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Manali- the hill town of Himachal Pradesh witnesses tourists teeming in from different parts of India, thanks to its scenic beauty and adventure opportunities. People from southern states are no less interested in exploring its exotic expanses.  One such state is Chennai. That is why keen tourists there look for suitable a Kullu Manali tour package from Chennai. 

According to the season, adrenaline junkies love to go trekking, hiking, camping, skiing, paragliding, and rafting. Travellers who are not much into adventure also visit it to savour the natural dynamism and enjoy the snowy wonder. To have an indulgent holiday experience, you can count on Go2Ladakh where experts create thoughtful tour packages for you. With professionals working to bring you a memorable experience, you can book a Shimla Kullu Manali tour package from Chennai. 

We cater to you with an itinerary that covers almost all the unmissable attractions for an unbeatable vacation. You can also get your package customized as per your pocket and preferences. So, go through the account below and get an idea of what this Himachal holiday enriches your experience with. 

Best Time to Visit Manali

The marvellous locales of Manali welcome tourists every season. This hill town overflows with blooming scenery when the plains are bearing the brunt of the sun.  Come winters and Manali transforms into Narnia of India. Here is a quick look at the month-wise seasons of Manali that help you book your Manali package from Chennai accordingly - 

    • September to February: Monsoons retreat in September and winters step in.  As the temperature dips below zero, carry heavy woollens. Enjoy snowfall in December end and January. 
    • March to June: With the onset of March, summers begin. Temperature ranges between 10°C and 25°C. Though the weather remains pleasant, carry light woollens as nights turn cold. 
  • July-August: Manali receives heavy downpours during these months. No wonder, the hillscapes have landslides. This is the off-season for tourism in Manali. Thus, you can avail of great discounts and deals during this time if you plan a trip there. 

How to Reach Manali from Chennai 

People from Chennai long to visit the heavenly town of Manali, owing to its beauteous environs and pollution-free mountain air. If you are planning to visit Manali anytime soon, here is how to go to Manali from Chennai -

By Air: Bhuntar is the nearest airport to Manali (around 50 km). Fly from Chennai to New Delhi and from there change your flight to Bhuntar airport. You can also take a bus to Bangalore from Chennai. From Bangalore, board a flight to Chandigarh and then catch a bus or book a cab to Manali. 

By Train: Board a train to Delhi from Chennai and take a bus/cab to Manali. Alternatively, you can travel to Chandigarh from Chennai by train. As the nearest railway station to Manali is Chandigarh Railway Station (about 315 km), you can board a bus or cab from there to Manali. You can also reach Kalka railway station. On reaching the railway station, take a bus or book a taxi to reach Manali. 

Public Transport

  • Taxi: Board a cab to Manali or drive there if you are adept at doing it on mountainous roads.  If you want to reach Manali by bus, it is a very long and tedious journey. However, you can take a bus from Chennai to Bangalore and then board a train to Chandigarh or Delhi. From either of the cities, take a bus to reach Manali. 
  • Bike: Your bike trip to Manali from Chennai is marked by several lazy towns and hamlets en route. Driving your wheels from any part of India to Manali is an experience to cherish. Zipping through this frequently changing geographical and cultural landscape is no less than magic. 

To reach Manali by bike from Chennai, the route is:

Chennai > Hyderabad > Nagpur > Gwalior > Agra > New Delhi > Chandigarh >  Manali  > Rohtang La Pass 

Places to Visit in Manali

Paradisiacal surroundings of Manali welcome tourists to have a pleasurable vacation. On your Chennai to Manali tour package, take pleasure in myriad attractions here that are scenic, religious, and man-made as well. Spending time in nature’s lap, far from the hustle and bustle of city life is an experience to cherish. Here are some of the places that command your visit -  

  1. Old Manali

Standing on the bank of the Manalsu River, Old Manali is a piece of paradise that has saved the pristine charm of an old world. It is an unmissable attraction that beckons you to its apple orchards, scenic spots, and wooded mountain trails. Quaint backpacker lodgings and souvenir shops further add to the reasons to visit it. Pamper your palate at Bohemian cafes serving international culinary treats, pancake breakfasts, and grilled trout. 

