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Wedding ceremonies are over. What’s next? Of course, the much-awaited honeymoon. To ease your trip of togetherness, go for honeymoon tour packages. These carefully crafted packages help you begin a romantic chapter of your life. Do you love adventure, solitude, or nature? For either choice, you can enjoy your beloved’s company with honeymoon packages.  

Make your bond everlasting with honeymoon holiday destinations in the Himalayas. Ladakh, Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh are the Himalayan gems to celebrate your union. Explore the lovely landscapes. Go for romantic escapes and live your dream honeymoon in these destinations. Create some precious moments with your soulmate according to your requirements. If you are tight on budget, you can go for the lowest price honeymoon package. 

So, it’s time to make the most of your time together. You can take the services of an esteemed honeymoon trip planner to ease your worries. And have a happening honeymoon! 

Best Places for Your Romantic Honeymoon Trip:


Are you planning for a honeymoon trip to Ladakh? If you answer in the affirmative, you make a daring newlywed couple! These invigorating environs beckon you to explore their myriad geographical features. Indulge in the unique natural beauty around you while celebrating your bond.  

How to Reach Ladakh:

By Air: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh facilities reaching Ladakh by air. It is connected to major cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Srinagar and Jammu. Couples can consider flights to reach here on their honeymoon tours. 

By Road: Count on Manali – Leh Highway is open from mid-June to early October. Another is Srinagar – Leh Highway, which is open between July and November. Daily deluxe and ordinary bus services are operated in Ladakh. Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir provide the nearest bus services.

By Train: Jammu Tawi railway station is the nearest railhead to Ladakh. It is located at a distance of 708 km (approx.) from Ladakh. From the airport and railway station, board a cab to reach your destination in Ladakh.  

Romantic 3 Locations to Explore in Ladakh

Ladakh is fast gaining popularity among couples. Thanks to several romantic places in its kitty. No wonder, honeymoon couples are looking for Ladakh couple tour packages. Their search for a romantic holiday where they can enjoy each other’s company ends here. So, scroll down for superb honeymoon spots in Ladakh.

1. Lamayuru

If nature is your second love (first love your spouse), you will like Lamayuru. After all, what’s better than visiting a moon land on your honeymoon? Enjoying its proximity to the Himalayas, it has several splendid trails for intimate walks. Pine trees are close by adding a whiff of refreshing fragrance. So, you have a perfect honeymoon spot in Lamayuru.

2.  Alchi

Delightful drives and scenic locales come coupled with Alchi. No wonder, it is a great choice for honeymoon couple tour packages. Do visit Alchi Monastery for some serenity. Seek blessings for your new phase of life here. This sacred site is known as the oldest Buddhist Learning centre in North India. 

3. Zanskar Valley

Perfect for a honeymoon, Zanskar Valley is pretty and offers privacy for newlyweds. Walk hand-in-hand in the lovely locales. You can also go for water sports together. The live painting here bowls you over. To add to your honeymoon delight, camp under the star-lit sky. Also, savour scrumptious local delicacies. 

Best 3 Things To Do in Ladakh

Are you looking for some action to enjoy together in Ladakh? Good news. You are in for the best honeymoon packages for couples. Here are some of the top activities to enjoy in Ladakh. 

1. Have a gala time in Nubra Valley:

Nubra Valley is a marvel amidst the hilly Ladakhi terrain. It provides an Arabian Nights experience. The stunning scenery and lofty hills make it more picturesque. Enjoy camping under the starry sky. Go for a double-humped camel safari at Hunder sand dunes here. Also, indulge in desert safari in jeeps. 

2. Trek up Drang Drung Glacier;

Adventurous souls can add this trekking delight to your honeymoon trip for couples. The ascend to the glacier is amazing. The challenging climb treats you to the pleasurable vistas around. Steal some romantic moments at Suru Valley en route. The valley has fragrant and flamboyant flowers. Click some nice pictures for your memory book. 

3. Partake in Saka Dawa Festival:

Jazz up your honeymoon package by experiencing the Saka Dawa Festival. It is among the most sacred Buddhist holidays that come in June. This month is regarded as the fourth month in the Tibetan calendar. It marks the birth and spiritual awakening or Nirvana of Buddha. The festival is organised on a full moon night. And manifolds the charm of honeymoon tour packages. 

