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Best Hotels in Pangong Lake

Best Hotels and Camps in Pangong Lake Guide and Tips

We've collected the finest and best hotels and camps in pangong , each accommodation  handpicked by our very own  local hotels team. Pangong lake  is very extremely cold desert place and very popularity tourist  destination in India and as well is known worldwide for its after and aggressively growth traffic after 3 idiots Bollywood movies shot and It also excellent stars gazing and adventure destination , pangong situated between indo- sino border . The lake is length is 165km, 40% lake located in India and rest in china . in china it called Bangong lake.
In pangong hard to fine very luxury  lifestyle and quality accommodation choices. But don’t worry, Go2ladakh hotels expert  offering you best the best of the wide range of accommodation  in the pangong lake with range of hotels, Resort, Camps, Home stay  and really making sure that your choice complements your stay. Searching  through our best pangong hotels list and decide for yourself where you'll stay when visiting this beautiful  and colourful pangong lake. You can click on each one to see it up in detail, along with loads more pictures to help you make the right decision.
While you visit pangong , don’t expect too much luxuries hotels facilities and amenities , luxury amenities as well and dine restaurants, Wi-Fi, Mobile Network , internet , luxury room facilities , pangong lake is very remote area and 165km distance from leh city, you can enjoy real adventure and camping life at night with camp fire , wonderful star gazing at night time , special full moon day ,  there some camp which near and facing toward lake ,
We're here to help you choose the best hotels in pangong  to suit your budget and interest , will  help you break down some accommodation and pangong attraction ideas for you too.

Best location
In pangong lake spangmik village is very charming small and most of hotels and resort, camps located at there , in spangmik there more then 30 accommodations available. 
Here we have some good selection of Pangong lake.

Best Hotels and camp in pangong – Summary Comparison Chart

Location Best Hotels Hotel Categories Property Type View Details
Spangmik village Pangong Hermitage  4**** Luxury Camp View details
Spangmik village Kora eco resort 4**** Luxury resort View details
Spangmik village Pangong sarai 4**** Luxury resort View details
Spangmik village Water mark camp 3*** Deluxe camp View details
Lukung village  Martsemik camp 3*** Deluxe camp View details
Spangmik village Pangong resort 4**** Deluxe camp View details
Spangmik village Pangong retreat 4**** Deluxe camp View details
Best tips for while visiting to pangong lake  
Best Time to Visit pangong lake
If you planning to visit  pangong lake. Please try schedule at April end . the best time visit 15 may to September .
How is weather in pangong lake ?
The weather is extremely cold at most weather season is -5-10 degree Celsius at night and in day 15 degree Celsius in day  and  little sunny only  in June , July , august little sunny at day time , still you must before weather forecast before you departure to leh and pangong lake from leh
is it safe to travel family and children ?
If you travelling with your family and along small children’s to pangong lake, we recommend to stay in concrete resort , Hotels, Home stay and Guest House, not accommodate  in swiss camp , because it little uncomforted and adventure stay at night , some very scary due to strong wind wave, snow fall in night. Lots Tarpley sounds at night.
Is there good electricity facilities in pangong lake hotels?
No, there no electricity  in pangong lake , all the camps and hoteliers arrange by genitors, solar for lighting, All the hotelier and lights switch off by 11:00 pm , with important note before switch off  please remember to  proper charge your mobile phone, and Camera battery for next day . 
What is safe points on high altitude pangong lake ?
before visiting pangong lake you must check with oxygen cylinder and consults local doctors about your health , it very highly recommend to carry the oxygen cylinder for your journey, you not forget to carry small medical Kit with you.
Is there any local medical facilities in pangong lake?
as you all know pangong lake is very remote area, there small army clinics in pangong at lukung area for only emergency purpose. if you have any serious case as high altitude symptoms case  then you must visit tangtse hospital , there sub medical centre you will you better medical facilities at there. Don’t be hurry during the
Can I go to pangong lake without my pre-booking is it safe ?
You can visit pangong lake without pre-booking but in peak season it very difficult to get lodging facilities in pangong lake on, I always recommend to confirmed booking your stay in advance for safer side , hassle free.
If you planning visit pangong lake in march and Aprils
 Please check with local expert and go2ladakh hotel expert , there very rare hotels, camps , operate in April  due to extremely weather condition, most of hotels , camps operates after10th may mostly.
What basic facilities can I expect if want stay in pangong at nights
  1. Good food and simple
  2. Good comfort stay but little expensive
  3. Some hotels offering Heating facilites with extra cost at the camp
  4. Some hotel offering oxygen facilities for guest , please reconfirm during booking.
  5. Hot water only morning

If changla road block while return toward for leh 
what is next option  , Changla pass  is some time blocked due avalanche , heavy snowfall , and  bad weather condition. On situation driver very expert and coordinate with your local agent better solutions .  either go back stay in tangtse stay in  home stay , or if you have next day flight then must try to reach back to leh without missed the flight .
if you need help more information please speak to our local expert ,our team delighted help you with all kind information for leh ladakh.