hidden costs and all reviews are authentic and from people who stayed at the hotels. To find the best hotel, first check its distance from the city centre, cost, amenities, and whether it has a restaurant or not. 

Best Luxury Hotels in Leh

As the biggest city in Ladakh, Leh has a number of hotel, guest house, and homestays options for you to choose from. They are equipped with all basic amenities including hot water, attached bathroom, and cosy bedding to keep you warm throughout the night. If you want more amenities like free WiFi, room service, and tea kettle, you can settle for the 3-star and 4-star hotels on the outskirts of the main market. 

Many people wonder whether they will be able to find accommodation during the peak season or not. Leh is big enough and as we mentioned, there are many options available, so you will always find accommodation. However, it is more expensive during the peak season as there’s high demand. If you want to save on accommodation costs, you can visit during the off-season between mid-November to February. 

Best 4-star Hotels in Leh

With Leh becoming an extremely popular tourist spot in the past few years, there’s ample accommodation for everyone. Every year, more and more hotels are coming up to cater to the increasing tourism. In Leh, you won’t find 4-star or luxury hotel chain as commercialisation isn’t permitted in Ladakh. All luxury hotels in Leh are run by local families and located in close proximity to multiple tourist locations. You will find most of the 4-star hotels on Changspa road, Shanti Stupa road, and Ladakh Old road. All of them offer beautiful views of Leh and have huge gardens where you can relax while sipping a cup of hot tea. 

Best 3-star hotels in Leh 

Like the 4-star hotels, all 3-star hotels are mostly concentrated on Ladakh Old road, Shanti Stupa road, and Changspa road as well. You will find a few on Old Leh Road and Old Road. They come with all modern amenities including free Wi-Fi, television, and restaurants serving international cuisines.

Even though they are far from the Main Bazaar, which is Leh’s city centre, they are only a few kilometres away from Leh Rinpoche Airport. Some even have coffee shops and gift shops where you can buy souvenirs made by the locals. They also have event spaces, so if you are travelling in groups, you can host a small get together on your last day in Leh.

Best budget hotels and homestays and guest house in Leh 

There’s never a shortage of budget hotels, homestays, and guest houses in Leh. Even though there are in the city centre, all offer beautiful views of the mountains. Each homestay and guest house has around five to 10 rooms that are usually available on a double serving basis. They are very simple and come with basic amenities. Some rooms have an attached bathroom while other homestays have shared bathrooms. Upper Tukcha Road, Old road, Zangasti road, Main Bazaar, and Yurtung have the most spacious budget hotels and homestays. One of the biggest advantages is that they are located in walking distance from bus stops and taxi stands. 

Compare different hotels and their location to find the best one for you.