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Spread over 62 kilometres, Chadar Trek is the famous winter expedition hosted in Ladakh region. It starts from Leh and takes you through the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayas. The trek’s highlight is walking across the frozen Chadar river that you would be crossing to complete the trail. It is nothing less than a life changing experience that will change your perspective on life and nature. You can go for an exclusive Chadar trek booking 2022 with and have an amazing experience.


  • Day 1 Reach Leh

    Reach Leh in the morning by air or road. It is located at an altitude of 11,400 feet, so you will need two days to relax and acclimatise. As you are traveling during winter, don?t forget to carry gloves, a woollen jacket, and a thick pair of socks to stay warm. Check into your hotel and rest for the remaining day. Drink enough water to avoid altitude sickness. Take a stroll to the nearby market in the evening to get acquainted with the local food and flavours.

  • Day 2 Acclimatisation Day

    Spend the second day of your trip traveling to nearby tourist attractions as this will help you in adjusting with the temperature and weather. Avoid visiting places that are located at a higher altitude as it might induce altitude sickness. The Ladakh Government Authorities have set strict rules to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness among trekkers expediting with Chadar Trek packages. According to the rules, trekkers need to rest for at least two days. You can check out collections at the Leh market while exploring the capital town. There are a number of textile shops from where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and family back home. Try to keep your days active.

  • Day 3 Mandatory medical check up

    Kindly note that according to the guidelines by the government, trekkers must undergo a medical check up at the Sonam Norbu Memorial Hospital. You can go on the Chadar river trek only after the medical officer approves your report. You will be issued wildlife permits and insurance along with other documents that are required to commence your trek. Make sure that you start training for the trek at least 10 days before, so that you easily pass the medical check up.

  • Day 4 Leh to Shingra Koma

    Ideally, this will be the first day of your trek. You will be going from Leh to Shingra Koma via Chilling & Tilad to pass. Shingra Koma is the starting point of your expedition. It is 11 kilometres away from Leh and takes five hours on foot. On our way, we will stop at multiple tourist attractions including Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Magnetic Hill, and the meeting point of rivers Zanskar and Indus. We also offer car services until Chilling to give you a headstart but it is completely optional. Most of the land will be covered in frozen water or snow, so wearing gumboots is mandatory. Carry a light backpack, so you don't have any trouble balancing yourself on a variety of surfaces. You will reach Gyalpo in the evening where you will camp for the night. It is one of the most scenic halts of the trek as it is located at the confluence of the rivers and surrounded by snowy mountains. From here your Chadar trek 2022 will commence.

  • Day 5 Travel from Gyalpo to Tibb Cave

    On the fifth day of the trip, you will leave Gyalpo for Tibb Cave early in the morning. The trek is 12 kilometres long and takes about six hours. You will be glancing at frozen waterfalls and impeccable landscapes on this day. The gorgeous emerald green waters of the Zanskar river will accompany you all along the trek. This place has some very attractive rocks that shine glamorously when sun rays directly fall over them. You will reach Tibb Cave by late evening and camp there for the night.

  • Day 6 Trek from Tibb cave to Naerak camp

    On this day, your Chadar Trek tour package will be taking you on a longer expedition of nearly 13 kilometres, which you will easily cover in seven hours. Naerak is the coldest of the entire journey as the temperature here even drops below minus 30 degree Celsius. Make sure that you are carrying enough warm clothing to safeguard during extreme climates. You will reach Naerak early in the evening, and can indulge in entertaining evening activities with group members. You will camp overnight in Naerak.

  • Day 7 Naerak to Tibb Cave

    The seventh day of your Chadar River trek marks a return journey to Leh. While you might think the trek will start getting easier, that might not be true. This pristine river, like other frozen water bodies, keeps freezing and melting simultaneously, and you need to be quite conscious about your surroundings. From now, the temperature starts getting warmer as you descend the trail. You camp overnight at Tibb Cave.

  • Day 8 Trek from Tibb Cave to Shingra Yokma

    On the eighth day, you trek in the first half from Tibb Cave to Gyalpo and then take a car to reach Shingra Yokma. The total journey lasts for eight hours and you cover a distance of 18 kilometres. It will all be fascinating to see the tall mountains surrounding the cascading river as you make your way down to Shingra Yokma. At around 6.30 pm, you will reach Leh and check into a guest house. Call room service and relax in the warm bed after spending four days outdoors. You can fly the same evening but we recommend you catch a flight the next day. Take a day off to relax and get some last minute shopping done.

  • Day 9 Return to Leh

    Get up early in the morning and check out of the guesthouse after having a heavy breakfast. Travel to the airport and catch a flight back home with happy memories of the nine-day Chadar trek 2022.


