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Experience a timeless glimpse into the wonderland offering bewitching sights of the lakes, heritage, and picturesque natural splendour in and around the historic area. It is a place where Shikaras float by with ease and the call to prayer mingles with the sing-along of Hindi film music. There is an innately wonderful feeling as the Kashmir Valley is bathed in the golden light of the setting sun and when the region becomes no less than a paradise. This makes Kashmir one of those places that are utterly paradisiacal and will capture your heart with its beauty and allure. It offers everything wholeheartedly ensuring a memorable vacation, including culture, handicrafts, adventure, delicious food, and spectacular scenery.  

Plan the ideal trip to Kashmir with us. You may explore the many tourist attractions dispersed throughout Kashmir or the bustling streets of the valley, buy souvenirs, sample authentic Kashmiri food, and do a lot more. So reserve your Kashmir tour packages from Bangalore with airfare today and experience India's winter wonderland. 

You will receive the top amenities and services from Go2Ladakh at cost-effective prices. So, what are you waiting for then? Go ahead and schedule your Bangalore to Kashmir package by air with us to plan a trip to the stunning valley. Go2Ladakh will assist you in appreciating the captivating and priceless moments you spent in the mountains throughout your life.

  • Bangalore To Kashmir Distance: Approx. 2358 km. 
  • Bangalore To Kashmir Airfare: The airfare depends on your date of booking, flight company, and the class in which you choose to book your seats. 
  • Travel Time: 4 hours and 45 minutes
  • Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is the Srinagar airport which is around 10 km from the city centre.  

Best Time To Visit Kashmir

Each season has its appeal. Visiting Kashmir in any season will allow you to fully appreciate its pristine beauty. It provides you with different travel experiences every time you choose to visit.  Here's a quick rundown of each season so you can schedule your Bangalore to Kashmir package with flight accordingly. 

Summer Season (March To June)

The summer time climate is pleasant during the day and a little chilly at night, making it the perfect place to escape the heat and humidity of the plains. Daytime temperatures range from 15°C to 30°C. The pristine waters of Dal Lake are perfect for a Shikara ride during this weather. In the summer, you can also visit the Mughal garden and other nearby locations with our Kashmir tour packages from Bangalore with flight and see the beautiful blooms. 

Monsoons (July To September)

A monsoon vacation is gratifying in its way, even if you are unable to experience winter activities at this time. Despite the heavy rain, travellers still come to Kashmir in the off-season because flights and hotels are less expensive. There are 15°C lows and 30°C highs. Travelling to Kashmir at this time is a visual delight. During the monsoons, picking apples is a fun and interesting activity. You may take in the splendour of your surroundings as you gaze out over the valley's rich greenery.

Winters (October To February) 

Temperatures of 0°C and below are typical. Temperatures during the day rise above 15 °C. For those who wish to experience a true winter wonderland, this is the best time of year. Winter sports like ice skating, snowboarding, and ice hockey are perfect because of the snowfall in the area. Excursions via cable car and trekking in the stunning highland areas at this time are also unforgettable experiences.  It's peak travel season, but don't worry, the Kashmir Tour Packages from Bangalore with flight have you covered with some incredible deals.

5 Best Hotels To Stay In Kashmir Near Airport

These hotels continue to be the best in Kashmir for your stay all year long. They provide a lovely retreat throughout the seasons because they are situated in some of the region's most prominent locations. Your vacation will be one to remember with our Kashmir packages from Bangalore by air. Consequently because of the picturesque settings and the range of activities and amenities available at these hotels. 

  • Comrade Inn 

The Comrade Inn is a great place to stay when exploring Kashmir. It is one of the few excellent hotels in Kashmir that is close to the Dal Lake and other popular tourist destinations including Shalimar Bagh,  Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi. The tastefully constructed hotel is equipped with all the contemporary conveniences you'll need while vacationing with your Kashmir package from Bangalore including airfare.

  1. Distance from Airport: 22 mins from the airport by road (9.2 km)
  2. Star Category: 4-Star
  3. Price Per Night: The starting price is INR 5,000 per night.
  4. Location: 1, Rajbagh, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190008
  • Rk Sarovar Portico

The RK Sarovar, which was constructed on a cliffside, provides breathtaking views of Kashmir as well as the mountains beyond. You can benefit from easy proximity to all tourist sites while still having a peaceful vacation in a quiet hotel setting. You have many opportunities to unwind and relax with amenities including spas, lovely gardens, and one of Kashmir's greatest restaurants serving delectable cuisine! So, book your Kashmir tour package from Bangalore by air today and get to stay in this amazing hotel at the best rates.

