Leh Ladakh Bike Trip from Chandigarh

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Grace your bucket list of adventures by embarking on a Chandigarh to Ladakh bike trip. The 735 kilometres (approx.) journey from Chandigarh to Leh-Manali Highway will take you through shimmering rivers, snow-capped Himalayas, emerald valleys, and high altitude mountain passes. If you are ready to explore Pangong Tso Lake's natural splendour, Nubra Valley, book your Chandigarh to Leh bike trip package at Go2Ladakh. There are numerous hairpin bands from Chandigarh to Ladakh as you pass through Manali towards Leh. Travel confidently in summers or monsoons with our experienced and professional guides on an average elevation of 12,500 ft (approx.). This is your chance to explore wide-open spaces and feel the Himalayas air on two wheels. We have got you covered with transportation, meals, sightseeing, guide, activities, and accommodation. See the best of the land of high passes on a bike with a Go2Ladakh. Just tell us when you are expecting to bask in the enchanting land tucked in the Himalayas. We will be here to show you the Leh offbeat and mainstream destinations on bikes like Darcha, Sarchu, Gata Loop, Lachung La, Upshi, and Karu.

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What makes our Ladakh bike trip from Chandigarh packages unique is that we welcome solo travellers in our fixed departures tour to Leh from Chandigarh. Go2Ladakh has fixed departure dates where dozens of solo travellers come together like a community. Even if you are a female, your safety throughout the trip would be the utmost priority at Go2Ladakh. If required, you can ask for the package customization option as it is available for a group of 6 to 8 people. You can feel confident that Go2Ladakh will make your trip to Ladakh via bike from Chandigarh an experience to cherish forever. We have a few packages where we have advanced inclusions like airport pickup/drop to and from Chandigarh. Renting a bike within Leh is possible with our Chandigarh to Ladakh bike trip packages. Speak to our expert trip expert to drive through some of Chandigarh's most mesmerizing landscapes on Manali Leh Highway

Highlights of Leh Ladakh Bike trip from Chandigarh

Chandigarh to Ladakh distance by bike- Approx. 737 km 

Chandigarh to Ladakh bike trip cost- The cost of a bike trip from Chandigarh to Ladakh depends on the type of tour you want to take. Whether it is a group tour or a customized bike tour.  

Chandigarh to Ladakh by road on bike best route-  There are two routes for Leh Ladakh bike trip from Chandigarh- Chandigarh-Srinagar-Ladakh and Chandigarh-Manali-Ladakh 

Places to Visit in Ladakh from Chandigarh

Chandigarh to Ladakh by bike is the best way to explore all the beautiful places and indulge in a number of other activities. There are so many places that it gets tough to decide which one to add to the itinerary. But here we make it easier for you by listing some of the must-visit places in Ladakh that shouldn’t be missed out on your bike trip.  

  1. Pangong Tso

Words can’t justify the beauty of the place and when it is about a Chandigarh to Ladakh bike trip, you should surely visit the place. Located at an altitude of 4,225 metres above sea level, Pangong Tso is the highest saltwater lake in the world and its colour changes at different hours of the day. The crystal clear water in contrast to the deserted mountains seems to be perfect for spending hours here in contemplation. Whether it’s a day trip or want to stay in camp under starry night, you will get an amazing experience here

  1. Dha-Hanu 

Renowned as the ‘Land of Aryans', Dha and Hanu are the two villages of Drokpa and Brokpa communities in Ladakh. The tribes are quite hospitable people and are said to be the only living descendants of the original Aryan (Indo European) race. If you are someone who is interested in cultural diversity, Dha and Hanu villages are the places that you should overlook. As you take a stroll in the villages you will get to see their distinct ornaments and headgears

  1. Turtuk Village 

Yet another best place to visit on the Leh Ladakh bike trip from Chandigarh, Turtuk Village is no less than a paradise for bikers. Making your way through the treacherous roads with the stunning mountains as the backdrop, this place gets you out of the maddening crowd and brings you closer to nature. The village is a beautiful blend of a Muslim village, in a Buddhist realm. Come here to get soaked in serenity. Don’t forget to try Balti cuisine here and taste the delicious locally grown apricots.  