  • Assistance on arrival.
  • Trek Coordinators
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Evening Tea on the Trek.
  • Camping charges.
  • Trek permits, Tents.
  • Sleeping bags, Safety equipment.
  • Kitchen & Dining.
  • Guides, Cooks.
  • All Taxes / Tolls.
  • Drivers Allowances, Parking.


  • Private Porter @800 per day on demand
  • Additional costs for Hotel accommodation, transport services due to flight cancellation, road blocks etc.
  • Chadar trek 2020 wild life
  • Personal items like mineral water, phone calls, laundry etc.
  • Monastery entrances fee.
  • Camel riding fee.
  • Domestic airfare.
  • Medical & Travel insurance.


    #1 What is team size for each Chadar trek group?

    The size of each team of Chadar trek groups may vary. The ideal group size is 10 persons. However, the size of the group depends upon the number of guides accompanying the trek. As numerous changes have been introduced in the post-Covid times to ensure the safety of the trekkers, the team size tends to be smaller, ranging between 7 to 9 persons. The group is accompanied by a mountaineering qualified professional trek leader, a high-altitude chef, and support staff. All the mandatory travel guidelines are followed during the entire excursion to ensure the safety of the travelers. 

    #2 What size of bag and weight should we carry?

    The size of your trekking bag will depend upon which variation of trek you are planning to take. One variation of this frozen river trek goes until Lingshed and the other bigger version takes you to Padum which takes nearly 14 days. For a trek of 14-15 days, a rucksack or backpack with a size ranging between 40 to 60 liters is sufficient. Ideally, a 50 liters backpack is enough for a 2 weeks expedition and you can easily pack all the required clothes, gear, and accessories along with a sleeping bag. Try to keep the weight of your bag less than 5 kg for a comfortable experience ahead. 

    #3 Can I get personal porter at Chadar Trek?

    The group of your Chadar Trek will be accompanied by porters to carry the luggage of the members and other utilities. However, you can get porters arranged to carry your luggage by mentioning your requirements in advance before booking your trek package. Kindly note that you need to pay an additional amount to get a personal porter on your journey to Chadar Trek in Ladakh. 

    #4 Medical advisory during Chadar Trek?

    According to the latest notifications by the District Disaster Management Authority/ District Magistrate, Leh Ladakh, the following are the mandatory medical advisories to be followed by those heading for the Chadar Trek:

    • The trekker must complete a 2-days rest in Leh for acclimatization.

    • A mandatory medical check-up at the designated area on the third day. You need to pass this test to continue your trip ahead. 

    • The tourism department will check to ensure that you are carrying all essential trekking gear and safety equipment, including green disposable bags. 

    • Oxygen cylinders must be kept in the porters accompanying your group. 

    • According to experts, you need to follow a fitness regime and your BMI must be normal to have a safer experience. You can consult a physician and get your fitness regime planned professionally. 

    Other important guidelines by the authorities are the following:

    • The travel company that is hosting your expedition must be registered. 

    • An audio advisory issued by the Tourism Department must be played in the vehicles to keep the travelers informed. 

    • The garbage bags must be disposed of at the waste segregation center installed at Solan Colony. 

    • The traveler must ensure a hygienic ambiance and actively participate in the cleanliness drive.

    #5 What kind of tent quality and tent size and sleeping bag offer and sanitary facilities?  

    The kind and quality of the tent depend upon the agency with which you are booking your trek as these are the facilities provided by them. Go2Ladakh is a trusted travel company based out of Ladakh and ensures a comfortable trekking experience with their branded tents and other equipment. We ensure a well-sanitized ambiance and offer Colomen branded tents with 2 and 3 occupancies. On-site portable Kitchen and Dining tent, along with a Toilet tent and sanitary facilities are provided. 

    #6 What is the best time to do Chadar trek?

    Chadar trek is a winter trek and the best months to go for Chadar trek are January and February. The temperature during this time drops down between -30 degrees to -35 degrees. During this time the frozen sheet usually remains sturdy enough for trekkers to step over it. Average daytime temperature ranges between -5 to -15 degrees, whereas nights are 10 degrees colder than days. 

    You will be covering a distance of nearly 105 kilometers which starts from Chilling. Your first camp will be at Tilat Sumdo perched at an altitude of 10,390 feet. In the following days, you will move to the higher camps until the famous frozen waterfall Nerak which is located 11,150 feet above sea level. This spectacular waterfall also serves to be the return point of the Chadar Trek Ladakh.  

    If you ask for the best time to do the Chadar trek, some will say it's the 2nd  week of January, and others might advise for the second or third week of February. Kindly note that the best time to go for an expedition depends upon the weather conditions of that place. It is wise to keep a track of the weather forecasts and plan your journey accordingly. Make sure that you carry all the important gear and trekking equipment as during those 14-days, you will be surviving amid extreme conditions and these facilities will make your journey enjoyable.

