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The word “Manali” has always evoked a sense of wondrous beauty and magnificence and has fascinated even the most hardened hearts of the world. The hills of Manali valley are endowed with lush green mountains, which sport a refreshing aura around them. These lovely mountains are home to some of the best Manali packages from Bangalore.

Located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is a great place to visit. Known for its scenic beauty and the wondrous views you can enjoy from the many mountain peaks around, this town is worth a visit. More and more visitors come to this place every year due to its beautiful nature and also because of the good climate year long. It also has temples and other religious places too, There are also lots of trekking opportunities and good sightseeing. You get to enjoy snow-clad mountains while being in India itself. It is situated on the banks of River Beas, which makes it even more beautiful. This beautiful valley of Manali is also known as Devbhoomi because it got its name from the Sanatan religion.

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Best Time to Visit in Manali-

Manali is a year-round destination, but the way you experience it will depend on the season. The best time to visit Manali differs from person to person. Each season offers something and repels other things. Here's a quick overview of it.

  •     Summers Season  ( March to May ) - The summer season lasts from March to June and the temperature ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. This is the best time for sightseeing as the weather remains clear. The monsoon season lasts from July till September and it's better to avoid visiting Manali during these months because there can be landslides due to heavy rainfalls.
  •     Winters Season ( November to February ) -  Winters are cold in Manali with temperatures falling below zero degrees Celsius. It is considered to be the best season for visiting Manali as it receives fewer tourists compared to summer. You can indulge in winter activities like skiing, paragliding, hiking and trekking during this season.
  •     Monsoon Season ( June to September )  - Monsoon Season is from June to September. It receives heavy rainfall. The temperature varies between 20-25 degrees Celsius in monsoon season and at this time, the rivers become full of water so rafting and kayaking can be done. Rainfall causes landslides and sometimes roads are blocked which creates problems for travellers who want to travel by road. This time is perfect for only those who have an interest in adventure activities like trekking and hikes, river rafting etc.
  •     Autumn Season ( October to November )  - It is yet another pleasant season which is perfect for hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities. The tourist crowd is less compared to summer making it easier to find accommodation at cheaper rates. Autumn in Manali ends in mid-November when winter starts setting in. The average temperature drops to 10°C (50°F) at this time of year with an average minimum of 5°C (41°F).

How To Reach Manali from Bangalore?

  •     By Air - The nearest airport to Manali is Bhuntar which is about 50 km from the city centre. Bhuntar Airport has regular flights from Kullu but there are no direct flights from Bangalore to Kullu. The best option is to take a flight to Delhi and then change to a flight to Kullu. There are many airlines like Air India, IndiGo, Jet Connect, and Jet Airways that run daily between Delhi and Kullu by air.
  •     By Public Transport -

?     By Train - There are no railway stations in Manali. The nearest railway station is Jogindernagar at Chandigarh which is about 280 km away from Manali. The railway station at Chandigarh connects the major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and others by rail. To reach Manali from Bangalore.

?     By  Bus - Several buses ply between Bangalore and Manali daily. These buses are operated by both the government and private operators. Although, it is advised to avoid travelling via bus to enjoy a hassle-free trip.

  •     By Taxi  - It is best to hire a cab if you want to enjoy the road trip without worrying about directions and traffic. The distance between Bangalore and Manali is 1040 km, which can be covered in 17-20 hours. It will be a very comfortable journey as you don’t have to worry about changing buses or trains at different points in time. You can take a break whenever you want during the journey and appreciate the beautiful roadside views.
  •     By Bike - There’s nothing better than travelling on a bike with your gang and exploring nature’s beauty with Numerous thrilling experiences. Bike trips to Manali are very popular nowadays. And a dream for many bike enthusiasts.

Places to Visit in Manali -

  •     Rohtang Pass -

The Rohtang Pass offers a scenic view of glaciers, peaks and the Chandra River. It is one of the best places to visit in Manali. Situated at an altitude of 13,050 ft above sea level on the Manali-Keylong road in Himachal Pradesh, Rohtang pass is famous for its snow-capped mountains and adventure activities like skiing and heli-skiing. The pass remains open from June to October for tourists who can enjoy various activities like quad biking, horse riding and yak riding. Plan your Manali trip from Bangalore and enjoy your vacations in the Valleys of Manali.

  •     Beas Kund -

The Beas Kund is a source of the Beas River that originates near Solang Valley in Manali. According to a legend, the great sage Vyas Rishi used to meditate at this place. This place is also considered an ideal destination for adventure seekers who engage in sports like trekking and hiking.

  •     Hidimba Devi Temple -

The Hidimba Devi Temple is situated in the Beas River valley. It is one of the most well-known places to visit in Manali. The temple is dedicated to Hidimba Devi, who was a character from the Indian epic Mahabharata.

