TSO MORIRI or Lake Moriri (official name: Tso Moriri Wetland        
Conservation  Reserve),   in the Changthang (literal  meaning,  northern  plains) area, is a High Altitude Lake (HAL) with an altitude of  4,595 m  (15,075 ft)  in Ladakh, India and  is  the largest  of  the  High  Altitude  Lakes  in  the  Trans- Himalayan      biogeographic      region,  entirely within India.  It  is  hemmed  between Ladakh in  the North and Tibet in the east and Zanskar in the west; the Changthang plateau is the geographical setting
with snow peaks that provides the source of water for the Lake. Accessibility to the lake is limited to summer season only. The lake formerly had an outlet to the south,

has contracted considerably and has become land locked; as a result; the water is now brackish  to  saline.  The  lake  is  fed  by  springs  and  snow-melt  in  two  major  stream systems, one entering the lake from the north, the other from the southwest. Administratively Tsomoriri has been declared as a wetland reserve. A Number of species of birds included Bare-headed Goose, the Great-crested Grebe, the Brahmin Duck and the Brown-headed Gull. Himalayan Hares and the Tibetan Wild Ass or the Kiang are abundantly found here.
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