Packing Essentials

One cannot live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 hours without shelter and 3 minutes without air. However, we have always (touch wood!) managed to get participants  back home safe and sound. A large part of the credit goes to the participants who pack and do as mentioned under:

i.WATER: They always have at least 2 litres of  water. They keep sipping water and replenishing their body reserves which are usually   lost through perspiration and transpiration. This also keeps them happy and energetic.

ii.SHOES: They check their shoes before the event for strength, grip and comfort. Old unused  shoes usually don't last for more than 30 minutes in the outdoors. Similarly, brand new shoes  almost always result in shoe bites. Closed shoes protect their feet from pricks and bites. This helps them focus on having a good time rather than just facing the elements. They also  carry slippers/flip-flops/sandals to be worn during rest time, water activities and travel.

iii.CLOTHES: They wear comfortable clothes which allow them to stretch, climb and jump. Clothing is most effective when it covers your arms and legs from the sun, cold, pricks and bites. They usually carry extra clothes and a towel depending on the number of days the event is. We have observed that extra plastic bags are of great help when it comes to storing wet clothes.

iv.FOOD: They get lots of Chocolates, Chikki, Dry Fruits, biscuits, farsan. These items keeps them charged and energetic during the day.

v.SUN PROTECTION: They carry hats/caps, sunglasses and sunscreen and use them. In places like Ladakh the sunglasses come in very handy. They suggest that  the sunglasses have UV ray protection. This also reflects well in the numerous photographs that get clicked.

vi.JACKETS / WINDCHEATERS: They prefer enjoying the outdoors warm and dry. They also tell us that in cold places it is more convenient to dress in layers as it is easier to add or take off a layer to adjust with the temperatures. In places like Ladakh they advise us to carry a pair of thermal innerwear as well as woolen socks.

vii.TOILETRIES & MEDICINES: They say soap, toothpaste and toothbrush help keep a good hygiene. In addition they carry medicines that they commonly use to counter Asthma, allergies and other health issues that they may have.

viii.TORCHES: They said that electricity is a luxury in most places out of Mumbai. Torches  often come  in handy during  power cuts or blackouts.  They a recommended that we carry extra batteries and a spare bulb just in case we require one.

ix.ELECTRONICS: They carry cameras, torches, extra bulbs and batteries. They also make sure to have waterproof coverings to protect their belongings from moisture.

x.BACKPACK: They usually carry all their stuff on their backs keeping their hands free for things other than holding a bag.

xi.TRASH BAG: They believe in keeping places clean and so they carry trash bags to carry all the wrappers, chewing gums, chips packets, etc and dispose it off in the local Garbage Bin.

xii.MOSQUITO REPELLENT: They just smiled when we asked them why. They did sleep very peacefully at night.

xiii.HUMOUR: Their sense of humour made it difficult for anything to dampen their spirits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some of the important things to pack for the Leh Ladakh trip?

Ans.Light woollen for summers, clothes to wear in layers, windcheater, heavy woollens for winters, gloves, socks, good hiking shoes, slippers, sneakers, first-aid kit with basic medicines and Diamox for AMS, rechargeable torch light, power bank, sanitiser, hat, sunglasses, mosquito repellant, are some of the must-carry things on your trip to Leh Ladakh.

Q2. What basic medicines should I carry on a trip to Ladakh?

Ans.Carry medicines for common health problems like Crocin for headache and fever; Vicks/D-Cold for cold and cough; Digene/Pan 40/Pudin Hara for stomach issues; Moov/Volini Gel or Spray for sprain, muscle or joint pain; Otrivin/Nasivion for nose blockage and your ongoing medicines (if any.)

Q3. Which medicines should I carry for Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)?

Ans.You should carry Diamox for AMS which should be taken 24 hours before entering the high-altitude region in Ladakh.

Q4. Why is it important to carry cash on the Leh Ladakh trip?

Ans.ATMs in Ladakh are very limited. Only Leh has an ATM facility so it is important to carry enough cash on a Ladakh trip. You can withdraw cash in Leh as well for your ongoing journey.

Q5. What food can I carry to Ladakh?

Ans.Carry snacks like dry fruits, cookies, protein bars, and chocolates, for instant energy on your Ladakh trip.
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