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Hard to believe but a trip to Leh Ladakh from Kolkata is possible and the deals offered by us on Kolkata to Leh Ladakh tour packages are not a joke. We at Go2Ladakh create handcrafted itineraries for Ladakh exploration, including the best sightseeing experiences to exceed our client’s expectations. Your Ladakh tour from Kolkata will bring you close to unmatched scenic vistas that will leave you wonderstruck. Sail your way through India’s best Himalayan region in the north, Ladakh, to voyage across the snow-capped mountains, distant valleys, water stretches, and shimmering lakes. From witnessing the artistic splendour of Ladakh to visiting the Buddhist monasteries nestled on the hills; getting your adrenaline rush pumping through adventure activities to enjoying a picnic at the surreal locations; you will discover everything by taking our Kolkata to Ladakh package. 

Start your Ladakh exploration by discovering the mystical stories attached with the gravity challenging - Magnetic Hills. Stargaze at Lamayuru on the Srinagar-Leh Highway. And if you are planning your Ladakh tour from Kolkata in winters, conquer the frozen Chadar Trek. And of course, you can’t miss out on an exciting ride on the double-humped Bactrian camel in Nubra Valley.

There could be no better way to experience this paradise than by booking any of our Leh packages from Kolkata with or without flights. From the charming ancient hamlet of the Turtuk to the soldier’s bravery base - Kargil, we will allow you to cruise the mighty terrains of Ladakh on a motorbike or mountain bike. The Leh Ladakh trip cost from Kolkata depends on the kind of package you would like for your trip. If you want us to customize your tour package, we can even do that. If you are a group of up to 6 to 8 people we will design your itinerary accordingly. All our Leh Ladakh Packages from Kolkata will get you covered with accommodation, meals, transfers, and sightseeing. So why wait? Start your Himalayan adventure in North India with Go2Ladakh. Save your spot today! Plan your Ladakh holidays with flexible bookings and save BIG! 

When to Plan a Vacation to Ladakh – Best Weather & Temperature

The most excellent season to visit Ladakh is between summer and July when the temperature ranges from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Ladakh has shallow temperatures and is well-known by practically everyone. In the summer, it is pleasant, but in the winter, it is bitterly frigid. The best time to visit Ladakh in that situation is during the summer. Out of all the seasons, it is one of the greatest for witnessing and enjoying the stimulating surroundings of the region to the fullest. The snow appears to have softened this season, creating an incredible flurry of scenery. Late April is a great time to see how things have changed. At this time, the Pangong Tso lake and the Tso Moriri Lake begin to melt quickly, revealing the area's stunning colour and sight. At this time, Leh is blessed with fantastic weather and a clear sky.

Top Five Leh Ladakh Attractions – Outstanding Locations in Ladakh

Words can't describe the beauty and serenity that may be found in Ladakh. The magnificence of Ladakh has not been adequately conveyed in images or videos. The Himalayan picture is enhanced by "High Pass Land," 8,370 feet above sea level and offers a magnificent blend of green and white. That's right, you read it accurately. A huge area of white sand reveals the Himalayan peaks' steepness.

On the other hand, the Lake pales in comparison to the peace that the offer provides. In Leh Ladakh, you may be sure to see the beauty of the hand. Below is the list of the top five tourist attractions in Ladakh that you can't miss during your stay.

Lake Pangong Tso 

This highly popular Lake has gained notoriety because of Aamir Khan's three idiots. Therefore, it is without a doubt deserving of a spot on your Ladakh travel itinerary. It comes with a cute lunch basket and is ahead for a day at the Lake with your friends, and you might even camp next to it if you enjoy every second of solitude and tranquilly.

Khardung-la Pass

This mountain pass in Nepal is a thrilling experience for bike lovers. Our Leh Ladakh tour package from Kolkata allows you to enjoy an exciting ride experience and drive it to the Khardung-La pass. The pass connecting the Nubra and Shyok valleys is one of the world's highest motorable terrains. The best types of transportation are regarded to be cruisers and Himalayans.

