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Ladakh is a snow-laden magic land which can be visited all round the year as Ladakh weather gives different shades for the enjoyment of travelers and tourists. But still, there are times when weather in Ladakh is more soothing and appealing.

Again, it depends on your personal choice and taste as to choose which time for traveling to Ladakh. Some of the travelers love to visit this mysterious snow desert in comfortable months of the year( May to September) when they are able to enjoy all the comforts of trip. 

However, some of the adventure loving freaks prefer to explore the land of Monasteries when it becomes highly unaccessible(November to March). This period of year gives complete isolation to Ladakh from rest of the country. But, still some tourists love to test their bearing capacity and wish to challenge the challenging conditions of harsh weather.

Weather of Ladakh (from April to May)

  • Initial days of April to mid of May marks the best visiting time in Leh Ladakh as Leh Ladakh temperature is quite amiable. Temperature keeps swinging between 6 degree celsius and -5 degree celsius. This is the time when most of the lakes in Ladakh start melting and bewitching beauty of lakes gear up to captivate the eyes of tourists.
Weather of Ladakh (from May to July)
  • Mid May to July sees opening up of Srinagar Leh highway only and thus it may not be the right time for many to visit Leh Ladakh at this time. However, Manali road opens up during early June and thus some of the travelers wish to visit Ladakh during initial days of Monsoon. You can expect plenty of sun with clear sky. Some odd rain showers can be experienced as well.  
Weather of Ladakh in August
  • Come August, and Ladakh gets its monsoon shower in full bloom. Swollen rivers might offer a plethora of natural charm but is quite risky sometimes. Thus, it is not advised to choose this time to explore Leh Ladakh. Even some partial snowfall is also expected.  
Weather of Ladakh in September
  • September brings the onset of initial winters and the hills and valleys get marked with the occasional snow falls. The territory of Ladakh gets a very picturesque charm along with the start of winters. You can expect dry weather with a receding line of flowing water of rivers. Thus, it is relatively excellent time to visit Ladakh.
Weather of Ladakh in October
  • Mid of October to mid of November makes this high altitude desert even more deserted. Because of the dip in temperature, locals and tourists abandon the place. Even you could hardly find any guest houses, hotels and restaurants due to chilling temperature. If visiting, you may need that authentic Angeethi to warm up yourself. Generally, it is not advised to travel during this period of extreme cold.

Weather of Ladakh(November to March)
  • Mid-November to March is the coldest period of the year and Ladakh gets complete isolation from rest of India. It’s all cold and cold scattered everywhere. However many tourists hit the place between January to March for enjoying the thrill of famous Chadar Trek (can’t resist the joy of walking on the frozen Zanskar River).

The average annual temperature of Leh is 5.2-degree Celsius whereas average rainfall is 103 mm.  
Month  Temperature
Jan -8.6 degree celsius
Feb -5.8 degree celsius
March -0.3 degree celsius
April 5.3 degree celsius
May 9.8 degree celsius
June 13.7 degree celsius
July 17.4 degree celsius
Aug 16.8 degree celsius
Sep 12.9 degree celsius
Oct 6.4 degree celsius
Nov 0.3 degree celsius
Dec -5.1 degree celsius

Lakes, Monasteries, hills, valleys, local shopping junctions, local mouth-watering cuisines and lot’s more awaits you at Ladakh. Soak yourself in the enriching colors of Ladakhi festivals and cultural dances in order to feel complete revival of your mind and body. Choose your timing which best suits you in the terms of Ladakh weather and preserve life long memories for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Ladakh weather


What is the weather in Ladakh like?

The weather in Ladakh can be extreme. The summers are harsh with direct sunlight at such high altitudes and the winters are cold with the temperatures dropping below the freezing point. From May to September, the day temperature is a pleasant 16-25 oC and the night temperature can be around 3-10 oC. For the rest of the year, the temperatures are generally freezing.

How long does it take to get acclimatized in Ladakh?

It varies from person to person. Ideally, it takes around 1-2 days for people to get acclimatized in Ladakh. It usually takes more time for people flying into Leh since their body suddenly faces a change in altitude. On the other hand, when your taking a road trip to Ladakh, it is easier to acclimatize because you are slowly ascending towards high altitudes.

How fit should we be for a trip to Ladakh?

As you will be travelling to extremely high altitudes, it is recommended that you prepare yourself by doing some cardio exercises or activities for a few days prior to your trip. This will help you avoid feeling breathlessness during the trip. If possible, also practice some breathing exercises to increase your lung capacity.

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