  1. Nubra Valley 

Head to the celestial slice of Leh Ladakh to enjoy pure bliss.  The holy confluence of the Shyok and Nubra rivers poses an unmatched aquatic landscape. Head to Hunder village to witness the unique Bactrian (double-humped) camel and enjoy a ride on them. Taking a short detour from Hunder you reach Diskit village where you can witness the much-celebrated Diskit monastery under which sits the most Instagrammable 108 feet Maitreya Buddha Statue. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture some good shots

  1. Panamik Village 

To enjoy a dip in the hot water spring, head to Panamik Village which is in close proximity to Nubra Valley and 150 kilometres from Leh. The hot water spring here contains high amounts of sulfur and possesses a lot of medicinal properties that can cure skin diseases & rheumatism. Other than this, you can trek for 4 hours to reach the beautiful 250-year-old Ensa Monastery.  

  1. Magnetic Hill 

If you want to witness some magic on Chandigarh to Ladakh by bike trip, then Magnetic Hill is where you should definitely go. Also known as mystery hill, gravity road, mystery spot, or anti-gravity hill, Magnetic Hill is where you will witness science taking a backstep. The moment you park your bike at the base, you will see it drifting uphill on its own. Some call it an optical illusion, others call it a phenomenon that defies gravity

How to Reach Ladakh From Chandigarh

You can reach Ladakh by air and car/taxi and bike via two routes one from Srinagar and the other from Manali. You can either board a flight from Chandigarh to Leh and then either rent a bike to start your journey

If you choose to travel with us, you can take our group Chandigarh to Leh bike trip package wherein you start your journey from Chandigarh to Manali by bus and then you are provided with a bike in Manali. If you wish to start your bike journey from Chandigarh itself, do let us know so that we can help you with a customized tour package wherein bikes will be provided to you but at an additional cost.  The Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh distance by bike is approx 737 km and the route is:

Chandigarh > Bilaspur > Mandi > Bhuntar > Kullu > Naggar > Manali > Sissu > Tandi > Keylong > Darcha > Zing Zing Bar > Rumste > Karu > Leh 

Things to Carry on Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh bike trip

Once you have decided to embark on the adventure-filled Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh by bike, the next step is to pack all the important things that you would need on the bike trip. In this section, we will help you pack all the important things to carry. Let’s have a look at such things


Government-issued ID proofs like voter card, driving license, aadhaar card, and passport along with their photocopies are mandatory to carry when you are visiting Ladakh. Other than this, carry passport-size photographs, medical insurance (if any), your COVID 19 negative report done 72 hours before the trip and vaccination certificates

Light Woollen and Waterproof Clothes

Other than carrying your normal cotton t-shirt and trousers, make sure you carry light woollens and a waterproof jacket, trousers, shoes, gloves etc. Ladakh’s weather is unpredictable so it is important to carry light woollens and waterproof clothes even when travelling during the summer and monsoon season as the temperature drops at night

Food and Water 

On your bike trip to Ladakh from Chandigarh, it is always good to carry some quick eatables like protein chocolate bars, dry fruits, that you can have on your way when you take halts at the remote areas. Carry a bottle of water and You can also carry ORS and Electral Sachets. These quick bites will keep you going on your journey.     

First-Aid Box 

The medical facility in Ladakh is limited and you would only find it in Leh. So, it is important to carry a first-aid kit with medicines for common health issues like headache, stomach issues, fever, nausea, muscle cramp, cold & cough, etc

Miscellaneous Items

Apart from all the above things, there are some miscellaneous items that you must carry on your Ladakh bike tour from Chandigarh for a blissful experience. These items include:  

  • Hand Sanitizer 

  • Shaving Kit

  • Powerbank 

  • Rechargeable torchlight 

  • Sunglasses 

  • Sunscreen with SPF 50

  • Lip Balm Moisturizer 

  • Hat 

  • Toilet Paper Roll 

  • Paper Soap

  • Lip Balm

  • Tripod

Tips to Book Ladakh Bike Tour Packages from Chandigarh Online

Even though everything is now  Leh Ladakh bike trip packages from Srinagar. However, remember a few things for a hassle-free trip before booking a package. The things to keep in mind include

  1. Book your chandigarh to Leh Ladakh by bike much in advance to grab the most lucrative deals and discounts. Keep an eye on the tour operator’s website to check the updates on new offers or discounted prices

  2. Book a package only after thoroughly checking the rating and reviews of the reliable tour operator. Reviews from the clients will help you make the right and wise decision and be ensured about the quality of services you will be enjoying throughout the Ladakh bike tour from Chandigarh. 