  1. Rahala Waterfalls

Visit this highest waterfall in Manali on your Manali trip from Chennai, where you can view the snow-capped Himalayas. Adventure seekers love it because you have to cross a few Rohtang Pass trekking trails from Manali to Leh. The scenic routes will take you through several small streams and deodar forests on the Himalayas. The waterfall cascades from glaciers present in the Rohtang Valley and is fed all through the year. In winters, it freezes and looks like crystal.  

  1. Siyali Temple 

Among the oldest temples in Manali, Siyali Temple has its history marked on its walls as wood and stone sculptures. Showcasing Himalayan architectural style, the temple is the oldest historical site here. Its soulful beauty and sacred aura emanate different energy that engulfs the people visiting it. To soothe your mind and soul, visit this place. 

  1. Arjun Gufa

Delight in a picnic with your loved ones on your Kullu Manali tour package from Chennai at the unique natural formation, Arjun Gufa. You will have a gala time at this lovely spot. Don’t overlook to explore its fascinating interiors to add to your vacation delight. Climb up this cave to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. 

  1. Hadimba Temple

Soak up some serenity at Hadimba Temple which is wrapped by tall deodar trees. It is far from the busy city life and brings you solace from the hectic schedule. Dedicated to Hidimba, the wife of Bhima (one of the five Pandava princes from the Indian epic – Mahabharata), this temple is the perfect place to enjoy some quiet moments. At the same time, this place has folk dance performances to enjoy. 

Things to Do in Manali

Attractions in Manali don’t stop with places to see. The quaint hill town has much more than just sightseeing attractions to enrich your Kullu Manali package from Chennai. If you are looking for some action while holidaying, there is no dearth of things to do in Manali. From pleasurable activities to adventure, Manali offers some delightful action for people of every age group. Here are some of these activities - 

  • Visit Rohtang Pass

Do take time during your vacation to visit Rohtang Pass – one of the supreme attractions of Himachal Pradesh. This wonderful place stands in the Eastern Pir Panjal, amidst the marvel of the nature. It also connects Manali and Lahaul & Spiti. Ascend to its snowy heights and have a gala time there having lots of fun with several activities. 

  • Go Trekking

Jazz up your tour packages from Chennai to Manali with trekking delight. Choose the trek as per your capability - easy, moderate, or difficult. Enjoy splendid scenery around while trekking along the terrific trails in this picturesque place. The best ones are Beas Kund Trek and Rohtang Trek. 

  •  Take a Healing Bath

Rejuvenate your body to therapeutic waters at Vashisht hot water springs. The hot spring is said to be power-packed with natural minerals and has healing powers. Soak in its healing effects and step out invigorated. No wonder, Vashisht village, located near the Beas River is frequented by tourists. It is believed that the hot spring is blessed by the healing powers of natural minerals. take a sacred and healing dip in its waters for magical rejuvenation.

  • Enjoy Paragliding 

Enrich your Manali trip from Chennai with paragliding sessions. You can also delight in paragliding along with your loved one in tandem. It is an experience to cherish while gliding over the Himalayan peaks. So, don’t miss out on exploring the above the mountains in Manali.

  • Get Drenched in Thrill with River Rafting

Manali is an amazing destination for adventure sports like river rafting. A wonderful rafting place is the Beas River. There are numerous companies that organise rafting sessions with equipment and security for those who love the adrenaline rush. 

Thus, have a great time during your Kullu Manali tour package from Chennai while enjoying sightseeing and various activities in Manali. A destination where hillscapes, deodar woods, marvellous marvels, adventure delights, scenic splendours, and much more make your holiday worthwhile. 

Kullu Manali Tour Package from Chennai

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