    #7 What is standard food menu I get at Chadar Trek?

    If you are traveling with Go2Ladakh then you will be served good quality food cooked with proper hygiene. Our exclusive menu is planned as per the advice of professional nutritionists and includes meals as per the expedition. We ensure that you get enough protein and carbs, keeping the authentic flavors of the recipe intact. Thukpa, mixed vegetables, local curries, and rice are part of the daily menu.   

    #8 Why should I travel with Go2Ladakh for the Chadar Trek trip?

    Go2Ladakh is one of the leading travel companies in Ladakh that ensures the safest travel experience for visitors from across the world. We follow all the mandatory travel guidelines prescribed by the tourism department and the authorities for the safety of travelers. High-quality camps and tents, with all modern trekking facilities, and the entire expedition being directed under the supervision of trained personnel makes our services unmatchable. 

    #9 Do and Don't  during Chadar trek?

    The following are the do's and don'ts of Chadar Trek:

    Do's of Chadar Trek Ladakh:

    • Inform your family or friend about your itinerary as someone back home must be informed about your schedule. 

    • Pack warm clothes and waterproof shoes.

    • Carry your essential medicines and first aid kit along. 

    • Pack energy substitutes and canned food items along with easy to make items such as noodles, soups, etc. 

    • Carry appropriate clothes if you are planning to visit monasteries and temples on your way. 

    Don'ts of Chadar Trek Ladakh:

    • Do not litter or spoil the surrounding ambiance.

    • Do not contaminate the waters from the waterfalls with chemicals and shampoos, etc. 

    • Do not disturb the monks or prayers in the monasteries if you are planning to visit.

    • Do not try new things while trekking and meticulously follow the instructions by your guide. 

    #10 Things to carry on Chadar Trek?

    The following are the items you must pack for Chadar Trek:

    • Thermal shirts and trousers, face masks, woolen gloves, caps, and socks, jackets, windcheaters, raincoats, and sweaters. 
    • Waterproof high-ankle hiking boots having proper grips.
    • Pack the medicines you usually take for fever, nausea, inflammation, diarrhea, allergies, cold & cough, and altitude sickness. 
    • Carry your sunglasses and sunscreens, and a sleeping bag.
    • Pack a portable heater for comfortable sleep.
    • Make a small pouch of essential toiletries such as toiletries, lip balm, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, etc.  
    • Carry a torch, camera, and extra batteries

    #11 How to reach Chadar trek Ladakh?

    You need to reach Leh first to reach the base camp of the Chadar Trek. Leh is the capital town of Ladakh and can be reached by air, road, and rail. The following are the best ways to reach Leh for Chadar Trek tour:

    By Air

    You can take a flight from major cities of the country to reach Ladakh. It is the easiest and most comfortable way to reach Leh. You can take a flight to Leh from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jammu, Srinagar, Chandigarh, etc. Leh welcomes numerous domestic flights. 

    By Rail

    You can board a train to Jammu and continue the remaining journey by road if you wish to travel by rail. Pathankot, Chandigarh and Kalka are the other nearest railheads to Leh town. You can also board a taxi or cab to cover the remaining distance. 

    By Road

    You can also take a road journey to Ladakh, if you are heading for a Chadar River trek. However, you would be glancing at spell-binding vistas on your route, the journey will be long and tiring. From Leh, you will be taken to the base camp in cars by your travel planner.  

    #12 How long is Chadar Trek?

    Chadar Trek is an approximately 14-days long expedition in which an average trekker is required to walk nearly 16 kilometers every day. The journey starts from Chilling and your organizers would drop you nearly 1 km away from your first camp, that is, Tilat Sumdo.

    In the following days, you will be trekking to the higher camps to reach Nerak, the frozen waterfall which also serves to be the returning point of the Chadar Trek. 

    #13 What is the temperature in the daytime and nighttime?


    The average temperature of Chadar Trek in the daytime ranges between -5 to -15 degrees in January and February. Usually, nights are 10 degrees colder than days, and temperature ranges between -15 to -25 degrees. During extreme conditions, the temperature can even dip down to -30 or -35 degrees.

    You can carry hot water baggage  to have a comfortable sleep in your tent. Make sure you carry enough clothes to have proper layers to protect you during such extreme conditions.  

    #14 Is Chadar a frozen river trek safe for beginners? 

