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When it comes to exploring India and travel the most rated destinations, Kashmir is a popular name on the list. From the solo trip to the best of the honeymoon and family tours, Kashmir is an ideal travel destination for all. The place offers a magical nature view that you may witness for the first time in your lifetime, unique sports activities, exotic Kashmir cuisine, popular spots for a picnic, camping, trekking, mountain cycling etc. 

The valleys of Kashmir are wild and unspoiled that is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, that resounds with nature, beauty, and a sense of mysticism. The lakes of Kashmir are crystal clean, beautiful, and untouched. Of all, Srinagar's Dal and Nageen Lakes are magnificent. Kashmir, rich in natural and cultural attractions, is the ideal place to escape the heat and the daily grind. Planning a Kashmir family trip from Bangalore is much work you have not even considered. It needed complete and accurate planning from transport, hotel booking, itinerary, and local transport to the right travel guide. If you want a travel expert to do the travel work, explore the Go2Ladakh Kashmir family tour package from Bangalore.  

We have experts working at our end to resolve all your queries with the best explanation in the most time-efficient manner. Our independent and customized travel packages are designed on various tourist concern factors. We assist you from the beginning of the journey till you take the return transport. We also give you the freedom to customize the Bangalore to Kashmir family package trip as per your priorities. All the complete travel facilities are provided at an affordable price. Also, travellers can enjoy deals and offer from time to time. We have several Jammu Kashmir family packages from Bangalore for a family vacation, honeymoon and solo trips. 

How to Reach Kashmir from Bangalore 

If you wonder how to go to Bangalore from Kashmir, there are numerous ways to travel. Various transport options are available for travellers mentioned in the Kashmir package from Bangalore, from cheap to affordable. Kashmir has almost all possible ways to travel, whether it's air, train, bus, or bike. The total distance to be covered from Kashmir to Bangalore is 2,854 km. Now, let's discuss all the possible ways to reach Kashmir from Bangalore on your family holidays. 

By Air: 

By flying from Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport to Srinagar's Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport, you can travel from Bangalore to Kashmir in no time.  Travelling by flying from Bangalore to Jammu Kashmir is the quickest option. While it is usually the most expensive option, promotional tickets are occasionally available for less than the cost of a rail or boat ticket. Srinagar to Bangalore flight time is approximately 8 hours and 15 minutes. 

By Public Transport:

There is no bus service or operator between Bangalore and Jammu Kashmir. You take a bus from Bangalore to Delhi ISBT, then another bus to Jammu Kashmiri Gate from Delhi ISBT. The distance between the bus station and Jammu is around 600 km, and travelling by car will take approximately 11 hours. You can take local sharing cabs, local bus services, or solo cabs to Kashmir from Jammu. You can also go by train. However, there are no direct trains between Delhi and Jammu. To go to Jammu Tawi Railway Station, take the Sampark Kranti, Rajdhani, or Karnataka express to New Delhi, then change trains. 

By Road:

A bike ride is an enthralling experience for most travellers. However, it is impossible to ride a bike directly from Bangalore to Kashmir that too if you are up for a family vacation. The Go2Ladakh Bangalore to Kashmir package provides the facility of Bangalore to Delhi (flight/train) > Delhi to Srinagar (Volvo Bus). On reaching Srinagar you can get a  bike to explore Kashmir on the bike. It is recommended to carry all the necessary items, including identity proof, first aid kit, water, etc. 

Explore Kashmir – List of Most Incredible Places to Visit in Kashmir

Nature has bestowed exceptional beauty on Kashmir, and there are no words in the cosmos that can fully communicate its attraction other than travelling there and expressing it. The spectacular Kashmir region is drowned in white beauty in the winter, and it is flooded in natural colours in the autumn/fall, spring, and summer. The tranquil waters of the Himalayas, together with the mountains in the background, make this one of the most beautiful places. If you are planning a trip to Kashmir with family or friends to see the top-rated attractions listed below. 


Gulmarg is one of the best destinations to visit in Kashmir because of its tranquil, scenic beauty. The 'flower-filled meadow' of Gulmarg is well-known, and the multi-coloured flowers bloom during the spring season, contributing to the beauty of the Gulmarg landscape. Gulmarg has become even more popular because of tourist social media posts. If you seek adventure in Kashmir, Gulmarg is a great spot to go. One of the best times to visit Gulmarg is during the winter.