  3. While choosing the Leh Ladakh bike tour packages from Chandigarh, don’t be in hurry rather be patient. Speak to the customer service executive and check with them about what inclusions and exclusions are there.

Safety Guidelines for Chandigarh to Leh Ladakh by road on a bike

At Go2Ladakh we take all the safety measures so that you don’t have to face any problems on your bike trip and enjoy a joyous journey. However, some problems come unannounced and are beyond our or your control. To stay safe in such times, we have listed below some tips that you should definitely follow on your bike ride from Chandigarh to Leh

  • Don’t compromise with wearing your safety guards like helmet, knee and elbow pads throughout the bike tour

  • It is important to stay in contact with the tour operator and your loved ones on your trip. And, prepaid connections don’t work in Ladakh. So, get yourself a postpaid BSNL or Airtel SIM card.  

  • As you will be travelling to a high altitude region there are high chances of getting hit by Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). So, ascend gradually and take the Diamox tablet 24 hours before entering the high altitude region. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water to keep yourself super hydrated. This will help you keep AMS at bay

  • Don’t rely solely on Google Maps. Because the connection gets lost, it might deviate you from the actual route. It is good to carry either a physical route map or take help from the locals

Why book Leh Ladakh Bike Tour Packages from Chandigarh With Us

  • We are Professional Bike Tour Operators 

We have been providing top-notch bike trips for over 10 years. We have local expertise in operating bike tours in Ladakh and other regions. We have never failed to earn the trust of our clients. Our experts meticulously design the bike tour packages that you can choose from or even get customized as per your preferences to get an experience unlike any other

  • We Operate with Premium Himalayan Bikes 

We don’t compromise on the quality of bikes and that’s we operate with Himlayan bikes only. Riding on the winding treacherous roads of Ladakh can be really challenging and to provide a smooth and comfortable experience we prefer Himalayan bikes over 500 CC. So, choose from our packages to ride the wheels on some of the highest mountain passes for hours

  • We Provide Premium Bike Gear and Accessories 

To ensure the safety of our guests, we provide premium bike riding gear and accessories like helmets, knee & elbow pads, jackets, gloves, etc. All the gears and accessories are of the highest quality and are an amalgamation of design, safety, features and experiences of the bikers that safeguards you throughout the bike expedition

  • We Prefer Deluxe Accommodations 

Long motorbike journeys can be exhausting and at the end of the day, you need a comfortable room and good ambience where you can be yourself. We understand this, and thus, we prefer to choose deluxe accommodation over guest houses because deluxe accommodations are abode by all the Covid-19 protocols and are safe and hygienic when compared to some of the guesthouses that hardly check the Covid-19 RT PCR negative report of their guests

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip from Chandigarh

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does the Leh Ladakh bike trip from Chandigarh cost?

Ans.The cost of a Ladakh bike trip from Chandigarh depends on the number of days in your itinerary, the category of the package- whether it is a group or customized bike tour.

Q2. What is the eligibility criterion to book a Ladakh bike trip from Chandigarh?

Ans. The person should be at least 25 years of age to book a Leh Ladakh bike trip from Chandigarh.

Q3. How many bikers can be there in a group on the bike trip to Leh Ladakh from Chandigarh?

Ans. There can be 6 to 15 bikers in a group on a bike ride from Chandigarh to Leh.

Q4. Which vital documents are required during the Chandigarh to Ladakh bike trip?

Ans. Carry government-issued photo IDs, a valid driving license, voter card, aadhaar card, passport along with the photocopies.

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