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This is a holiday destination that will make you fall in love at first sight. It is encircled by the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges and adorned with dense forests, beautiful meadows, lush valleys, and magnificent temples. Kashmir offers unique travel opportunities, such as a houseboat stay or a Shikara ride on Dal and Nigeen Lake. Nothing compares to Kashmir's natural splendour, and you must see it yourself to believe it. So, prepare to discover every square inch of Kashmir with our modestly priced Kashmir packages with flights

Arrange the ideal trip to Kashmir with Go2Ladakh and have a wonderful experience. You can stroll through the beautiful valleys of the vibrant Himalayan markets, try Kashmiri cuisine, buy souvenirs, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your preferred Kashmir tour package with flight from our wide range of packages and enjoy Kashmir's verdant valleys to the fullest. 

Best Time To Visit Kashmir 

Any time of year is a good opportunity to visit Kashmir. Each season has its allure because it offers a distinct adventure every time. Here is a brief overview of each season so that you can decide when you want to plan your Kashmir trip and book from our variety of Kashmir holiday packages with airfare: -

  •  SUMMERS SEASON ( March to June)

The maximum temperature is between 30°C and 31°C. Therefore the mornings are warm making it the best time for sightseeing and long walks.  Kashmir seems gorgeous during the summer months, primarily because the valley's snowpack has melted, creating a perfect panorama. 

  • MONSOON SEASON (July to September )

There is a 15°C minimum and 30°C maximum temperature range. Although Kashmir's monsoon season is regarded as an off-season, you can still indulge in the apple picking activities this time of year which starts in August and ends in September. You can also find some great offers on lodgings with our Kashmir tour packages with airfare.

  • AUTUMN SEASON (October)

Kashmir's famous Chinar trees turn a variety of colours of gold at this time of year. The temperature lies between 9 °C and 20 °C. Visit Kashmir by booking our Kashmir packages with flights, as Srinagar and its neighbouring locations, including Dachigam, are breathtakingly beautiful during this season.

  • WINTERS ( November to February)

For those who wish to enjoy a real-life version of a winter wonderland, this is the ideal time of year. Wintertime temperatures can be as low as 0°C or below and as high as 12°C. It is the perfect season for cable car excursions and winter sports such as ice skating, snowboarding, ice hockey, etc.

5 Best Hotels To Stay In Kashmir Near Airport

  • Hotel Zoon Dabb

Hotel Zoon Dabb Srinagar Airport in Kashmir is 4 kilometres from the Srinagar Airport and offers lodging for free private parking, a restaurant, a communal lounge, and a garden. This facility offers family rooms as well as a playground for kids for its visitors. A 24-hour reception desk, airport shuttles, room service, and free WiFi are all provided by the lodging. Cycling is very common in the neighbourhood, and the hotel also offers automobile rental. Book our Kashmir packages with flights today and get the best deals and offers for rooms here.

  • Clarks inn

A garden and breathtaking city views can be enjoyed at Clarks Inn Srinagar. This property's amenities include a restaurant, a front desk open around-the-clock, room service, and free WiFi all around the place. The hotel has an ATM and facilities for entertainment. A continental breakfast is available to guests of the hotel. It is 11 kilometres from Srinagar International Airport, so it provides a chargeable airport shuttle service.

  • The Chinar

The Chinar provides lodging with a restaurant, free on-site parking, a common area, and a garden.  Rooms at this 4-star hotel offer a view of the pool, and guests also have access to features loaded hot tubs. The hotel offers its visitors a 24-hour information desk, room service, and currency exchange. A scrumptious continental or a buffet breakfast is also available to guests of the hotel. Additionally, visitors can use the business centre and on-site food bar. The Srinagar airport is 10kms away from the hotel and to get the best deals on flights and the hotel book our cheap Kashmir packages with airfare 

  • Hotel Sparrow

The Sparrow Hotel and Resorts is situated in a magnificent area with panoramic mountain views, clean mountain air, and lovely gardens, making it the perfect retreat. The best part of their resort is that it is only 7 km from the Srinagar Airport. You can escape the bustle and sit on the lawn and enjoy the breathtaking view of Pahalgam's mountains and valleys. Free parking, free WiFi, and a restaurant with a wide selection of foods are also offered by the hotel.

  • Radisson Srinagar

The Radisson Srinagar is a luxurious hotel offering fantastic experiences to business and vacationing travellers from all over the world which you can book at the best prices with our Kashmir tour packages with airfare. It is situated in a convenient and secure location, close to the Srinagar International Airport. Nearby amenities also include tourist attractions, charming old parts of town, shopping streets, golf courses, etc.