Best Honeymoon Packages 2022

Ladakh Honeymoon Packages:

Ladakh is scoring high among the honeymoon destinations of India. It has quickly emerged as a favourite among honeymoon couples. Those crazy about the adrenaline rush choose Ladakh. However, Ladakh offers a vast variety of attractions to celebrate your new union. Ladakh has everything that makes it a honeymooner’s paradise. Be it mountains, deserts, lakes, or meadows. Its festivals add colour to its otherwise barren landscape. You can choose from our varied range of honeymoon packages such as:

  • Ladakh honeymoon package with flight
  • Best of Ladakh
  • Incredible Ladakh package for honeymoon couples


Glamour of Kashmir adds to your romantic vacation. Its charm is unparalleled. No wonder, it makes a perfect choice for the honeymoon holidays. Marvel at nature’s splendour here. Stroll through the heavenly floral alleys while holding hands. The splendour of snow-capped mountains adds to your honeymoon delight. 

How to Reach Kashmir

By Air: Reaching Kashmir by air on honeymoon trip packages is quite popular. Although Srinagar airport is international, it serves domestic flights as well.  Several cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. are connected to it. 

By Road: Kashmir is connected to other cities and states by a network of state and private buses. There are regular bus services to Srinagar from Chandigarh and Delhi. Srinagar is connected to Jammu via National Highway 1-A. 

By Train: For a couple tours to Kashmir by train, reach Jammu Tawi Railway Station. Located in Jammu, this is Kashmir‘s only railway station. It is connected to Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Udaipur, and Pune. 

Romantic 3 Locations to Explore in Kashmir

A love trip to Kashmir has all the reasons to fall in love with each other again. Check honeymoon packages with prices for the couple. And then continue planning to visit Kashmir for a honeymoon. 

1. Kishtwar

If you love long leisurely walks, Kishtwar is your place to be. It is surrounded by towering mountains and thick deodar and pine forests. Explore Paddar here - famous for its sapphire and ruby mines. Also, take a refreshing dip in Tatta Pani. It is a popular hot spring. 

2. Bhaderwah

Do you love nature and adventure equally? Congratulations! Your search for a suitable place ends in Bhaderwah. It is fondly called mini Kashmir. If you are looking for honeymoon packages with a low budget, this is among the places that you must consider. Additionally, admire its several streams that enhance its picturesque delight. 

3. Baramulla

Blessed with natural endowments, Baramulla beckons honeymooners. Go for a memorable honeymoon to this district and garner lifetime memories. Go bird watching at Manasbal Lake. You can also enjoy picnicking here. Also, visit Wular Lake - Asia’s largest freshwater lake. It offers you breathtaking views.

Best 3 Things To Do in Kashmir

Want to admire floral blooms in spring and snowy expenses in winter? These factors make Kashmir every honeymooner’s favourite. There are several things to do in Kashmir. Enjoy skiing, trekking, and a romantic stay in houseboats etc. However, there are various enjoyable activities to take up together. Here are some lesser-known ones to pick from - 

 1.  Explore Mythological Sites in Udhampur:

Enhance your love trip delight at the mythological sites of Udhampur. Whether luxurious or cheap couple tour packages, this activity is immensely insightful. Udhampur is a haven for history buffs. It houses many relics that hail from the Mahabharata period. In addition, other attractions up your mythological sightseeing. These attractions include the Ramnagar Fort, Moungri Cave shrine, and Sudh Mahadev Temple 

2. Visit the Silk Route at Gurez:

Gurez is among the most beautiful valleys in Kashmir. It is considered the gateway of the ancient Silk Route. Also, go river rafting in the Kishanganga River. Its clear blue waters flow through the valley. 

 3. Marvel at Tulip Gardens at Yousmarg:

Visiting Kashmir in April and May, and missing out on Tulip Gardens is a big no. These gardens spread their beauty and fragrance in Yousmarg. The destination is ornamented with trees that add scent to the environs. Take a day excursion to Tosa Maidan and the Dudh Ganga River. Check the honeymoon package price per couple first. Thereafter, head to Kashmir and enjoy such activities. 

Kashmir Honeymoon Packages:

Kashmir is so romantic that it doesn’t need an introduction. Its environs are just perfect to entice and engage newlyweds. No wonder, it has magnetised honeymoon couples from far and wide. Kashmir is a loving hub of lakes, forests, mountains, and other nature-kissed beauties. It invites you with the best tour packages for couples. Apart from sightseeing, this paradise on earth evokes your senses with exciting activities. Don't miss out on a houseboat stay, gondola ride, and golfing on the world’s highest golf ground. 

