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As we are local expertise since 15 years, We aim to take you beyond the normal tourist trip , with our well crafted Leh Ladakh Packages and program designed by our professional tour consultant with very carefully and we know that accommodation and transportation can be just as important as the destination itself. Explore Tailor-made Leh Ladakh trip from Delhi offer a variety of accommodation options with Luxury lodge, Boutique hotel, local home stay or so whether you want visit simple village houses and we will love to will find the perfect property which suitable to you. Bon Voyage

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Ladakh or better known as “The Land of Sweeping Monasteries”, one can say without a doubt that Ladakh is a destination which is meant for one and all. The state is laden with the array of high mountain ranges that differ from place to place leading to a change in the landscape wherever you go. The shimmering rivers adorning the sites, the quaint valleys filled with the eternal beauty, the variety of flora and fauna, undoubtedly Ladakh has no shortage of the natural beauty which is the sole reason this Land of High Passes - Ladakh, has become a roaring getaway for all kinds of tourists and travellers as well seeking a vacation in the handsome mountains. We have been making affordable life-enriching adventures on our Ladakh tour package from Delhi. Check it now, or regret later!

With its simplicity and rugged beauty, Ladakh will capture your heart and leave you spellbound with its unmistakable beauty. There is something so surreal about the jagged, arid mountains framing the picturesque gompas which you are left speechless. Whitewashed stupas contrast with the coffee-coloured mountains and coloured prayer flags fluttering inside the wind. Ladakh welcomes you with smiling faces and heart-warming food and ensures that you go away with memories that closing a lifetime. Slowly becoming one of the most sought-after holiday destinations, Go2Ladakh Leh-Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai are a number of the best-organised conducted excursions you could take. And a Leh Ladakh bike trip is without a doubt one of those experiences you have to do before you die.

Join the Local Lifestyle of Ladakh

On your Leh Ladakh Packages from Mumbai, you’ll love to speak to the locals and would love the interaction related to amazing hidden trails, unique homestays, and you can also get your cooking hobby fixed by taking a cooking class with your spouse. If you seriously want to make a difference on your Leh-Ladakh tour for couple, do tick these experiences in your Ladakh itinerary. Embarking on Ladakh group tours is a life-changing affair. Absolutely. Your journey to Leh-Ladakh will change your perspective towards journey all the time. Explore Buddhist way of life & heritage, experiencing various landscapes, passing by high altitudes & ingesting thupkas and momos.

Ladakh has usually been called a famous pilgrimage spot, but over the period, it has marked itself as an adventure vacation spot with a ton of journey sports activities and hiking possibilities making it a haven for adventure seekers. Apart from this, it is straightforward to plan a laidback excursion amidst the tranquility of the mountain and valleys. Counted some of the famous honeymoon destinations and bachelorette journey vacation spot, Ladakh has been capable of quench every sort of tourist looking for terrific types of experiences.

Make Early Morning Call to the Prayers at Sweeping Monasteries

Sandwiched among the Karakoram and Himalayan mountain ranges, there is an amalgamation of various kinds of tradition that it is easy to see in Ladakh. There are beautiful temples and awesome monasteries giving insights into the Hindu and Buddhism subculture. As you may make your way to the handsome Ladakh, lush meadows, ageless forests and apple orchids supply the way to the barren landscapes illuminated through the glimmering solar. For your Leh Ladakh trip, it'll be a disgrace in case you don't go to monks and monasteries.

A trip to Ladakh is like entering into a new different world of adventure and culture. Go2Ladakh provides a range of Leh-Ladakh tour package ranging from Ladakh motorcycle tour to Ladakh group tours. Start your roaring engine of bikes and tour the highest motorable road - Khardung La Pass and highest mountain pass Zoji La and Tanglang La. And not to mention, a road trip to Ladakh is all sort of special. Go and visit Nubra Valley for luxurious camping lunch. Witness the remnants of a rainbow lend an air of magic to the proceedings at the sand-dunes of Hunter in Ladakh. Experience the magic of camping at Pangong Tso Lake.

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If you are tempted to visit Ladakh, our experts' tour operators are ready to assist you with our personalized quote on Ladakh holiday package from Delhi. In addition to providing you with the best deals on the land package and flight costs, we have come up with Leh Ladakh Tour Packages from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Banglore. And trust us, all of our tours are super affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call or drop us an email.

Tour Name Price Duration Inclusions
Wonder of Ladakh Rs 26,700 9 Nights/10 Days Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing view details
Ladakh Overland Rs 24,700 8 Nights/9 Days Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing view details
Ladakh Cultural Tour Rs 55,900 10 Nights/11 Days Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing view details
Best of Ladakh Rs 52,300 9 Nights/10 Days Meals, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing view details

FAQ for Ladakh

Where is the Ladakh region located?

Answer: Ladakh is located in the heart of the tourism hub Jammu and Kashmir. It’s central and biggest town is Leh. Ladakh is known for its snow-clad peaks, trekking trails, monasteries and the hospitality of Ladakh monks or locals. Ladakh covers 59,196 km of land and has a population of approx 2.74 lakhs as per calculated in 2011. Ladakh is called th paradise for backpacker and has a significant influence of Indo-Aryan and Tibetian people.

What is the best time to visit Ladakh?

Answer: With so many predictions like summer is the best time to visit Ladakh and some other claims winter is the best time to visit Ladakh. However, visiting in both the season is equally good because in summers, most of the snow melts, roads are open and there is a buzz in the town with the arrival of dynamic Hemis Festival, and thus, motorbike tours are best enjoyed. While in winters, most of the valleys in Ladakh are blanketed by snow and one can experience th blissful snowfall while doing trekking fun.

