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The mountain-framed Ladakh sends a warm invite to vacationers all across the continents. Indians from different parts of the country flock frequently to their very own region of extremities. People from Ahmedabad are no exception. Taking the best Ladakh tour package from Ahmedabad, they are among the vacationers who love to visit this one of nature's favourite destinations in different seasons. Every season allows you to admire its myriad attractions that impart unique experiences. Splashed with stupas, luxuriant with meadows, lively with wildlife sanctuaries, and happening with lakes, valleys, and passes; Ladakh tells a story in each of its parts. 

At Go2Ladakh, your Ahmedabad to Ladakh tour package is meticulously laced by the expertise of the local trip planners. Fluttering prayer flags, prayer wheels releasing merit-making mantras, and the Greater Himalayan magic cast a spell on tourists. Raft through the Zanskar rapids, live the Arabian Nights at Nubra Valley, test your adventurous soul while biking on passes, and pamper your palate with simple yet wholesome meals.  Are you ready to reconnect with nature where piousness engulfs the environs? Visit Ladakh for a visually appealing and soul-stirring experience. Don’t worry about the budget. We can craft the cheapest Ladakh tour package from Ahmedabad for a precious holiday

Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh from Ahmedabad  

You can book an Ahmedabad to Leh Ladakh tour package any time of the year as per your convenience. Your vacation depends on the experience you want to have. If you want to enjoy the surreal beauty here, visit it in the summer or monsoon. Activities, sightseeing, and festivals present an aura worth soaking into. For the best of snowy delight all around, plan a trip in winter. 

For a better idea of every season in Ladakh, scroll down. 

Summer (March to June)

Plan your Leh Ladakh trip from Ahmedabad as summers in Ladakh are pleasant. The temperatures range from 5°C to 25°C. It makes the perfect season for sightseeing and enjoying adventurous activities. Book a Ladakh package from Ahmedabad in these months for a memorable holiday. 

Monsoon (July to September)

As Ladakh falls in a rain shadow region, it receives less or no rainfall, which makes monsoon another great season for a Ladakh tour from Ahmedabad. The temperature ranges from 10°C to 25°C during this season. Do pack waterproof gear like waterproof shoes and jackets to stay dry while visiting Ladakh in monsoon season.  

Winter (October to February) 

Ladakh transforms into a white beauty during winters. The entire landscape is blanketed with thick sheets of snow. During the winter months, the temperature ranges from -5°C to 10°C. Marvel at beautiful snow-scapes and enjoy winter activities such as Chadar Trek/Frozen Zanskar River Trek. Winter festivals add a riot of colours to the white landscape.  

How to Reach Ladakh from Ahmedabad

Ladakh is accessible from Ahmedabad by flight, train, cab/taxi, bus, and motorbike. You can choose your preferred mode of transport. As Ladakh and Ahmedabad are not directly connected, you have to change transport modes on the way. Consider, which of these modes are suitable for you while choosing a Leh Ladakh package from Ahmedabad -  

By Air:

Ladakh is connected to Ahmedabad via several flights. To reach Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, you have to take connecting flights from Ahmedabad. Among the main airports that connect Ahmedabad to Ladakh by air are Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, and Jaipur. You can board a flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi and catch a connecting flight from there to Leh

By Train:

As there is no railway station in Ladakh, there isn’t direct train connectivity with the rest of the country. Jammu is the nearest railway station to Ladakh. A direct train from Ahmedabad to Jammu (Adi Jat Express) runs on a daily basis. You can take this train to reach Jammu. Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata are among other major cities that are connected to Jammu Tawi Railway Station. From Jammu, you can board a JKSRTC bus or hire a cab to reach Ladakh.

By Road:

You can also enjoy your Ahmedabad to Ladakh package by road. Public transports (bus) or personal vehicles (car, taxi, and bike) are the options you can choose from for a memorable journey

Distance between Ahmedabad to Ladakh by road is 1,949 km (approx.)
Travel time from Ahmedabad to Ladakh is 35.6 hours (approx.)