You can choose from unbeatable honeymoon packages like:

  • Jannat-e-Kashmir
  • Incredible Kashmir
  • Kashmir Weekend

Himachal Pradesh

This happening Himalayan state is the honeymooners’ paradise. It has many romantic destinations that couples love. And they visit those places to celebrate their togetherness. No wonder, you can pick some of the best honeymoon tour packages to Himachal. So, strengthen your bond amidst the exotic locales here. 

How to Reach Himachal Pradesh

By Air: Himachal offers flight connectivity to cities and states of the country. The airports are: 

Bhuntar Airport- Manali, Gaggal Airport- Kangra and Jubbarhatti Airport-Shimla. From the airport, taxi a taxi to reach your destination. When booking a honeymoon tour package with us, you will be greeted by our tour representative at the airport who will assist you in transferring to the hotel. 

By Road: Himachal Pradesh is easily accessible by road. Interstate bus services, both government and private, are available to Himachal. Several neighbouring cities offer road connectivity to Himachal. The cities include Delhi, Chandigarh, and Jaipur. You can also hire a cab or drive on your own to Himachal. 

By Train: Himachal is connected by both narrow and broad gauge railway stations. To cut on your honeymoon package cost, you can travel to Himachal by train. Have a joyful journey together to Himachal through: 

  • Kalka Shimla Rail Line
  • Pathankot – Joginder Nagar Railway Line
  • Una Himachal Railway Line

Romantic 3 Locations to Explore in Himachal Pradesh

Lovebirds can pick from couple of honeymoon packages to Himachal Pradesh. Get a positive impact on your bond at its myriad beautiful destinations. Fresh breeze, scenic spots, and unprecedented experiences enrich your love trip here. 

1. Chail

Ready to create memories? Grab various opportunities to do so at Chail. It is a calm resort town that offers beautiful seclusion to the newlyweds. Chail is among the tranquil locales for honeymoon couples in Himachal. You will love your trip to this place. 

2. Manali

Manali ensures the best honeymoon trip in Himachal Pradesh. And it is for all the reasons to rejoice. The much-famed resort town treats the newlyweds with the rhythmic Beas River. Also, the delightful dales, lovely roads, and exotic environs manifold your honeymoon joy. 

3. Dalhousie

Sitting on five hills, Dalhousie has plunging pine valleys. The mighty mountains add a breathtaking backdrop. Its splendid views warmly welcome you. And you become sure of having a remarkable honeymoon in Dalhousie. 

Best 3 Things To Do in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh presents a blend of the modern world and age-old history. Several shrines, landscapes, etc. enhance its beauty. No wonder, it has umpteen things to do. Here are a few handpicked activities to enjoy in Himachal Pradesh. 

1. Trek to Triund:

Sitting in Dhauladhar Range, the Triund Hill trek is among the best activities in this state. At  2850 metres elevation, the trekking trail is exciting to the core. As you trek up, rest and enjoy a visual treat. En route, watch Gallu Devi Temple, Shri Kunal Pathri Devi Temple, and Bhagsu Waterfalls.

2. Map the Sky at Bir Billing:

How about taking honeymoon group tour packages and enjoying with fellow couples? Sounds great, isn’t it? And when it is time to paraglide, soaring below the blue is an unprecedented experience. Adventure enthusiast-couples can group to enjoy this activity to the fullest. And what’s a better place than Bir Billing! Do the activity under the supervision of an expert. 

3. Visit the Mini Switzerland of India at Khajjiar:

Why break the bank when you can get a flavour of a foreign country in India itself? Stationed humbly, Khajjiar exudes beauty just like that of Switzerland. Its lake is among the prime attractions. Luxuriant meadows and serene surroundings keep you in awe. Also, catch a glimpse of Mount Kailash from the lake. Moreover, couple your honeymoon holiday packages to Himachal with other activities. Horse riding, paragliding, and zorbing are some of such activities. 

Himachal Honeymoon Packages

Breathtaking scenery and adventure activities contribute to making Himachal a much-loved honeymoon destination. Fairs and festivals, abundant wildlife, and lip-smacking Himachali cuisine add to the reasons. Its lakes, waterfalls, and floral plenty make it a dream destination for honeymooners. Himachal honeymoon packages offer an ethereal experience. 