  •     Manu Temple -

The Manu Temple, which is located in Old Manali, is another popular place to visit in Manali. According to Hindu mythology, this is the only place on earth where Sage Manu meditated after a great flood had destroyed the earth. The temple was built in his honour. There are so many affordable Bangalore to Manali packages available. Check them out and enjoy your trip.

  •     Rahala Waterfalls -

This waterfall is on the left bank of the Beas River which is a sight to watch at about 16 km from the city centre. The ideal time to visit this place is during June & July when the water flow will be high.

  •     Nehru Kund -

This place is named after Nehru who used to drink this water during his visit here. This natural spring lies at a distance of 6 km from Manali city on the Manali-Leh Highway.

  •     Arjun Gufa -

The cave of Pandavas in Mahabharata is located at a distance of 3 km from Naggar Castle and 10 km from Manali city centre. One can trek up to the cave through a thick forest following a stream that runs along the way.

  •     Kothi -

Located at a distance of 12 km from Manali, this place is known for its breathtaking views of the Kullu Valley. The tourists can enjoy boating in the Beas River, or simply relax in the lap of nature. This place also offers spectacular views of glaciers, mountains and waterfalls.

  •     Jogini Falls -

Jogini Falls is a stunning waterfall and pilgrimage spot in Manali. The temple of Jogini Mata, situated on a hilltop near the falls, is a popular spot for tourists as well. You can trek up to the spot from Vashisht village, which is around 3 kilometres away from Manali. The trek takes about 2-3 hours and the journey is accompanied by natural beauty on all sides. The site offers sweeping views of the Beas River Valley and the mountain ranges of Solang Nallah.

  •     Solang Valley -

The Solang Valley offers breathtaking views and is the perfect place for adventure sports like paragliding and parachuting. You can also try zorbing or rappelling in the valley. The valley turns into a ski ground during winters and attracts many tourists from all over India. Explore through the best Kullu Manali package from Bangalore and plan your perfect trip.

  •     Gulaba -

Gulaba is a small village that is 14 km away from Manali. The place has lush green meadows and dense forests. It also has the famous Rohtang Pass which offers beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, valleys and waterfalls. The place offers scenic beauty and a quiet environment making it an ideal weekend gateway for nature lovers. It snowfalls during winters and has a temperate climate in summers.

Things to do in Manali -

  • Trekking -

Manali is a paradise for trekking. You can go trekking in Kullu Valley, Manali Valley, Solang Valley and Lahaul Spiti Valley on your trip to Manali. The best time for trekking in Manali is from May to November. There are various trails that you can choose from depending on the difficulty level, duration and height. Some of the popular treks in and around Manali include the Beas Kund Trek, Chandrakhani Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Pin Parvati Pass Trek and Kuari Pass Trek among others.

  •     Paragliding -

One of the most exciting things to do in Manali is paragliding. The beautiful view of the surroundings from the top is breathtaking and can be enjoyed by everyone above five years of age. One can opt for solo flights or tandem flights with a professional pilot. Discover through the most convenient Shimla Kullu Manali tour package from Bangalore and make the most out of your trip. 

  •     Camping -

Camping in Manali allows you to spend time amidst nature and enjoy various adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing and trekking. Camping in Manali in winters is particularly enjoyable as you get to spend time around bonfires surrounded by snow-clad mountains. There are different types of camps available for different budgets, so you can choose according to your needs.

  •     River Rafting  -

River rafting is one of the newest things to do in Manali which is becoming increasingly popular with every passing day due to its rising popularity as an adventure destination among tourists. Many companies have started offering white water rafting packages for tourists at very reasonable rates.

  •     Skiing in Manali  -

Skiing should be on your list of things to do in Manali if you visit during winters (December to February). The skiing season starts in December and lasts till February-March depending on the snowfall conditions. The Solang Valley is a popular skiing destination which has ski slopes and some instructors can teach you this sport if you are new to it.

  •     Visit the Raghunath Temple -

Located at a distance of 3 km from Manali, the Raghunath temple is one of the most sought-after attractions in Manali. Dedicated to Lord Rama, the temple is known for its wooden carvings and 19th-century architecture. It is an ideal place to visit while on a family trip to Manali.

  •     Explore through Sir George Everest House -

A Museum Now   Sir George Everest House was once the official residence of Sir George Everest who was a British surveyor-general of India from 1830 to 1843. Presently, it has been converted into a museum which displays some interesting facts about his life and achievements.

Manali vacation is a romantic getaway for couples, family get-togethers and group trips with awe-inspiring sunsets, meandering rivers and dense forest cover.  It is surrounded by beautiful natural sceneries, it's easily accessible and the climate is simply tropical. You can even explore the delicious cuisines of Manali while enjoying scenic views and adventurous activities.

Manali is a magical place. Travellers come from all over the world to experience the majestic beauty and elegance of the area. They'll enjoy refreshing plants, wildlife, and incredible views. It truly is an amazing place!

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip by choosing the best Manali tour package from Bangalore from Go2 Ladakh.

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