However, travel time also depends on the route chosen and the number of halts you take en route

Go through the account below to have an idea about each –

Public Transport:  To reach Ladakh from Ahmedabad you have to change multiple transport modes as the two aren’t connected by direct buses. Reach Jammu Tawi by train first. From there, board a bus to Srinagar and then change another one to reach Leh.  

By Personal Vehicles: There are two routes to reach Ladakh - Srinagar and Manali. You can reach Ladakh by one route and return by another. To manifold the excitement of Leh Ladakh tours from Ahmedabad, you can take the route to Leh via Srinagar to reach and return from the Manali route

Route via Srinagar to Leh:  Srinagar > Sonmarg > Drass > Kargil > Mulbekh > Lamayuru > Saspol >  Leh 

Return Route from Manali to Leh: Manali > Rohtang > Gramphu > Keylong > Jispa > Darcha > Zingzingbar > Baralacha La > Bharatpur > Sarchu > Gata Loops > Lachulung La > Pang >  Tanglang La > Gya > Upshi > Karu > Leh

You can also take the route below to reach Ladakh:

Ahmedabad > Delhi > Chandigarh > Manali > Jispa > Pang > Leh

By Taxi: If you book one of the Ahmedabad to Leh tour packages to travel by taxi/cab, get your vehicle checked completely for a smooth and safe trip. Ladakh terrain is rocky and rough. Its routes are also not easy to travel through. So, get someone to drive on these routes who is adept at traversing such terrains

 By Bike: Bike trips to Ladakh are among the much-loved activities of ardent adventurers. Get the servicing of your motorbike done in the first place before driving it to Ladakh. It is not just about the destination but also about the journey. No wonder, every biker looks forward to such a trip at least once in their lifetime

You can go for bike tour Packages for Leh Ladakh from Ahmedabad for an experience to treasure. Ensure that you take enough rest on the way and sleep well at night. Never drive at night on your Ladakh bike trip. 

You can alternatively reach Delhi, Chandigarh, or Manali by flight or train. Thereafter, you can continue your biking trip to Ladakh on a rented bike

It is noteworthy that only commercial bikes are allowed in Ladakh. If you want to reach Ladakh by your own bike, make sure it is registered in your name.

Best Places to visit in Ladakh 

As you plan a trip to Leh Ladakh from Ahmedabad, you want to know about the best places in Ladakh to be added to your itinerary. Since this barren landscape is generously splashed by must-visit tourist attractions, you can pick those that best suit your interest. From lofty mountain passes to lovely meadows, from sand dunes to high-altitude lakes, and from monasteries to wildlife sanctuaries; Ladakh has a rich geographical variety to explore.

Here are some of the best places to see in Ladakh -

Nubra Valley:

Nubra Valley houses Diskit Monastery, which is famous for the tall statue of Maitreya Buddha. Its interiors are adorned with wall paintings and intricate frescoes. Dukhang – a prayer hall treats you to some peaceful moments. The valley, which is a deep-cut gorge created by the Shyok and Nubra (Siachen) rivers, however, enjoys the limelight because of its different reasons. On your Leh tour package from Ahmedabad, enjoy camping and ride the double-humped camels to get an Arabian Nights-like feeling. 

Zanskar Valley:

This valley beckons the brave at heart. It offers several activities to feed the adventure-loving souls. Zanskar is popular for its mountainous backdrop and landscape that is second to none of the regions of Ladakh. River rafting and camping are much-loved activities here. Above all, adrenaline-junkies visit the valley to enjoy the much–famous Chadar or Frozen River Trek from December to February. Padum to Darcha, Zanskar to Sham, and Padum to Pidmo are among other treks to enjoy here


Moonland-Lamayuru is among the best places to see with Leh Ladakh tour packages from Ahmedabad. The attraction stands 100 km (approx.) from Leh. Visit the 11th century Lamayuru Monastery here. Lamayuru is a small village that is known for its lunar landscape and is aptly addressed as Moonscape for tourists. Plan an overnight stay here and watch the starlit sky for an unprecedented experience. 

Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary 

Tucked at an elevation of nearly 4000-9000 feet, Changthang is an isolated wildlife sanctuary that commands your visit. Being perched at such a high altitude, it provides you a bird’s eye view of the surroundings. A wide variety of plants, flowers and animals are found at the sanctuary. It also houses Pangong Tso, Tso Kar, and Tso Moriri, which are among the highest lakes of Ladakh. Seek some tranquil times at Korzok Monastery here

Turtuk Village:

If you want to save on Leh Ladakh tour packages cost from Ahmedabad, this might be the place you should include in your trip. For a budget vacation and to save on your expenses, visit this village during the shoulder season (April, May, October, and November). People here are generous and add warmth to your trip with their hospitality.  Turtuk is an offbeat place that has Nubra on one side and Baltistan on the other. It is the last village on the Indo-Pak border. Apart from its scenic delights, indulge in its savouries. The place grows apricots and adds flavour to your trip as you enjoy it. Also, try the Balti cuisine here. 

Pangong Tso:

A Ladakh tour package from Ahmedabad is considered incomplete by keen vacationers without visiting the high-altitude saltwater lake - Pangong Tso. The site is ethereal and invites a surreal experience. The crystal clear waters of the lake reflect the towering mountains in the background. The sight of refreshing blue waters with barren mountains around and an aura of serenity wrap you here. You have to visit it to believe the beauty and experience that awaits you at this saltwater lake.  

Hemis Monastery:

One of the most sought-after monasteries of India, Hemis Monastery calls vacationers for a quick visit. Do add it to your Leh Ladakh trip from Ahmedabad. It is well-known for its annual mask festival. It is celebrated in the tenth month of the Tibetan calendar. The festival commemorates Guru Padmasambhava, who is believed to be the Gautam Buddha’s reincarnation. Take some time to enjoy this festival during your trip. It continues for two days. 

So, come and explore this little Tibetan corner tucked in the furthest reaches of India with Leh packages from Ahmedabad. Surrender yourself to the serenity spread all over in these ethereal expanses. Indulge in the beauty and experiences it brings you. When you return home after enjoying your vacation here, you won’t be alone. A piece of this magical land will lovingly travel with you and you would want to come back time and again. Don’t wait anymore. Book a Ladakh tour package from Ahmedabad to partake in the enchanting environs of Ladakh.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to plan a Leh Ladakh tour from Ahmedabad?

Ans.The first step to planning a Ladakh tour from Ahmedabad is to select the number of days to spend there. Set your budget. Also, decide the mode of transport you will be taking to travel to Ladakh from Ahmedabad. You can take flights to reach Chandigarh and Delhi and board a connecting flight to Leh. Alternatively, you can travel by train to Jammu and take a bus/cab/taxi to reach Ladakh. You can also go for a road trip to Ladakh from Ahmedabad. For a hassle-free trip, count on us at Go2Ladakh. We create customised packages for a trip just as you want.

Q2. What should one buy on a Ladakh trip from Ahmedabad?

Ans. Ladakhi carpets and rugs, Tibetan handicrafts & wares, pashmina shawls and woollens, apricots' Jam and oil, and Ladakhi silver and stone jewellery are some of the things to be bought on a Leh Ladakh package from Ahmedabad.

Q3.Is a bike trip possible from Ahmedabad to Ladakh?

Ans. Yes. A bike trip from Ahmedabad to Ladakh is one of the most sought-after activities. You can also board a flight to Chandigarh with your bike shipped there. From Chandigarh, you can start your bike expedition to Ladakh through the Manali route.

Q4. What is the cost of the Leh Ladakh package from Ahmedabad?

Ans. The overall cost of the Ladakh tour package from Ahmedabad varies as per the accommodation, mode of transport, and itinerary. The more days and higher the standard of accommodation chosen, the more will be the cost of your vacation.

Q5.Which food items can vegetarians enjoy on their Leh Ladakh tour packages from Ahmedabad?

Ans. Butter tea, apricot jam, Tingmo (bread of Ladakh), Skyu (Ladakhi style dumpling soup, where the dumpling is vegetables and dough kneaded into thumb-sized balls), saag, khambir (whole wheat brown bread), and Churrpi (yak cheese) are among the delish veg treats that tourists can enjoy in Ladakh.

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