  • Distance from Airport: The hotel is at a distance of 12.0 km and 25 mins away by road.
  • Star Category: 3-Star
  • Price Per Night: The base price is INR 7,500 per night
  • Location: Next To United Nations Head Office Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir, 190001
  • Nigeen Residency Resort

One of the top luxury hotels in Kashmir, India, is Nigeen Residency Resort, which allows you an opportunity to admire Nagin Lake's majesty and natural beauty. The year-round appeal of this hotel is due to both its exciting location and its warm welcome. This lodging guarantees you an opulent stay at the lowest possible cost, making your vacation ideal! The hotel's on-site restaurant also serves delicious Kashmiri food.

  • Distance from Airport:  17.3 km away from the Srinagar Airport and can be reached in 39 mins by car.
  • Star Category: 3 - Star
  • Price Per Night: The starting price is INR 3,310 - 5,245 per night.
  • Location: Opposite Nigeen Club, Srinagar, Kashmir, 190006, India
  • Nedou’s Hotel

At its opulent hotel in Gulmarg, Nedou's has been welcoming visitors for more than 120 years. It is one of the top hotels in Srinagar, Kashmir, and is great for golfing and skiing both in the winter and summer. Nedou's is the perfect place for a holiday, giving relaxation and comfort. These charming cottages provide privacy and best-in-class amenities at the best rates with the Bangalore to Kashmir package by air.

  • Distance from Airport: It is 12.0 km away from the Srinagar Airport and can be reached in 26 mins by car.
  • Star Category: 3 - Star
  • Price Per Night: The starting price is INR 6,000 per night.
  • Location: Gulmarg, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001
  • Silverbell Houseboats

For nature enthusiasts seeking the ideal vacation in Kashmir, this floating castle is a delight. The luxuriously appointed accommodations, modern communications equipment, and kind hospitality. It is a perfect area for surfing,  swimming, water skiing, and boating and adds an adventurous twist to your Bangalore to Kashmir package with flight. It is situated on the tranquil and energising Nigeen Lake.

  • Distance from Airport: The houseboat hotel is at a distance of 17.2 km and 42 mins away by car.
  • Star Category: 3 - Star
  • Price Per Night: The starting price is INR 11,963  per night.
  • Location: Nigeen Lake West End, Srinagar, Kashmir, 190001, India

5 Best Places To Visit In Kashmir

  • Baltal

Baltal is primarily known as the Amarnath Yatra's base camp. However, the small valley has many beautiful places of its own. This is the perfect place to visit for both photographers and anyone seeking a peaceful vacation in the middle of nature because the area is dotted with several waterfalls, glaciers, and mountain peaks. White river rafting and trout fishing are both excellent along the Sindh River, which runs through Baltan. Additionally, common activities include hiking, camping, and snow sports.

  • Khilanmarg

Khilanmarg, one of Kashmir's most underrated tourist destinations, provides the ideal escape from the hectic city life. The meadow is practically blanketed in flowers during the spring. This small valley is accessible by a quick walk over the meadow or perhaps by a fun pony ride. Khilanmarg becomes a bustling winter sports destination during the winter, with its slopes giving access to ski routes. The Nanga Parbat, the ninth-highest mountain on Earth, is also visible from here on a clear day! So what are you waiting for? Visit this one-of-a-kind place with our Kashmir tour package from Bangalore by air and experience the wonders up close.

  • Anantnag

Anantnag is one of Kashmir's most exquisite locations to visit because of its abundance of alluring freshwater springs, rushing streams, and breathtaking verdant gardens. Three streams—Brenghi, Sandran, and Arapath—meet right next to Anantnag at this location. Along with other attractions like Kishtwar National Park, Verinag, and Achabal, Anantnag is also home to a large number of religious sites. It also offers a variety of sightseeing opportunities and tranquil nature hikes.

  • Lolab Valley

A premier camping location in Kashmir, Lolab Valley is an oval-shaped valley known for its picturesque natural beauty, lush pine trees, and gushing springs. It is situated northwest of Srinagar, 9 kilometres from Kupwara town. The great Himalayan black and brown bear, snow leopard, hangul, and musk deer are just a few of the creatures that call Lolab Valley home. This location, which has long been a favourite among mountain and environment lovers, exudes calm, allowing visitors to disconnect from technology and enjoy the solitude. 

