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Do you wonder what’s so special about Kashmir that everybody falls in love with this place? Well, to be honest, there are various reasons to point out. The countless songs shot in the location and the various videos on social media made Kashmir more popular than ever. For many, this tourist spot holds memories of love whereas families recall the family time spent. Kashmir is the true definition of nature’s beauty and is a must-visit place once in a lifetime. Times are gone, when you need to think a lot about how to travel, what to do, where to visit, etc. during planning a Kashmir trip. 

Kashmir is a sheer treat for any traveller who needs a comfortable journey and that can be only availed by choosing an excellent Kashmir tour package from Pune by flight. Also, you need to plan the itinerary, know about the places, distance, transport, and many more. We are going to cover every single detail of the Kashmir to Pune trip. 

Go2Ladakh Kashmir tour packages from Pune with airfare are designed for every tourist's convenience. Don’t wait. Grab discounts and deals by booking your package in advance. 


Pune to Kashmir Distance: Approx. 1708 km 

Pune to Kashmir Airfare: The price of Pune to Kashmir air tickets depends on various factors such as season of booking, deals and discounts. However, we suggest you book the tickets online in advance to get great discounts and offers. The average cost of a Pune to Kashmir flight ticket is around INR 7,350 

Average Travel Time: Around 4-5 hours. 

Nearest Airport: Sheikh ul-Alam International airport in Srinagar which is 10 km from city centre. 

Best time of the year to visit Kashmir 

When should I plan my trip from Pune to Kashmir is one of the questions that strike our mind when planning holidays? Well, from March through October, Kashmir is at its prettiest. The flowers are in bloom and the alpine meadows are at their greenest. It can get a little hectic at these periods, though, as these are the busiest travel seasons. Spring, summer, and fall are all different seasons in Kashmir, and they last from March to October.

5 Best Hotels to Stay in Kashmir Near Airport 

A comfortable bed, clean property, amazing view, and delicious food will be the ideal place to enjoy your trip to Kashmir. This tourist spot has a wide range of hotels ranging from budget to luxury. Below, we are going to highlight the 5 hotels to stay in Kashmir near the airport suitable for a family vacation or a honeymoon. If you have paid for a Pune to Kashmir package by air, it will also include the hotel facility. Get ready to begin your amazing Kashmir holidays. 

1. Regenta Central

This hotel gives you a nice stay for the Kashmir holidays. It is surrounded by magnificent lakes, picturesque valleys, and majestic Himalayan peaks. The hotel includes many opulent rooms with fashionable décor that have been designed to meet the needs of modern visitors. The hotel also has a fitness centre with the newest, most opulent equipment for individuals who want to stay in shape while on vacation. If you are hungry after a long journey, stop by our all-day dining establishment for a delectable lunch and utilise the free Wi-Fi for several chores. 

  • Distance from the airport: Approx. 10 km. 
  • Star Category: 4-star
  • Price per night: Around INR 9,500
  • Location: Rajbagh, Srinagar

2. Hotel Himalayan Resort

This hotel takes 15 to 20 mins from a cab or taxi to reach the airport. With 4.2 ratings, the hotel offers first-rate leisure activities, opulent lodging options, and excellent dining choices. Luxurious lodgings provide privileged amenities and every modern comfort for business travellers. The rooms are all spacious and well furnished, providing great value for money in the middle of the city. The Hotel Himalayan Resort is the ideal place to admire the beauty of Kashmir with stunning views. 

  • Distance from the airport: Approx. 20 km
  • Star Category: 3-Star
  • Price per night: Around INR 2,800
  • Location: Pahloo, Brein Nishat, Srinagar

3. Hotel JH Bazaz

This location in Kashmir is a 12-15 mins drive from Srinagar airport. This place is a nice stay location for the Kashmir holidays. The hotel J. H. Baz is a home, not just a hotel. It offers a lush garden, welcoming lodgings with luxurious baths, and unique meals provided with top-notch service. The crew is pleasant and puts you at ease. You get the idea that Kashmir is a true paradise thanks to the location at the Kashmir stay, which offers perfection that is simply out of this world.

  • Distance from the airport: Approx. 12 km
  • Star Category:  4-Star
  • Price Per Night: Around INR 2000 
  • Location: 1st Lane Boulevard Buchwara Dalgate Srinagar Kashmir

4. Four Points by Sheraton

This luxurious hotel with an elegant interior will give the feel of a palace. This Marriott with 4.2 ratings is one of the top hotels in Kashmir for honeymoon and holiday stays. The hotel is conveniently located near Srinagar's well-known and stunning attractions, including Dal Lake, Tulip Garden, Shankaracharya Hill, and prominent markets like Lal Chowk, Floating Market, Kashmiri Government Arts Emporium, and Nehru Park Market. Your stay at our hotel will be exceptional because of first-rate amenities.

  • Distance from the airport: Approx. 13 km. 
  • Star Category: 3-Star
  • Price Per Night: Around INR 19,000 
  • Location: Badami Bagh Cantonment, Sonwar Bagh, Srinagar

5. Khilona Heritage Houseboats

One of the finest and most sumptuous hotel alternatives in Kashmir is the Khilona Group of Houseboats. When visitors arrive in Kashmir Valley, the first thing that springs to mind is the legendary "House Boats," which they view as an exclusive lodging option that is only possible here. It has 4.7 ratings, and many travellers and tourists favour houseboats over hotels. Also, houseboat vacations in Kashmir are the most romantic. 

