Ladakh Packing Guide

We  strongly  suggest starting  with a proper list  of things, because that will mean precise packing in the least  amount of time. After you've begun creating your own personal list, continue as and where your interests  lead you; you needn't pack everything immediately.

Start  with your clothes. Divide  your clothes into  3 groups; viz. Tops,   Bottoms and Undergarments (include your socks, handkerchiefs, bandanas, etc.). Pack all the clothes in each of these groups in a large plastic bag. This way you would have compartmentalized your clothes for easy access. Pack comfortable clothes which allow you to stretch, climb and jump. Carry a few extra clothes and a thin towel. It is advisable to carry extra plastic bags for storing used and/or wet clothes.

Now  pack your  shoes. Check  them for strength,  grip and comfort. Also  carry slippers/flip-flops/sandals to be worn during rest time or in case your shoes are wet due to water or snow. It is always advisable to travel light. Even though we may be allowed 20 kg per person in the aircraft, we suggest that you have empty space in your bags to allow for things that you may purchase on your trip. For those travelling in   trains, a backpack would be the most convenient way to move around. Carry a smaller hand bag.

Start with inserting the 3 clothes compartments in your main bag. Once you have placed them to your satisfaction, put your shoes / slippers in the remaining  place. Use your warm clothes and woolens to fill out voids left by the 3 compartments and the footwear. Now take your smaller hand bag and add to it an extra pair oclothes, a thin towel, toiletries, a hat/cap, a pair of UV protected sunglasses and things that you need easy access to during the day, like a book, some snacks or chocolates, a bottle of water, a camera, a shawl or a fleece, etc.

It is always advisable to carry a small personal medical kit. Please carry prescription medicines that you may be advised to take by your physicians. There is a possibility that we may not find these medicines elsewhere so please stock up on them. Also carry over the  counter medicines like paracetamol, laxative, motion sickness medicines, loose motion medicine, antacids, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What things should I pack for the Ladakh trip?

Ans.Below is the list of things you should pack for your Leh Ladakh trip: Extra pair of clothes Light woollens even for summers Heavy woollens for winters Gloves Windcheater Torch Light Raincoat Sunscreen with SPF 50 Hat Sunglasses Moisturiser Lip Balm Cash for emergency as Ladakh has limited ATMs First-Aid Kit with medicines for common health problem and Diamox for AMS Power Bank Good hiking shoes and slippers

Q2. What documents should I carry with me to Ladakh?

Ans.Carry any government issued ID proof like aadhaar card, voter ID, passport. If you are an international tourist, a passport and copy of visa is a must to carry. Also, carry passport size photographs.

Q3. What should I wear in Ladakh?

Ans.Ladakh?s weather is unpredictable. You should always wear clothes in layers. Wearing a windcheater when riding a bike is a must.

Q4. Is sunscreen required in Ladakh?

Ans.The harsh UV rays of the sun in Ladakh not only tans your skin but can cause serious skin issues. It is advised to apply sunscreen with SPF 50 on your trip to Ladakh. Carry a sunscreen body lotion too.

Q5. How many days are enough for a Leh Ladakh trip?

Ans.Around 8-10 days are enough for a Leh Ladakh trip. You can explore the important places of Ladakh and enjoy activities.
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