    Yes, Chadar Trek is safe for beginners too! However, they need to take primary precautions before going for such an adventurous excursion. Kindly note that whoever is planning to go for Chadar Trek, needs to follow a fitness regime at least 15 to 21 days before heading for the journey. Chadar Trek is a lifetime experience and one needs to be cautious and trek wisely. Keep sufficient days, at least 2 or 3 days for acclimatization as your body needs to be in the habit of being at a high altitude. 

    Whether you are a beginner or an expert trekker, one of the most important things that you need to keep in your mind is, listening to your trek guide carefully and following his instructions. Don’t leave the group and follow your instincts as you might end up hurting yourself. 

    #15 What is the altitude of Chadar Trek?

    The highest point of Chadar Trek is Nerak which is located at an altitude of 11,150 feet. It is the frozen waterfall that is surrounded by impeccable mountains. Nerak is also the return point for some of the trekkers. There are also other variations of the trek that goes until Lingshed and Padum. Titad Sumdo, the first camp of the Chadar Trek is located at an altitude of 10,390 feet. 

    #16 How difficult is Chadar Trek?

    Chadar Trek in Ladakh is one of the most challenging treks in India, however, the major task is getting accustomed to the severe climatic conditions at an altitude that is around 13 thousand feet above sea level. As it is a 14-days long expedition, trekkers at times don't get enough rest.

    However, if you are trekking with professionals who are familiar with the local surroundings, you won't face difficulties. Make sure that you listen to your trek guide and follow their instructions carefully. Go2Ladakh is a travel company based out of Ladakh and offers all the local experiences, from surviving tips to authentic local food balancing the nutrition of your body. 

    #17 What is the level of fitness expected from the participants?

    You need to follow a fitness regime for at least 15 to 21 days before heading for the Chadar Trek. You must be knowing that during Chadar Trek you would be walking for nearly 5 to 6 hours daily over the frozen river while carrying your backpack on your shoulders.

    You need to be fit and have an active lifestyle to complete the trek successfully. For those who are not much active in their usual life, following a fitness regime of 3 weeks will be helpful and they can easily match the steps with other group members. 

    Chadar Trek Ladakh is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you certainly won't mind being active for a few more days in advance to have a successful trip ahead.

    #18 How to prepare for Chadar Trek Ladakh?

    You need to be physically fit in the medical test which would be conducted by the tourism department, the day you will be heading for the expedition. 

    • Get prepared for the medical fitness

    • Keep yourself hydrated and try to drink hot fluids more to adapt a habit

    • Try to keep uniformity in your walk during your fitness regime

    • As you would be having weight on your shoulders during the expedition, focus on upper as well as lower body strength

    • Get into habit of eating lighter meals

    #19 Can Chadar Trek Ladakh be done solo?

    You can be on a solo trip to Chadar Trek, however, you will be accompanied by a group of fellow travelers who would have booked the same trek package from your travel planner. You will also be accompanied by a trek guide, trek supporter, and high-altitude cook. 

    If you wish to go on Chadar Trek all alone then you must be an experienced expeditionist and must take prior permissions from the tourism department of Ladakh. Most of the time, you need to be with a group of trekkers for a safe experience. 

    #20 How long do we walk on the Chadar frozen river trek each day?

    On an average you will be walking 15-16 kilometer per day for the next 14-days to complete the 106 kilometers long trek of Chadar, the frozen river.  

    #21 Do we need a walking stick on Chadar trek?

    Yes, you will need a walking stick to walk comfortably and safely on the Chadar Trek. 

    #22 Do we need gumboots on the Chadar trek? Can we purchase it from Leh?

    Yes, you will need gumboots to walk safely on the Chadar Trek. You can buy a pair of gumboots for yourself from Leh. However, if you are looking for a branded pair of gumboots then you can buy them in advance and pack them with your other essentials. 

    #23 Which type of shoes should I buy before coming to Chadar trek Ladakh?  

    You need to have ankle-length hiking boots for Chadar Trek. You can also buy gumboots for your Chadar Trek. You can buy a pair of good hiking boots from the local markets at Leh. 

    #24 What clothes should one wear during Chadar Trek?

    The following are the essential clothes you will require for Chadar Trek:

    • Body Thermals and windcheaters
    • Synthetic Trek pants and warm pants
    • Collar T-shirts and rain coat
    • Down jacket and fleece jacket
    • Undergarments and trekking socks
    • Woolen gloves and waterproof gloves
    • Woolen cap having ear covers
    • Woolen socks and stole

    #25 Can we have liquor or smoke while on the Chadar river trek? 100

    It is recommended to avoid liquor and smoking during your Chadar trek. You need to stay active and aware of your surroundings and it is advised to avoid intoxicating substances. 

    #26 What is the distance between Leh to Chadar trek point?

    The road distance between Leh and Chadar Trek point is 80.5 kilometers and can be reached easily by car, bus, along with porters. 

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