  • Distance from the airport: Approx. 16.7 km. 
  • Star Category: 3-Star
  • Price Per Night: Around INR 4500
  • Location:  Nigeen Lake, Opposite Ghat no 1 Srinagar

 5 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir 

The beauty of Kashmir is something hard to describe. You are misinformed if, like everyone else, you believe Kashmir is just known for its spectacular scenery. Go2Ladakh Kashmir tour packages from Pune with flight create a comprehensive itinerary for you for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Knowing the best locations to travel to in Kashmir, you can now take full advantage of various spectacular tourist spots.

1. Sonmarg

The area is well-known because of the golden meadow. Sonmarg, an Indian word, means gold. The hill station is surrounded by a lot of mountains. You can take as many treks as you would like here to view Kashmir's beautiful sights. The location is widely recognized for its stunning vistas and has a very calm vibe.

2. Gulmarg 

It is the Switzerland of India. Most likely, this is where you'll find the most snow, not even in Switzerland. The area is covered in ice during the winter. In April, though, the region is completely covered in vibrant blooms. It has earned the nickname "flower meadow" as a result.

3. Kupwara 

It is yet another breathtaking valley in Kashmir. The state capital of Srinagar is around 90 km away. To go to Kupwara, you can take a taxi or a bus. Buses only run at predetermined hours and are incredibly infrequent. Around here, there are a lot of trees and tall summits. 

4. Pahalgam

Due to its meadows, woodlands, and natural surroundings, Pahalgam, which is located in the Anantnag area, is a visual delight. Pahalgam is the ideal site for such a journey because it is close to the key tourist destinations in Kashmir, including Aru Valley, Betab Valley, and Baisaran.

5. Baramulla

Baramulla is a city located in Kashmir with two of famous tourist attractions that make a trip worthwhile are Shiva Temple and Apharwat Peak. It is also popular among tourists for spots like gurudwaras, temples, monasteries, and shrines. Gulmarg, which is in the region and is 2,730 metres above sea level, is a mandatory stop for visitors.

Things to do in Kashmir- Top 5 Activities

Choose from the numerous beautiful and interesting adventures Kashmir has to offer. To make the most of your trip, check out this list of activities to do and see in Kashmir. Also, if you have booked a Kashmir package from Pune including airfare, the list of adventures is included. 

1. Riding the Gondola cable car 

It is one of Kashmir's exhilarating and fun activities for tourists of all ages. Travellers select the cable car to get the best views of the snow-covered Alps. Riding in a gondola is one of the best opportunities to try something new in life while in Kashmir.

2. Skiing

If you appreciate an incredible rush of adrenaline and adventure sports, skiing in Jammu & Kashmir is a must-do. Skiing on the snow-covered Himalayan ranges and slopes is the main attraction for thrill-seekers.

3. Shopping

Native Kashmiris are widely known for their textiles and handicrafts. Include carpets and shawls from Kashmir in your shopping list. The state is also well-known for its dry fruits, Kashmiri silk, copper, and silverware. Both ancient and modern business hubs can be found in the state.

4. Shikara Ride

Your journey to Jammu and Kashmir won't be complete without taking a Shikara ride on the Dal and Nagin lakes. On one of these relaxing boat rides, you may unwind while seeing the colourful houseboats that line the lakes' edges. The rides are offered every day of the week from 6 am to 5 pm and cost between 150 and 250 INR per person.

5. Mountain Biking

Adventure seekers from around the world are terrified of Kashmir's mountain biking. Mountain riding also requires sturdy mountain bikes with an unbreakable frame and fork. You need to have the necessary gear in addition to your active mountain bike because it also poses a sizable challenge and source of enjoyment.

Why Book Kashmir Tour Packages From Go2Ladakh?

Because your safety is the priority: 

We are aware of the threats nearby and the circumstances in a certain location. Our travel packages are useful in terms of security. Since we want you to feel safe while you are on your excursion, Go2Ladakh aims to make your vacation enjoyable and hassle-free.

Best Service with complete tour: 

Our trip packages provide the best services. You can enjoy almost all the hotel's amenities without paying extra charges. Also, most of our holiday packages include in-depth tours of the region's top attractions.

Budget-friendly deals: 

The greatest and finest benefit of Go2Ladakh trip packages is the money they save. When compared to booking the same trip separately, buying a tour package would result in a significantly lower overall cost.

Tips For Planning Kashmir Tour package with Flight

  • Pre-book your flights for Pune to Kashmir holidays. You can also book Go2Ladakh Kashmir packages from Pune with airfare in advance for exciting deals and offers.
  • Arrive at the very least a couple of hours before takeoff to eliminate any possibility of missing the flight.
  • Respect all rules governing the use of masks and important documents at the airport. Also, you need to show a valid travel document that proves your citizenship. 
  • If you're a foreigner, taking a current copy of your passport or visa is also required.

When talking about must-visit places in India, the name of Kashmir can’t be missed at any cost. In addition, it is one of the most magical locations in India and the tourist will be awestruck seeing the spectacular sightseeing location. All-in-all, this is one of the most popular places to visit in India and is a must to visit to admire something very beautiful nature has gifted us. For a comfortable and stress-free journey, do not forget to check out Kashmir tour packages from Pune with airfare. The best deal to travel Kashmir with everything planned and the best service at an affordable cost.

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