Thiksey Monastery

One of the gorgeous Ladakh monasteries, with towering chambers of over 500 million, is the 12-storey structure. Thiksey Gompa gives great information on Buddhist culture, life, writings, sculptures, and even tours. This place is excellent for connecting with Ladakh history and reliving your curiosity.

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is about 140 km from Leh and often travelled with domestic transport like taxis, cars, etc. The Shyok and Nubra rivers and several beautiful monasteries pass through the valley, which is situated on the ancient Silk Route. Hundar in Nubra Valley is famous for its Bactrian camel rides amid a backdrop of desert mountains. Bactrian camels, which have two humps and are the rarest of all camels, were the primary form of transportation on the Silk Road. ATV riding and ziplining are among the activities available in the Nubra Valley. Our specially customized Ladakh tour package from Kolkata includes all these activities.

Sangam: In Ladakh, Sangam is one of the most visited tourist locations. It is the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar rivers. Nimmu is 35 km from Leh on the Leh-Srinagar highway. At this point, the two rivers merge and may be seen independently. The two rivers of Sangam run in opposite directions depending on the season. The Zanskar river swells and becomes raging in the summer, whereas the Indus River remains calm. Zanskar slows down and almost totally stops in the winter, and the Indus flow is significantly diminished.

Things To Do in Ladakh

Ladakh is a region that offers unforgettable experiences to cherish for a lifetime. When planning for a trip from Kolkata to Leh Ladakh, you should be prepared to enjoy fun activities like: 

  • Witness rich wildlife at Hemis National Park  and Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Enjoy Bactrian Camel Ride at Hunder Sand Dunes in Nubra Valley

  • Ride a bike through the World’s Highest Motorable Mountain Pass

  • Relish Yak Cheese Momos at the local vendors 

  • For peaceful stargazing, head to Lamayuru

  • Witness breathtaking sunrise and sunset at Pangong Lake

  • Enjoy adrenaline rush activities like river rafting, cycling, rock climbing, trekking and more

  • Camp at some of the most beautiful lakes like Pangong Tso

  • Savour Ladakh’s local food like Khambir, Chhutagi, Tingmo, Sky and more. 

Best Time to Visit Ladakh

The best time to plan a trip to Leh Ladakh would be during the summer season between April and June as the weather remains in favour to explore the region and enjoy exciting activities. 

Summer (April to June):  The temperature during the summer season in Leh Ladakh ranges from 15°C to 30° C. The weather remains warm and comfortable for sightseeing and adventure activities. Also, in June you can enjoy some of the festivals like Hemis Festivals, YuruKabgyat, and SakaDaw. 

Monsoon: Monsoon in Ladakh is quite bearable with little or no rain with temperatures ranging between 3°C and 17° C. However, you will find heavy rainfall while making your way to Leh Ladakh. So, make sure you talk to the travel agents to know if the routes are clear before heading to Ladakh. 

Winter: The winter season in Leh Ladakh is harsh with temperatures ranging between -2°C to 15°C. If you are up for some adventure, this December would be the perfect time to go for Chadar Trek and Snow Leopard Trek. 

How to Reach Ladakh from Kolkata:

By Air: Travelling to Leh Ladakh by air is one of the fastest and convenient ways to reach. Leh is well connected with the major cities of India by both direct and connecting flights.  Flights are operated from Kolkata to Delhi on a regular basis and from Delhi, you can take the flight to Leh. 
By Train: As there is no train from Kolkata to Ladakh, you can board a train to Jammu Tawi from Kolkata.  Upon arriving at Jammu Tawi, you can even book a taxi or take a bus to reach Leh. 

By Road: Time taken to travel from Kolkata to Leh is around 34 hours. So, you can divide the days into 3-4 that would make driving most convenient. 

 Highlights for Leh Ladakh Trip from Kolkata - 

  1. Click your Bollywood Moment picture at Pangong Tso.

  2. Get amazed by the unique pull effect of the magnetic hill.

  3. Enjoy thrilling experiences by crossing the highest motorable pass at Khardungla.

  4. Get full-on aesthetic feels and hear the stories at Royal Leh Palace.

What are you waiting for? Go and check the Leh Ladakh package tour from Kolkata and enjoy your vacations in the valleys of Ladakh.

