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Kashmir is an ideal spot for a romantic and memorable honeymoon. It is a winter lover’s dream with snow-capped mighty mountains and riveting scenic beauty. It allows newlyweds to enjoy a delightful stay on a houseboat and a Shikara ride on the Dal and Nigeen Lakes in Srinagar, as well as a thrilling Cable Car trip and Skiing (in the winter season) in Gulmarg. Here, stunning cities, exquisite lakes, gushing rivers, spectacular pine forests, blooming meadows, historic monuments, enlightening spiritual locations, wonderful adventure activities, and a warm welcoming culture are cradled by towering mountains and green valleys.

Kashmir not only offers you a picturesque atmosphere but also exquisite handloom crafts, delectable food, and authentic Pashmina. There is no better plan to celebrate your wedded status than with a Kashmir Honeymoon Package From Pune. 

With us, you can plan your perfect Honeymoon Trip to Kashmir and have an unforgettable experience with your sweetheart. You may go on a romantic date with your significant other, walk through the picturesque streets of colourful Himalayan marketplaces, sample Kashmiri food, collect souvenirs, and much more. Book your perfect Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Package From Pune today and let your relationship bloom in the lush valleys of Kashmir.

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 So, what do you have to lose? Let us help you arrange your honeymoon trip. We will help you remember the wonderful and unforgettable experiences you had in the valleys throughout your life.

Best Time To Visit in Kashmir

You can visit Kashmir in any season and appreciate its pure beauty, as each season has its attraction, giving you a unique experience each time you visit. Here's a quick rundown of each season so you can quickly plan your wonderful honeymoon getaway:-

  •     Summers –  Summer is the perfect time to visit Kashmir for a honeymoon if you're newly married and looking for a romantic trip. The summer season in Kashmir lasts from June to August. While hotel prices may rise in the summer, the weather is pleasant, and a shikara ride on the glassy surface of Srinagar's beautiful Dal Lake is a must-do. The Mughal Gardens are stunning, and the flowers are in full bloom at this time of year. Summer is also the greatest time to visit Kashmir because other areas like Pahalgam and Sonmarg are stunning. The sky is a summery shade of blue and the weather is beautiful. At this time of year, the sights are truly breathtaking.
  •     Autumn –  Many people swear by Kashmir's mesmerizing beauty in the autumn months of September and October. They may even argue that it is the finest time to visit Kashmir. During this time of year, Kashmir's iconic Chinar trees turn various shades of gold. The red-yellow leaves are abundant on the trees, and the ground is carpeted with them. Srinagar and its adjacent places, such as Dachigam, are breathtakingly gorgeous, making now the greatest time of year to visit Jammu & Kashmir. The weather is pleasant, but not frigid. However, if you are coming from a warmer climate and are not used to the cool evenings, it is always a good idea to bring woollen clothing with you. Want the perfect honeymoon? With Go2 Ladakh you can book the perfect Pune to Kashmir Honeymoon Package today and enjoy Kashmir in any season.
  •     Winters –  If the image of a winter wonderland covered in snow as far as the eye can see appeals to you and your partner, the months of November through February are ideal. For snowfall, this is the greatest time to visit Kashmir. Adventurers may ski and snowboard to their hearts' content, while the views from the cable car journeys are breathtaking. There's snow all around you, and in areas like Gulmarg, the sea of white is much more evident. Kashmir has always been a popular destination for honeymooners because a lot of Bollywood films have been shot here in the snow. So if you and your partner are filmy and love some drama then recreate your favourite Bollywood scenes here in the winter and show it off proudly back home.

How To Reach Kashmir From Pune

Between Pune to Srinagar, there is no direct route of transportation. There is a network of transportation options available to get you to Srinagar from Pune safely and conveniently. The following information on transportation is provided so that you can make an informed decision: -

  •     By Air –  Looking for the best Pune Kashmir to Honeymoon Packages? The fastest and easiest way to cover the aerial distance of 1727 Km from Pune to Kashmir is to travel via Delhi. You have to take a flight from Pune International Airport to Srinagar Airport Via New Delhi.
  •     Public Transport –  The cheapest way to travel from Pune to Kashmir is to travel by bus or train. You can take a train from Pune junction to New Delhi railway station, then a train from Delhi to Jammu, and then a bus to Srinagar. You can also take a bus from Jammu to Srinagar but this will take a longer time to cover the distance.
  •     Taxi –  Traveling by cab from Pune to Srinagar is conceivable, but those wishing to save time should fly or at the very least take a train to Delhi. It will take quite some time and be expensive. As a result, it is recommended that you try to avoid taking a taxi and instead use other modes of transportation.
  •     Bike –  It will take you a whopping 42 Hr journey on the bike to travel from Pune to Kashmir. Because of the difficult mountainous road, it will take a long time and money, and it will not be the most comfortable trip. It is preferable to choose from a variety of different realistic transit options.

Romantic Places To Visit In Kashmir

  •     Pahalgam – 

Pahalgam, which is located at an altitude of 2740 meters, is regarded as a representation of heaven on earth. It is 95 kilometres from Srinagar and is surrounded by lush forests, gorgeous lakes, and floral fields. This little town is famed for sucking all of a visitor's stress away, making it one of the best spots to visit in Kashmir. Betaab Valley, Mamal Temple, and Sheshnag Lake are a few places that are a must-visit here. Have a tranquil and serene time with your partner here and enjoy the natural beauty at its very best.

