Places to Visit Around Leh

It does not matter whether you had been or wants to visit Ladakh, there is something always inspiring and gives you a sense of fulfillment when you think of exploring Ladakh.

There is much more to see and heaps of romantic and adventurous things to do on your Ladakh tour package. A destination synonymous with high mountain passes pristine lakes and one of the best trekking places to visit in India, Ladakh is not just a name, it’s a feeling for many travel enthusiasts. Venturing outside the places to visit around Leh and into Ladakh’s rolling beautiful valleys, white snowy hill, majestic monasteries flavorsome local food, will allow you to see the diversity and beauty of glorious Ladakh. 

Let's dive into our list of places to visit around Leh and the reasons to visit them on your Ladakh tour package


Tourist spot around leh

Sindhu Ghat:It is the official venue of the Sindhu darshan festival. Situated on the bank of the Indus near shey village, about 10km from leh, the festival involves various ceremonies to worship the Indus. This festival was started in 1997 and has since then, it has become an annual event. In 2006, the festival was renamed as ‘ladakh singey khabab spring festival’, to give it a ladakh flavor. Other than four canopies and a platform made up of red sandstone, there is hardly much to see here. However, the adjacent land is being developed as a golf course.

Shanti Stupa: The shanti stupa(peace pagoda) is a new stupa which was constructed by the Japanese fuji guruji to spread and promote world peace. The stupa was completed in 1985 and consecrated by his holiness Dalia Lama. It is atop a hill in changspa village with a motorable road road right up to the top. It also has a staircase from the base, but it may be too exhausting for the visitors and should be avoided, if not accalamtized properly. Its position atop the hill overlooks the entire leh town and the Indus valley, which is a breathtaking view. The wide open area around the stupa with cool breeze in the late summer evening may provide perfect place to relax and enjoy nature at its height.

Zorawar Fort: it is located at the end of the fort road. This fort was built bygeneral zorawar singh in 1836 after ladakh became a part of dogra empire and about 300 soldier were stationed there to control leh. Recently, the army renovated the fort and set up a museum and started a light and sound show to showcase the history of ladakh. The fort premises at present is more or less empty.

Hall of fame: It is a small well maintained museum, along the main airport road constructed by the Indian army. Apart from thebiographies of prominent army personnel and images, it also houses various weapons and other items of military nature which are used in the high altitude terrain of ladakh. An entire section is dedicated to siachen and its heros who have fought many battles against hostile troops from Pakistan and also extreme weather in the region. Some confiscated items of Pakistani soldiers, particularly diaries, I cards other than weapons are also on display here.

Gurudwara PatherSahib: It comprise of a gurudwara where Guru Nanak Devji  is said to have meditated and defeated demons. In the main temple you will find a rock with a cavity giving impression of Guru Nanak Devji sitting in a meditating posture.

Gurudwara Datun Sahib: This sacred tree stands hidden in a lane, just behind the jama masjid in the main market. The tree is believed to have its originin 1517 AD when the first sikh Guru Nanak dev ji, visited this place. Leh, as per the lore, was absolutely treeless and barren desert at that point of time. Guru ji planted his herbal brush at this very site. The tree is therefore, is supposed to be the first tree in the town.

Zero Gravity Point: This ia site of believeit  or not. It is just about two kilometers away from patharsahib and about a kilometer short of sangam. The spot is marked by a sign board. On the road where there is a white painting marking, your vehicle is said to move uphill in the neutral gear with ignition switched off! Well just check it.

Sangam: It is the confluence of the mighty Indus river with zanskar river. The barren spot was lovely and serene, unless a concrete building came up recently on the very bank of the confluence. It now has a restaurant. The spot is also popular for its rafting base. Most of the rafting on the zanskar river ends here.

Leh palace(khar): The landmark of the town since hundreds of years, was once the palace of ladakh’s most glorious king sengee namgyal in the seventeenth century. Although partially in ruins, ASI is trying to restore its lost glory. Around this khar, there are several other historical monuments and temples. In one of the lanes, below the khar, there is a tiny gallery called lala gallery, run by ladakh old town initiative. They perform a tour around the old town, reliving the age old history of the palace, town, houses, paths, etc.the gallery itself is a typical renovated ladakhi house where other cultural activities like seminars and concerts also take place. There is also a small outlet for tea and snacks. 

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