How high is Ladakh from the sea level?

Answer: Ladakh, also known as the land of high passes has a theoretical height of 18,875 ft from the sea level. It is a high altitude cold desert sandwiched between Kunlun mountain range and the Himalayas. Ladakh is the highest point in India and is a perfect adventure sports destination for backpackers. It is all year round destination to visit for trekking, monastery tours.

Why should one visit Leh-Ladakh?

Answer: Many people do not realize that Ladakh is a fantastic vacation spot for adventure, only thinking of it as snow-clad mountains, or attractive to the hardcore mountain men and snow leopards. Both of these perceptions are wrong, as the climate can be quite lovely (in the summer), and there are attractions for all, including the monastery tours, homestays options, camping adventure, and flavorsome local food.

How about the oxygen level in Ladakh? Is it safe for visitors?

Answer: That's called Altitude Sickness: especially above altitudes of 8000 feet. It happens to everyone to a lesser or greater extent but more noticeable in people with High Blood Pressure, Heavy Smokers, Obesity, Asthma, and other lifestyle-related habits. Before you plan to visit Ladakh, it is advised to brush up with how to deal with Acute Mountain Sickness by consulting your doctor.

What would be minimum time frame for an ideal Ladakh tour?

Answer: Leh is so beautiful that even a week or month is less to soak it in. Given our busy schedule, it is not always possible to spend such amount of time. However, there are several best places to visit in Ladakh that can be done on an 8–10 days of ladakh exploation including Ladakh Motorbike Tours, which is also the best thing to do in Ladakh. However, if you’re travelling by road, you can add or extracts the number of days as per your sightseeing options.

Does one need special clothing while on a Ladakh tour?

Answer: Yes, you need to pack a few crucial clothes that will keep you warmer during the nighttime in Ladakh. Maybe you don’t know that Ladkah is an excellent place to visit both in winters as well in summers. But one should not forget that Ladakh is a cold desert. During the summer months, Ladakh faces moderate temperature during the day that ranges from 20 ° C to 30 °C. However, in night Ladakh remains very cold a temperature drops by 5 ° C to 7 ° C. It is advised to pack your bags with warmer clothes.

Is a road trip possible to Ladakh?

Answer: A BIG YES! Exploring Ladakh on Ladakh Motorbike Tours is one of the best things to do in Ladkah. You will get to see the impeccable beauty of Ladakh on your Ladkah Motorbike Tours. There are 2 routes to reach Ladakh, one is from Manali - Leh Highway and the other one is Srinagar-Leh Highway. However, according to today’s scenario, travelling to Ladakh by Manali - Leh Highway is the best option because of the internal disturbances in the Srinagar Valley. Most of the routes are blockd on Srinagar Highway. So, take the road of Manali - Leh Highway!

Can visitors hire bikes or cars in Ladakh? How tough is it to hire vehicles?

Answer: Actually hiring the bike in Ladakh is the best way to take a guided tour of scenic Ladakh. Many travel companies organize Ladakh Motorbike Tour, and you should go with them because they are locally abundant and have excellent knowledge of the routes of Ladakh. However, check the authencity of the company from which you’ll be takiing Ladkah Motorbike Tour. And Yes, you can hire a car in Ladakh on individual demand.

How about the fuel availability in Ladakh?

Answer: Well, you don’t have to worry about fuel availability in Ladakh if you take the road from Manali - Srinagar highway, you can locate the petrol pump at Tandi. Tandi lies at a distance of 110 km approx from Manali. Moreover, you can locate fuel at the several Chadar tents in between, including the ones at Sarchu and Pang. The Karu Petrol Pump to remains operational in tourist season. There is a petrol pump in the central Leh City also, and if you’re planning to wander your shoes towards Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri, fuel your bike before leaving Leh town.

Can I find ATMs while enjoying a Ladakh tour?

Answer: Keep in mind that ATM is available only in Leh, Manali, and Srinagar. So, plan your Ladakh trip according to it. You won’t find ATM anywhere else except these 3 locations. No petrol pump and shops accept cards, and you must carry some hard cash for fueling your bike and toll tax clearances.

What are do's and don't in Ladakh?


If you're planning to go to Ladakh, gather essential information regarding weather conditions and street route. Ladakh is a high altitude place; the degree of oxygen will be quite low. So it's wise to move gradually and breathe deeper for use to lower degree of oxygen. Always carry drinking water and sterile eatables. In the first times of accomplishing Ladakh, prevent smoking and carrying alcohol. Carry First-aid box together with all vital medicines.

Don't take photos of individuals or within any spiritual place without requiring the consent of the monk or individual in --control. Don't use or carry plastic bags as plastic is formally prohibited in Ladakh. Don't wear shorts like skirts/sleeveless blouses shirts while on streets, particularly in Buddhist Gompa. Don't attempt and influence Ladakhi Individuals with your western perspective. Don't disturb crazy life.

Which mobile networks are available in Ladakh? And what about the electricity consistency in there?

Answer: Only postpaid connections work better in Ladakh. You can go with Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL connectivity and buy a sim by your documents from the Leh market. There is an electrical problem in Leh, so it is better to take extra batteries for digital products like camera, mobiles phones, etc. Charge them fully before leaving for the tour. You may not get electricity at some remote places and also because of the cold, the battery gets discharged soon.