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Vacationing amidst hills and serenity is definitely going to soothe your mind, body, and soul. But, what is so special in Ladakh that makes it stand apart from other hill stations and snowy regions?? Trust this amazing Ladakh Travel Guide for planning your next heavenly vacation in Leh Ladakh.

Ladakh is a true amalgamation of rich heritage and nature?s paradise. You will get dew-fresh mountains as jewelled with snow as beauty of a newly wed bride. At the same time, watch ancient Monasteries speaking the historical tale of culture and heritage of Ladakh.

1. The Ladakhi Culture

Refer to the best Ladakh Tour Guide and it would tell you about the Ladakhi culture which boasts of vivid shades of the ancient culture of Buddhists and Tibet. The reason for the same is that a majority of folks migrated from Tibet to Ladakh and Buddhism is the main religion followed here. An Indo Aryan race called Dards forms the majority of the population which are quite akin to Tibetan race.

You could spot a large number of Buddhist Monasteries and Gompas across the geography of Leh Ladakh. It depicts the ancient tale of history and culture of Buddhism very clearly. Apart from the scenic glory of Ladakh in the form of snow-capped mountains, amazingly clear and cascading rivers and a fresh and pure allure of cobalt blue sky, you would love to explore every bit of the culture and lifestyle of Ladakh.

Ladakhi folks have a deep welcoming heart for tourists and travelers. Women folks enjoy special liberty in the region. They take their active participation in social functions and gatherings like childbirth and marriages.

2. Most Impressive Ancient Heritage

Ladakh is the abode of most impressive ancient heritage, especially related to Buddhism. If you scan the places to visit in Ladakh, you would find an endless list of ancient heritage spots. Hemis Gompa, Spituk Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Shey Gompa and Palace, Phyang Monastery and Thikse Monastery are just to name a few of ancient heritages found in Leh Ladakh.

The picturesque and lively charm of the Mural painting of Hemis Monastery is bound to captivate your eyes and soul. If you take out time to visit the old town of Leh, you would be spellbound by the architectural heritage of the town. A walk through the heritage lane of Ladakh is incomplete without witnessing local dances and festivals. Jabro dance and Cham dance are truly a mesmerizing feast to your eyes.

Invest some time during your tour for witnessing and participating in local festivals like Hemis festival, Losar festival, Sindhu darshan, and Dosmoche festival. The celebration of these festivals mirrors the beauty of heritage of Ladakh in true sense.

3. Most Varied and spectacular natural wonders

Talk about Ladakh Tourist Places, and you would get a captivating list of places across the region. When you are in Ladakh, be prepared to get spectacular sites of natural wonders. Pangong lake is one of them which serves its magical charm to the tourists in the most captivating way. The lake changes its color so magically and when viewed under serene blue beauty of sky leaves viewers truly awe-inspired.

Nubra valley is a 150 km long valley full of breathtaking sights of the natural panorama. The valley is dotted with Monasteries, sand dunes, and sparklingly clear flowing rivers.

Tso Moriri is the largest high altitude lake located in the Trans Himalayan region. The best attraction of this lake is 400-year-old Korzok Monastery which is a must-see for tourists visiting the area as they feel a real connection with the ancient heritage of Ladakh by doing so.

Magnetic hills or gravity hill is another feast for the tourists. This hill creates real wonder as you could feel some upward force on your vehicles along the slope of the hill. Science explains that there exists a magnetic field which creates such force and vehicles are pulled upward.

4. Ladakhi Food

Ladakh Tour Package is quite incomplete without diving into the lively yet simple cuisine of Ladakh. As you step into the territory of Ladakh, you will be tempted to taste the sumptuous delicacies over here. Ladakhi kitchen is heavily soaked in the age-old traditions and customs of cooking.

Some of the traditional food of Ladakh are Chutagi(Dumpling Soup), Skew(another dumpling soup, Paba(roasted barley with little oil and sugar), Gur Gur Cha(butter tea), Momo, and Thukpa. Most of the Ladakhi food is loaded with taste as well as nutrition.

Enough of Ladakhi menu, Wait! As it is an international tourist destination, thus it can?t be limited to local cuisine only. Wander through the local markets and you would find a variety of restaurants offering other cuisines like Chinese, Italian, and various Indian cuisines to satiate your taste buds. Indulge into the desi delights of Ladakh or binge on to various international flavors.

5. Adventure in Ladakh( Rafting, Cycling, Motor Biking)

Ladakh is a tourist place which is quite synonymous with adventure and thrill activities. If you too are an adventure-freak, fun-loving and thrill-chasing at heart, Ladakh is a destination truly meant to feed your mind and soul.

Ladakh Bike Trip is a source of immense adventure and fun. You will enjoy your ride while talking silently with the different colors of nature. You could also do River Rafting, cycling and Motor Biking for a completely thrilling experience of your trip to Ladakh. Motor Biking through the snow white sheets of snow and trekking in Ladakh across the mountains would leave you awe-inspired and fun-laden.

At the same time, you could experience the thrill of River Rafting through the transparent flow of water across the rivers. The cool and fresh hustling sound of water acts as a true tranquilizer for your mind and body. When you plan your trip with Ladakh Tour Guide, these fun-filled activities are truly secured with high levels of safety.

6. Monasteries and Festival in Ladakh

Ladakh is a land of monks and monasteries. The festivals celebrated in Ladakh are so vivid and lively that it would enchant the soul and feed the eyes of travelers very richly. Some of the grand festivals of Ladakh are Losar festival, Sindhu Darshan, Hemis Tsechu, Ladakh festival, and Tak Tok festival.

Losar festival is a festival meant for welcoming new year whereas Sindhu Darshan is a sheer celebration of the existence of Indus civilization. Hemis Tsechu is a cultural extravaganza to richly feed and nourish your soul.

Monasteries of Ladakh are an awesome blend of Tibetan and Buddhist culture. You could feel the pious fumes of Buddhism when you visit these Monasteries. Some of them are Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Diskit Monastery, Spituk Monastery, and Matho Monastery.

Hemis is the largest of them and is also considered wealthiest Monasteries in Leh. It has a copper statue of Buddha and is dotted with amazing paintings and descriptions of Buddhism and its culture. Thiksey Monastery is a 12 story building which is home to more than 500 monks. You could spot some of the precious Buddhist books, journals, scripts, swords and stupas which acts as a refreshing window to the culture of Ladakh.

7. Easily Accessible: Direct flights from Mumbai, Delhi, and Srinagar

Leh Ladakh becomes one of the favorite destinations of tourists from all parts of India because of its better and easy connectivity with some of the big cities of the country like Mumbai, Delhi, and Srinagar. Although there are several ways by which you can reach Leh Ladakh like through bus route and train route. Some of the adventure loving freaks even go by bikes or taxis.

But, the easiest and fastest way to travel to Ladakh is by air. However, if you want to sniff through the natural panorama of hills and valleys, choose the road route and go for a bike trip to Ladakh. But, those who are time conscious and safety concerned must choose the airway for reaching the miraculous high altitude desert, Ladakh.

If you want a break from the hustle bustle of your city life, plan your trip to Ladakh with Ladakh Travel Guide, the land of monks and monasteries. The exotic panorama of hills and valleys would leave your soul rejuvenated, revitalized and refreshed. Soak your soul in the pious chants of hymns and mantras of monasteries to gain that inner bliss. Pack your bags for the heavenly getaway, Ladakh!

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