Nubra Valley

All you need to know about Nubra Valley

Getting there : 
The most comfortable option road to Nubra valley is via KhardungLa 18350ft
Altitude : 10,000 ft
Distance : 130kmfrom leh city
Main places to stay in : Hunder village, Sumer village, Turtuk village , 
Best time: May -September 
Winter is also good to visit there
lunch enroute Restaurent : at khalsar , 
Check point : south pole and North pole 
Inner line permit : required  

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Where to stay in Nubra valley ?
In NubraValley , most Hotels and Deluxe camp  concentrated in Hunder  and Disked village which is the smainheadquarter. If you want to enjoy sand dunes and Bactrian Camels, you should stay at a Hunder camp in Nubra Valley.

Top 10 accommodation list in Nubra valley


  1. Kora valley 
  2. Desert Himalaya
  3. Kora Glamping
  4. Stone hedge
  5. Earth Home
  6. Hunder sarari
  7. Organic retreat 
  8. La Changnang retreat 
  9. Grand Nubra 
  10. Hunder resort 
  11. More Hotel and camps details in Nubra valley  click now


Nubra valley

Nubrais originally known as ‘Ldumra’ which means a garden or valley of a flower is situated in the northernmost part of Ladakh. Historically, Nubra valley was a part of the trade routes to Baltistan, Yarkandand Central Asia. Lies about 150 km from Leh, the twisting channels of the Shayokand Nubra Rivers confuse the Nubra valley. The valley is known for its scenic beauty, the mystic sand dunes of Hunder area, the double-humped Bactrian camel, orchards, trees, and patches full of crops. Not just with its scenic beauty it has enchanted everyone with the peaceful awe-inspiring monasteries and holy pilgrimage sites which hark back to the Ladakh’shistories and spiritual importance. Being a strategically important place, part of the valley also shares LOC, the Indo Pak border known as Turtukwhich is a native of Baltitribe.

Some popular and core attraction places are Turtuk, Diskit monastery, Hundar, Sumoor, Sham and YarmaGombo, hot springs of Panamikand Yarabtso. (Some of the places can be restricted and must check for the inner line permits)

Top places and Monastery must you visit in while travelling in Nubra valley 

Khardongla Pass

Khardongla pass popularly known as K top at the height of 18,380 feet is the world’s highest motorableroad. En routingNubravalley, the pass is a gateway to get to the Nubra, also if you are looking for some adventure and thrill one can rent a motorbike to drive on the highest pass. The pass is not just a must visit place but also have a historical and strategical importance.

The fluttering prayer flags and a shrine room on the top of the pass add more charm along with the panoramic view of the snow capped mountains, valleys and criss-cross roads.
Usually the roads remain open throughout the year, but in case of severe weather conditions pertaining to heavy snowfall, landslides or avalanches, it remains closed for few days. The road is covered of loose rock, mud, and snow.
One of the serious health concerns is the altitude sickness.

Diskit monastery

Diskit village, 118 km from Leh is the well established and biggest settlement area of Nubravalley. Apart from the market, restaurants and petrol pump the monastery built on the cliff top on site of a 15th-century palace is worth visiting.  The 32-meter high statue of MaitreyaBuddha (Future Buddha) inaugurated by His Holiness Dalai Lama in the year 2010 stands tall promoting peace and security.


Hundar, 6 to 7 km from Diskitand 130 km from Leh is the most fascinated place for visitors. Historically, the place was once the capital of the former Nubrakingdom. The place is known for sand dunes and double-humped Bactrian camels and will take you back to the time when caravans of Central Asian traders once dominated the land along the silk route. An old MaitreyaBuddha (Future Buddha) shrines believed to be centuries old also can be explored. 

The double humped camel safari is a must experience activities while in Nubravalley. The camel riding through the sand dunes, exploring the nature is a must experience one to add more memories.In midst of the sand dunes, you can also ride an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or experience the quad biking. Along with thrilling adventure the ride will give you a scenic view experience.

Samstanling Monastery, Sumoorvillage

Sumoor, around 110 km from Leh is a blissful, serene village and is famous for the monastery known as Samstanlingmonastery founded in 1846.  The monastery belongs to Gelugpasect and is a one among the famous stopover.

Hot springs of Panamik

Panamik, around 150 km from Leh is a village close to the Siachenglacier. The place attracts visitors to take a dip in the hot sulphur springs which is considered a medicinal treasure. It is believed that the water cures body pain, skin infections, arthritis, and other ailments.

There is a hot bath complex separately for men and women. The complex has separate cubicles and a pool. An entry fees is also charged. The place is an opportunity to rest or take a hot bath along with the long tiringjourney.

YarabTso- the Hidden Lake 

The lake is considered sacred and the serene picturesque view of the lake can be seen only after hiking uphill for around 15-20 minutes. The lake in the midst of the barren mountain and rocky terrain is mesmerizingand the environment of peace and calm air definitely attracts visitors from different corners.It is advisable not to swim, wash your feet in the lake as it is considered a holy lake.

Sham and YarmaGombo(Must check for access)

Sham and YarmaGomboare the famous pilgrimage sites of the region. The scenery is definitely inspiring but more than that is the blessing and the holy atmosphere.  For Sham Gombo, around two-hour trek is a must get to the site In the first month of the Tibetan lunar calendar (February- March) the annual festival of Yarma Gombois celebrated. Sacred images, miraculous signs, and symbols, imprints on the rocks appeared naturally can be seen which marks the sites sacred.


Turtuk, around 90kmfrom Diskitshares the LOC border and Thangis the last village. The village was under Pakistan until 1971 war.  A museum in Turtukowned by a man called KachoMohammadof Yabgodynasty is a famous place.  The unique history and culture of the region attract visitors from all over the world.  The place is famous for its arts and crafts, a stone made cooking ware such as a pressure cooker, utensil, and other decorative items are must take products. Also, the place is known for the polo game.

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