 Best Places To Visit In Kashmir

There are no adequate words to capture Kashmir's serene aura. This wonderland welcomes travellers with snow-capped glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, vast grasslands, and breathtaking orchards. So what are you waiting for? It is now your turn to explore this "Paradise on Earth." To help you give an idea of what kind of places we include in our Kashmir packages with flights, we've put up a list of the top 5 tourist attractions in Kashmir.

  • Aru Valley

Aru Valley is an exotic and verdant valley in Kashmir that contrasts with the snow-capped Himalayan hills. It serves as a base camp for treks to the Tarsar-Marsar Lake and the Kolahoi Glacier. The town of Aru, which is well-known for its picturesque meadows, is situated next to the Aru river and is a constant on our Kashmir tour packages with airfare.

  1. Distance from airport: Approx. 104 km
  2. Transportation Option: One can easily rent a cab to get to Aru Valley, which is only about 12 kilometres from Pahalgam. From the Pahalgam taxi stand, the cabs are conveniently accessible. You can explore Aru on foot or opt for a pony ride.
  3. What’s Special: Trout fishing, horse riding, winter sports, trekking, and hiking
  4. Timing: For Sightseeing (July to September) and For Skiing (December to February)
  5. Major attractions: Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, which has vibrant flora and picturesque splendour, with a minimal entry fee of INR 25.
  • Betaab Valley 

One of Kashmir's most well-known and best tourist destinations in our Kashmir packages with flights in Pahalgam is Betaab Valley, which boasts a beautiful combination of picturesque settings surrounded by tall deodar trees and pine woods and the Lidder river flows directly through the valley.

  1. Distance from airport: Approx. 96 km
  2. Transportation Option: Walking from Pahalgam to the Betaab Valley is possible. You can board a bus from the JKSRTC headed toward Pahalgam if you're visiting the valley from Srinagar.
  3. What’s special: trekking, sightseeing, camping, picnic, visiting Bobby Hut-the place where the movie Bobby was shot. 
  4. Timing: Ideal time to visit is October to June
  5. Major Attractions: An Amusement park; Baisaran and Tulian Lake. 
  • Gurez Valley 

Gurez Valley, a hidden treasure in Kashmir that can be explored with our Kashmir packages with flight, is situated in the high Himalayas. Gurez Valley is surrounded by imposing mountains and is home to a wide range of flora and wildlife. 

  1. Distance from airport: Approx. 132 km
  2. Transportation options: Cab from the airport; a Helicopter ride from Srinagar
  3. What’s special: River rafting, Trout Fishing, Riverside Camping, and the 3-day Gurez Festival, which takes place in July or August and organises performances of regional dances, folk songs, and outdoor activities.
  4. Timing: The best time to visit is from May to October
  5. Major Attractions: Harmukh, Tulail Valley, Dawar, Razdan Pass, Habba Khatoon, and The Kishanganga River
  • Tulail Valley 

Tulail Valley is located in the northeastern part of Kashmir. It is a beautiful valley with snow-capped mountains. The area is popular for its natural beauty, fresh air and clean water. The valley has a lake which is surrounded by pine forests.

  1. Distance from airport: Approx. 173
  2.  Transportation Option: You can book a taxi or board a bus from Srinagar to Tulail Valley.
  3. What’s special: Spine chilling cliffs, scenic views, and fishing practices are what make Tulail Valley worth visiting.
  4.  Timing: Mid-May to Mid-September.
  5.  Major Attractions: Gangabal, Gadsar Lake, Vishansar Lake, Satsar Lake, etc. 
  • Warwan Valley

Warwan Valley is located in Kashmir. It is a beautiful valley with a green slope of the mountains. There are many waterfalls in this valley. The weather in this place is very pleasant and you can enjoy the beauty of nature here.

  1. Distance from airport: Sheikh ul Alam Airport - 161.4 km. 
  2. Transportation Option: You can book a cab from Srinagar to Panikhar i.e where Warwan Valley starts. It is located at a distance of 155 km from Srinagar. 
  3. What’s special: Provides unique tastes to the trekkers, and offers glimpses of Ladakh from one side and beautiful valleys from the other.
  4. Timing: Mid-July to Mid-August.
  5. Major Attractions: The river delta basin of Denora, Grasslands between Humpet and Kaintal, The Alpine Lakes, etc.

5 Best Things To Do In Kashmir

Kashmir has a lot to offer to everyone. From discovering skiing experiences to getting enthralled into shikara rides to trying delicious Kashmiri cuisines. Here are a few more best things to do that you must include on your bucket list while you are on a trip to Kashmir. 