 Things to Carry on Kolkata to Leh Ladakh trip - 

  • Important Documents - Do not forget to carry all of your important documents on your trip to Ladakh like Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, Inner Line Permit, Passport Size Photographs, Photo Copy of these documents, etc.

  • Good Amount of Cash - Ladakh is a very sparse region. You will barely find any ATMs nearby. So, it is advisable to carry a good amount of cash with you.

  • Eatables - Carrying Eatables is a necessary thing to keep you energised. It will be a very long journey so carry a good amount of Eatables like Dryfruits, Wafers, Chocolates, Energy Bars, etc and water bottles with you.

  • Medical Kit - Ladakh is a high altitude area, you may feel sick anytime. So, to prevent any mishap, you should carry a medical kit with you. 

 Tips to book Ladakh tour packages from Kolkata online - 

Booking online packages may have made your work easier. But, it is always advisable to be careful before booking any packages online to prevent being involved in fraud activities. There are a few tips you should keep in mind while making a Ladakh tour plan from Kolkata. 

  • Do not fall for low designed websites as there are very high chances of them being fraud websites

  • Check out the reviews before consulting any travel operator to ensure that the travel operator you are consulting with offers you with best services or not.

  • Ask for the complete details from your travel operator well before avoiding any consequences later on.

Safety Guidelines - 

Following all the safety guidelines on your Leh Ladakh tour from Kolkata is very important. Keep in mind that it's good to have fun but make sure that it won't harm you in any way. There are a few safety guidelines you should not forget to follow

  • Do not forget to carry a medical kit with you to avoid chaos at the time of any mishappening

  • Carry an Airtel or BSNL SIM card with you as only these two networks have good connectivity.

  • Wear all the safeguards like hamlet, knee and elbow pads, etc throughout your bike trip to Ladakh.

  • Carry all the important documents like driving license, aadhar card, inner line permit, etc.

Why book Leh Ladakh tour packages from Kolkata with us - 

  • To enjoy the best deals on amazing packages - Go2ladakh will offer you the best deals on various amazing packages. So, you can enjoy a bike trip to Ladakh at a very affordable cost and with budget-friendly packages. So, there's no point in thinking. Go and check out Ladakh holiday packages from Kolkata. 

  • Your safety is our responsibility - Go2ladakh strictly believes in providing the safest and most secure journey to all of our bikers. Our team looks after every factor and plans out the safest journey. We will provide you with an amazing Kolkata to Ladakh tour package.

  • We will provide you with Luxurious Accommodations - After reaching Ladakh, one of the major concerns of every traveller is whether they will be offered good accommodation facilities or not? With us, there is no need to worry about it. Go2ladakh will offer you the best accommodation facilities at the cheapest Ladakhdakh tour package from Kolkata.

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Leh Ladakh Tour from Kolkata Highlights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What documents are required for a trip to Ladakh?

Ans.It is very essential to carry all the necessary documents like Driving License, Insurance Certificate, Photographs of your PAN Card, Passport, etc.

Q2. Is there any risk involved in a road trip to Ladakh?

Ans. Just like every adventure activity you try, there's some sort of risk involved. Here you will face some difficulties in riding on the tremendous routes of Ladakh. So, you should not be a little cautious to prevent any mishap on your Ladakh trip from Kolkata.

Q3. What will be the cost of the Ladakh trip from Kolkata?

Ans.Well, the Ladakh trip cost to Kolkata completely depends upon the package you choose, the travel operator you are consulting, your accommodation facilities and whether the tour is customized or a group package.

Q4. Is it too cold in Ladakh?

Ans. Yes, Ladakh is a high altitude area. And the temperature is also so high that sometimes it also goes down below zero degrees celsius. You may face some difficulties like mountain sickness.

Q5. What are the eligibility criteria for a bike trip to Ladakh?

Ans. You need to be 25 or above to be eligible to have a road trip to Ladakh.

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