  • Gurez Valley

Gurez Valley, a stunning and charming tourist attraction in Kashmir, is the ideal location to spend time more in harmony with mother nature. Take a peek at the village life of folks who live and learn how they survive and make the most of this beautiful place. Gurez Valley is a scenic hill station in Kashmir that is perched at an elevation of 8000 feet. Here you can also enjoy the special three-day Gurez Festival with the Bangalore to Kashmir package by air. It is one of the best ways to learn more about the local art, culture, and heritage.

5 Things To Do In Kashmir

  • Fishing and Angling

Anglers frequently refer to Kashmir as their nirvana. And very rightfully so as Kashmir offers several excellent chances for fishing in the chilly glacial and snow-fed streams. Anglers from all over the world visit Kashmir due to the abundance of gorgeous German brown trout and Rainbow trout fish in the region's water bodies of various sizes and varieties. During the season, Kashmir has about 61 beats available for fishing and angling.

  • Heritage Sightseeing

In addition to palaces and gardens, Kashmir is also home to numerous exquisite historic structures, including Buddhist ruins, mosques, and Hindu temples. The Pari Mahal, which was constructed for a Mughal prince in the 17th century, is one of Kashmir's major historical sites. Another important tourist destination in Kashmir that showcases its illustrious past is Sheesh Mahal in Srinagar. Visit the many culturally rich heritage sights with our Bangalore to Kashmir package with flight.

  • Skiing and Gondola in Gulmarg

Jammu & Kashmir is home to steep slopes and snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan Mountain ranges, making it a popular destination for skiers. Gulmarg is the third-highest ski resort in the world. It is renowned for its fluffy snow, which makes it ideal for skiing throughout the year. Taking a ride in Gulmarg's renowned gondola cable car is another famed adventure in Jammu & Kashmir. It offers incredible views of the Kashmir Valley and also its snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes, and verdant meadows, making it ideal for tourists of all ages.

  • Houseboat Stay

While everyone chooses a reputable hotel to stay in, don't let the luxury rob you of the unadulterated beauty of nature. Moreover, shouldn't travelling be about enjoying unique activities and locations? You must at least bid your hotel farewell for one night. Experience Kashmir's chilly air in a houseboat on Dal Lake away from the world of materialism with our Kashmir packages from Bangalore with airfare. The houseboat will provide a serene glimpse of the stars illuminating the waterways and the moonlight glimmering on the white snow.

  • Visiting The Mughal Gardens

The Mughal Gardens in Kashmir are renowned for their extraordinary beauty due to their outstanding mountainous natural settings, which remain unmatched in all of India. They are also perfect examples of Mughal architecture with Persian influences in its prime. There are several beautiful Mughal Gardens in Srinagar, which not only showcase the Mughals' superb technical prowess but also offer stunning views of the Dal Lake and other significant landmarks.

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Tips For Planning  Kashmir Tour Package With Flight

Sanitise everything

Airports and aeroplanes are among the germiest locations on earth because of the volume of people that pass through and touch everything. Use disinfectant wipes on both hands and your flight seat once you're situated to further protect yourself. Wipes do not count under your carry-on liquid allowance since, unlike hand sanitiser, they are not liquid.

Book In Advance

To receive discounts on flight tickets, make your reservations at least one month beforehand. Book the tickets at least one month in advance. It's a good idea to get your tickets as early as you can in order. Take advantage of early discounts if you want to have a good deal on your airfare.

Arrive early at the airport

Arrive at least one or two hours before takeoff, depending on whether your trip is domestic or international. There will undoubtedly be long lines - so long that you might risk missing your flight. It's crucial to be at the airport well in advance because of this. Why take a chance? Be on time and relax.

Bring any identification issued by the government with you

All passengers are required to carry a valid ID provided by the government. You may bring your voter identification card, PAN card, or any other official document issued by the Indian government. However, you will need to present a legitimate travel document that verifies your nationality if you are a foreign national. This includes a current passport or visa from your nation.

There is something for everyone in this stunning hill station of India that it has to offer its visitors, regardless of whether you are an adrenaline junkie, nature lover, or foody. Isn't this location truly bliss on Earth? So how can you possibly afford to leave Kashmir off your list of must-see destinations? Plan the trip of your dreams with us and experience nature up close by booking any of our Kashmir tour packages from Bangalore with airfare. Our packages ensure that you get the most out of Kashmir. So that finally when you go home, you get to carry a little bit of Kashmir in your heart.

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