Trekking Experience

The valley is dotted with numerous trekking trails like the Great Lakes Tour of Kashmir, the Tarsar Marsar Trek, the Trek of Narang Mahlish, and Kolahoi Glacier Trek, which are great for nature lovers who want to explore the beauty of the valley. Enjoy the scenic views as you hike through valleys and enjoy the fresh air. You can go on a long trek or a short one, depending on your preference. Check out Kashmir holiday packages with airfare to enjoy trekking in Kashmir.

Soak In Nature’s Beauty Of Sonmarg, Yusmarg, and Pahalgam

Sonmarg is a popular destination for trekkers who want to spend a few days soaking in nature’s beauty. The area offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers, as well as plenty of hiking opportunities. You can also enjoy walks along river banks or through forests filled with wildflowers during springtime.  

Yusmarg appeals to those looking for a more active adventure. This lush valley offers plenty of hiking opportunities, as well as camping trips into the surrounding hills. 

Pahalgam on the other hand is for those wanting to experience nature at its most serene. This region includes numerous waterfalls and lakes where you can swim or take boat rides along the Jhelum River.

 Witness The Valley Of Milk: Doodhpathri

The valley of Doodhpathri is a place where you will see the beauty of nature. It is located in south Kashmir and is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Kashmir. This place has been a popular tourist destination for centuries now, but its popularity is increasing day by day. The main attraction of this place is that it has two lakes which are surrounded by high mountains and snow-covered peaks. 

Shikara Ride on Dal Lake

Explore Dal Lake's pristine waters on a thrilling Shikara ride. Sit back and soak in the grandeur of the far-off mountains as the boatman takes you across the lake. It's just you and the cool water as your hand trails across the lake's surface and the faint sound of the boatman's oar breaking through the surface. Enjoy a relaxing stay at one of the houseboats by the lake, pick up some colourful souvenirs or flowers from the floating market, and bask in the beauty of nature as it surrounds you with water and happy hues.

 Skiing and Gondola Ride In Gulmarg

The third-highest ski resort in the world, Gulmarg, is renowned for its fluffy snow, which makes it ideal for skiing at various times of the year. Gulmarg provides top-notch training facilities to visitors before they head out to explore the icy slopes, making it ideal for amateur, professional, and beginner skiers alike. After engaging in the thrilling sport of skiing, you could also take a Gondola ride in Gulmarg, which provides unrivalled views of the Kashmir Valley and its tranquil lakes, and beautiful meadows. Explore through the Srinagar tour package with airfare to get enthralled in various adventure activities.

Why Book Kashmir Tour Packages From Go2Ladakh

  •  We are Local Tour Operators with more than a Decade of Experience - We have a team of experts who are well trained and experienced. Henceforth, we provide you with the best possible experience during your stay in Kashmir.
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Tips For Planning Kashmir Tour Package With Flight

  • Do Booking at least one month in advance to enjoy discounts on flight tickets - Another key point to remember is to book in advance. The booking period should be at least one month before your departure date. If you want to get a good deal on the airfare, then it would be wise to book your tickets as early as possible so that you can enjoy some discounts on them.
  • Carry any of your government-issued ID proofs - Carriage of any government-issued ID proof is mandatory for all passengers. You can carry your voter ID card, PAN card or any other document issued by the Government of India. However, if you are a foreign national, then you will have to produce a valid travel document that proves your nationality.  For instance, a valid visa or passport from your country.
  • Do not forget to carry your boarding pass to the airport - You should carry your boarding pass with you so that you do not miss any flight and get stuck at the airport. While going on a trip it is always recommended that you book everything in advance because it will save much of your time, energy and money too! 
  • Reach the airport 2 hours before your flight timings - Make sure that you reach the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure time. If you are travelling by air, it is best to arrive early so that you can enjoy some time at the airport and make full use of its facilities. Consequently, you will have enough time to get through immigration and check-in procedures.

To sum up, Kashmir’s beauty and its charm will attract you more and more as you walk in its streets. It's a perfect blend of natural beauty, adventure activities and flavours of a great cultural heritage which makes the holidaymakers visit time and again. Moreover, its breathtaking views have been featured in many top travel journals and magazines internationally. Above all, Kashmir has something special for everyone who comes to visit this place. Don’t wait much. Book your Kashmir tour package with flight with Go2Ladakh and enjoy nature, walk-in mountains; visit different historic places and temples and a lot more.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your cheap Kashmir packages with airfare from Go2ladakh right now! 

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