Sonmarg is a stunning location in Kashmir that everyone should visit at least once. Its breathtaking views are among Kashmir's most attractive. Sonmarg roughly translates to "Golden Path" or "Golden Meadow." The brilliant hues that occur during the spring season inspired the name. Nature will give you a sense of calm and help you overcome the stress of city life. Sonmarg is one of Kashmir's most popular tourist attractions, with some of the state's most beautiful trekking trails.


If you want to combine some adventure with a beautiful site to spend time with your family or significant other, Patnitop is a fantastic place to visit. This gorgeous location with breathtaking views makes it one of the most common names in the Kashmir family tour package from Bangalore. Due to various adventure activities such as paragliding and skiing, Patnitop is one of Kashmir's most popular tourist destinations. It is undoubtedly an excellent destination for adventurers, families, and honeymooners.

Shalimar Bagh 

The brilliantly laid out Shalimar Bagh, the largest of the three spectacular Mughal Gardens, is one of the most stunning places to visit in Srinagar. According to legend, Jahangir built this beautiful garden for his beloved wife, Noor Jahan, around 1619. This garden, which has an odd design and overlooks the mesmerising Dal Lake, demonstrates Mughal horticulturists' incredible craftsmanship. Shalimar Bagh is a stunning combination of man-made architecture and natural splendour. Green grass has been elegantly carpeted around the garden areas.


A folk legend about a meadow in Kashmir's Budgam district called Doodhpathri. According to folklore, Sheikh ul Aalam Sheikh Noor din Noorani, a Kashmiri saint, travelled here in search of water but instead found milk. As a result, the meadow received Doodhpathri. Picnickers and trekkers flock to Doodhpatri, one of Kashmir's quietest spots. 

Top 5 Outdoor Adventures Activities Must Try in Kashmir

Kashmir is the most preferred location to enjoy the natural beauty and mesmerizing scenic. Life remembers sunrise and sunset. But, apart from its magical beauty, Kashmir is also famous for the thrilling adventure you may have included in your bucket list. If you want to have some fun and wild time with your family, you need to try exciting activities in Kashmir. These adventure sports are also included in Bangalore's Jammu and Kashmir packages. Let us discuss each outdoor Kashmir activity in brief.


In Jammu and Kashmir, skiing is one of the most popular winter sports activities. The glistening snow and steep peaks make it an excellent setting for a winter sport such as skiing. Gulmarg is a fantastic place to go skiing and enjoy other winter activities. All the necessary equipment can be found in Gulmarg's local businesses. Beginners can train independently with the help of experts who can coach and guide them. However, Skiing in Jammu and Kashmir is never limited to the winter months because most of the peaks are snow-covered all year.


Trekking in Jammu and Kashmir is India's most popular tourist attraction. As visitors can appreciate the stony slopes and hills of the massive Himalayan mountains, trekking is a fun outdoor activity for adventure enthusiasts. Ice-capped peaks, raging streams, and lush, deep valleys make Kashmir an ideal trekking destination. The most popular and remarkable trekking destinations in the state are the Zabarwan and Shankaracharya hills. The activity is also fascinating because of the extensive glaciers and valleys with incredible flora and fauna.

Shikhara Ride

Shikara is a traditional outdoor activity that allows visitors to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Dal Lake. It is one of the most popular adventures in Srinagar, and this gives the best view of the rich cultural heritage of the valley and the stunning natural beauty. Dal Lake is the most famous Shikara riding destination in Srinagar, although Nigeen Lake is also a popular Shikara riding destination. Riding Shikara across a tranquil lake against the backdrop of the snow-covered Pir Panjal mountains can be an unforgettable experience. During the Shikara ride, you can stop at Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and Hazratbal Temple, major tourist attractions in Srinagar.


Golfing is another unique outdoor sport that is very popular among golfers in Kashmir. It is remarkable because it is situated at a high elevation on the ground level, surrounded by an energising atmosphere of huge Chinar and Pine trees. Gulmarg Golf Club and Srinagar Golf Courses are two of Kashmir's most beautiful golf courses, where you can play for more extended periods of time than on other courses.

River Rafting

River Rafting, the famous water sport in Kashmir, is a great blessing for adventurers worldwide. The Kashmir Rivers offer more than just a gorgeous sight; they also have all the adventure elements that attract many adventure seekers looking for an active vacation in Kashmir.

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