COVID 19 travel advisory 2020

Dear Guest is a working on comprehensive programme designed while travelling Ladakh | Kashmir | Manali with one purpose only – the health and safety of customers when they travel.

During travel “our customers” will find a host of measures put in place - across airports as well as airlines and at every stage of their journey with our transport, hotel, restaurant and attractions partners. We are also working with medical partners and advisory for your safe travel.

If you wish to travel now or have future travel plan, our operation services team are working 24/7 to assist our customers. We have been receiving number of calls and e-mails from the customers and we are giving our level best to entertain your queries and may be some of our dear customers are experiencing a short delay and we apologise for the inconvenience.


Booking which have been cancelled or reschedule, we have protected your Advanced booking amount in the form of a “credit shell” in your booking name, will be valid for from 25th March 2020 till August, 2021.


  • What is credit shell?

    The Credit shell will be valid till 30th August, 2021 from the date of Booking and can be utilized by the same traveller, his/her family members and Friends.
  • Terms and conditions associated with credit shell?

    Below are the terms and conditions of credit shell policy usage:
    • i. The credit shell will be valid for booking till 31st May 2021. Customer can choose their travel date as per their convenience. Customers reserve a right to use their credit shell for travelling to three destinations: Ladakh | Manali | Kashmir.
    • ii. The credit shell is non refundable. It can be used for travel by you, your family members and friends. (“It can be use as a gift”).
  • 3) How to use?

    For Direct traveller

    Please contact for enquiry:

    For travel agents:

  • I do not want credit shell and want my money back.

    Tour cancellation led by the imposition of lockdown throughout the country by the government of India due to ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus COVID, 19. That the customer who have made their booking with our company and the same has been cancelled due to pandemic of Coronavirus, Covid 19, our company has created a credit shell for all new and existing bookings which have been cancelled, which can be used by the customers in future for their travel and it will be valid from 25th March 2020 till August 2021. However, booking amount shall not be refund to you (customer) as we have also been issued credit shell/credit note against your booking by the hotelier and third parties who are connected with your travel.

  • When can rebook my travel.

    You are required to rebook your travel before 31st May 2021, so we can arrange the same standard service as per your booking package.

  • When can I travel

    You can travel till 30th August, 2021 by using the credit shell. However, if you wish to travel now, you are requested to speak to our travel expert for local SOP, Protocols and border security information prior your booking and you can also write email to us on for enquiry/ assistance.


NOTE: If you have not received credit shell please contact to your sales manager and file manager.