  •     Srinagar – 

Srinagar is unquestionably one of Kashmir's and India's most attractive and well-known tourist destinations. Srinagar has it all, from boating to trekking, bird watching to water skiing. Srinagar, also known as the "mirror to the mountains," is a must-see destination for honeymooners. The most populous city in Kashmir is surrounded by lush green mountains, with the Dal Lake serving as the city's crown jewel. This location provides an up-close peek of Kashmiri cuisine and culture. You can also take a walk hand in hand with your partner in Mughal Gardens and Nishat Bagh.

  • Gulmarg – 

Gulmarg, also known as the 'Meadow of Blooms,' is a visual treat with its expanse of bright flowers set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains. For all the right reasons, Gulmarg is regarded as one of the best places to visit in Kashmir. Because of the numerous opportunities for skiing in the snow while taking in the scenery, this region of Kashmir is also renowned as an adventurer's paradise. The winter season, from December to January, is the greatest time to visit Kashmir for snowfall. So, what are you waiting for? Kashmir has it all from adventure to serenity. Book your Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Package From Pune today

  •     Hemis – 

Hemis is a small village located 40 kilometres southeast of Leh and is one of the numerous unknown sites in Jammu & Kashmir. Hemis, like the rest of Jammu & Kashmir, is surrounded by natural beauty. The majestic monasteries and national park of Hemis are well-known. If you and your partner are wildlife fans, it is a must-see in Kashmir during the summer. The national park is home to endangered animals such as the snow leopard and bharals. Take a bus from Srinagar to Leh and then you can rent a car or take a taxi till Hemis.

  •     Sonamarg – 

Sonamarg is popular as the 'Golden Meadow,' as its name suggests. Its attractions include a stream of beautiful flowers and undulating hiking trails. For its captivating ambience and spectacular views, Sonamarg should be on every newlywed's list of places to visit in Kashmir. Summer, from May to June, is the greatest time to visit Kashmir since the valley is lit with multicoloured flowers. You can also do camping encapsulated by lush greenery and take long and scenic nature walks with your significant other.

  •     Amarnath Cave –

Newlyweds usually visit this place to give their married life a blessed start. Every year, Lord Shiva worshippers flock to this location to receive blessings and see the encased figure of Shiva, known as Shivling. People come from all around the world to participate in the well-known 'Amarnath Yatra.' This is thought to be the same cave where Lord Shiva revealed to Goddess Parvati the secret of life and eternity. If you and your partner are devout believers of Lord Shiva, you must include this destination on your Kashmir itinerary.

  •     Doda – 

Doda is a haven for adventurers and nature enthusiasts, with diverse scenery. Whether you and your loved one are new to adventure activities or seasoned pros, you'll find this a treasure. Doda is famous for two Hindu sanctuaries, Athra Devi Temple and Chandi Mata Temple, despite being less well-known among tourists. If you and your partner are adrenaline junkies and like to live on the edge of life then this is the perfect place to experience rip-roaring adventure sports and have the most thrilling memories of your life.

  •     Patnitop –  

Patnitop is best described as endless meadows and lovely views. Patnitop, surrounded by the towering Himalayas and blanketed in snow, has carved out a place in the tourism business due to its surreal beauty. In addition, the location offers a variety of invigorating activities to satisfy the adrenaline addict in you. It is one of Kashmir's most trendy tourist destinations. You can enjoy Paragliding, Skiing, and Trekking here as well. If you want to experience all these spectacular places with your partner then book your Kashmir Honeymoon Package From Pune today.

Romantic Things To Do In Kashmir 

  •     Jeep Safari –

  Jeep Safari in Jammu and Kashmir is the ideal way for you and your partner to explore and have some fun. This thrilling activity allows adventurers to better discover the Himalayan region, which is home to steep peaks, diverse fauna, deep forests, and lush meadows. Whereas trekking is restricted to physically fit individuals who also don’t have any medical conditions, Jeep Safari allows anyone to partake in adventure expeditions, making this an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone without any constraints, making sure that you don’t miss out on anything.

  •     Wildlife and Bird Watching –

  Spotting wildlife in Jammu and Kashmir is a joyful, exciting, and exhilarating experience, especially because the region's flora and animals are unique to this region. Dachigam National Park and Kishtwar High Altitude National Park are two prominent national parks in Jammu where you may see rare and magnificent flora and animals. If you and your partner are bird lovers then this region this perfect as almost 554 species of birds reside here and what’s more calming to the eyes than watching birds flap their wings, bob their heads, or swoop down on their prey.

  •     Luxury Houseboat Experience – 

Houseboats, often known as floating dwellings, are a unique way to reside in Kashmir. Houseboat tours, which are anchored on the banks of Srinagar's two lovely lakes, Dal and Nigeen, are ideal for a romantic stay in Kashmir.  Tourists can also go shopping aboard houseboats, where many sellers float around selling everything from Kashmiri handicrafts to barbequed foods. This luxurious Houseboat Stay is a great way for honeymoon couples to have a memorable experience. You can enjoy this unique stay by booking your Kashmir Honeymoon Package From Pune.

Plan an exciting journey to Kashmir with your significant other to enjoy a stunning wonderland of flora, scrumptious Himalayan cuisine, breathtaking Landscape, Adventure Sports, and tranquil sights of Kashmir, a small bit of paradise on earth. Take this wonderful honeymoon vacation to Kashmir and romanticize your newlywed life by giving yourself the companionship of each other on this beautiful journey as you embark on spectacular new chapters of your life! What are you waiting for now? Book your Kashmir Honeymoon Trip Package From Pune and go Happy Honeymooning.   

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