You can also get Himachal honeymoon packages clubbed with destinations in Ladakh. To absorb its exotic beauty and aura, count on packages like:

  • Delhi Manali Volvo package
  • Magnificent Himachal for Honeymoon
  • Himalayan Escape

Best Time to Visit Ladakh, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh

Before planning honeymoon tour packages, check the climatic conditions of the chosen destinations. Every place has suitable seasons/times to visit. To find out the perfect time to visit your preferred place, scroll down. 

Ladakh: May end to mid-July, September-October

It is during these months that roads to Ladakh are open. Both Srinagar Leh highway and Leh-Manali highway are accessible. If you have missed these months, worry not. The middle of September to October brings you another good time to explore Ladakh. These months pave the way for the best tour for a honeymoon in Ladakh. 

However, avoid visiting Ladakh from July end to August. This is monsoon season and several landslides occur here. Also, the Srinagar Leh highway and Leh Manali highway make travel riskier with sludge. 

Kashmir: March to June

You can choose from the best couple tour packages to visit Kashmir in these months. Climate is pleasant and suitable for sightseeing. The temperature during the day ranges from 15 °C to 30°C.

Himachal: February to June

Great to explore Himachal, these months range from winters to summers. Enjoy snowfall and snow sports in winter. Delight in scenic beauty and pleasant weather in spring. And indulge in nature’s splendour in summers.

Important Tips for Planning the Perfect Honeymoon:

Everything needs planning to be flawless. Honeymoon is no exception. So, here are some honeymoon planning tips for couples who have just exchanged vows. These tips make honeymoon tour packages a smooth affair. With this smart checklist, you can be assured of a pleasurable, hassle-free honeymoon. 

  • Planning together keeps you on the same page. Consider each other’s likes and dislikes while planning your trip of togetherness.
  • Set a time frame to avoid any last-minute troubles. Book your flight/train tickets and the accommodation months before. It also helps in lessening your honeymoon package price. Start packing almost a month before.
  • Read travel stories, travelogues, or experiences of honeymooners. If possible, ask for suggestions to be well-prepared.
  • Fix a budget. Then start planning. It helps you cover every possible expense. Also, you can save money for miscellaneous expenditures.
  • Consider an offbeat or a lesser-known destination. Because such places are slightly cheaper than the popular honeymoon spots.
  • Take services of the best honeymoon packages company. Search extensively and check reviews and ratings before finalising one. 
  • Keep an eye on deals, discounts, offers, or promotions. These help you cut the costs wherever possible.

Why Book Honeymoon Packages From Go2Ladakh:

Go2Ladakh has dedicatedly and diligently worked for several years in the industry. Thus, we have earned the repute of being among the top honeymoon tour operators. Travel experts here are highly experienced and professional. That’s why they design honeymoon packages in the light of love birds’ desires. Thereby, bringing you an experience of a lifetime. 

Our honeymoon tour packages are not your honeymoon plan. These are bundles of joy that you enjoy together. We invest our most sincere efforts to provide you with the honeymoon of your dreams. For your love vacation, we cover Himalayan destinations and their varied topographical features. Enjoy a refreshing retreat amidst nature’s best with our expert services. 

You will be overwhelmed with our honeymoon trips to the Himalayan hill destinations. These include Ladakh, Kashmir, Shimla, and Manali. You can get customised honeymoon packages as per your budget and requirements. 

So, get ready to have an indulgent honeymoon at these beautiful places. We manifold your delight with adventure activities, offbeat attractions, and candlelight dinners. Just let us know your fancies and we will pull it off for you. So, when the newlyweds look for the best travel agency for honeymoon packages, they count on us. You can too consider us. Commendable services assured. 

In a nutshell, there are numerous honeymoon tour packages to choose from. Each of these is designed to impart an experience to treasure. Your taste and pocket are considered while creating one for you. Spend quality time with your sweetheart here. Towering mountains, lush grasslands, serene lakes, and nature-kissed surroundings accompany you. 

There is a honeymoon package for everyone. You can grab a luxurious trip or pick from cheap honeymoon trips as per your pocket. Whatever you do, your honeymoon will bring you closer. You can also go for group honeymoon packages to have fun with newlyweds like you. 

So, why the wait? Select your honeymoon package today. And embark on a joyful journey for a once-in-a-lifetime love trip.

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